Winners of my 6th Anniversary MEGA Thanksgiving Giveaway

Smooches, smooches, and more smooches to everyone who joined my contest! :D

Okay, I'll cut  to the chase and just say THANK YOU, once again, for making my annual thanksgiving giveaway a HUGE success. There have been a total of 303 comments and 19,244 entries on Rafflecopter. AMAZING! I may not be able to reward you all, but I am sending everyone unlimited good vibes, peace, love, and healing, and may your days be filled with wonder, always. :)

I am now announcing the 12 winners of the 12 Grand Beauty Bags. The winners were chosen by me and a group of friends-we brainstormed who the winners will be. 

Click READ MORE now to find out who the winners are!


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee?

My most favorite of all is your review regarding Etude House Drawing Eyebrow. Because of this I started to be vain in doing my eyebrow almost every single day! It was also the start of learning how to do my eyebrow even eyebrows of my sisters and mother (even wanted to make my husbands eyebrow too. haha!). Thanks to your blog I became more open to makeups and making myself more presentable to the world. And to you! Happy Anniversary! I may or may not win in this I'm still a follower (Been an avid follower since 2012 when my sister went to your makeup class. Not a makeup fanatic that time.)


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee?

My favorite post of yours is the one that you answered my question about my darker nose than the rest of my face. I have been dealing with that since highschool and I'm not sure who to ask about that. As an avid reader of your blog, I asked you that and glad you considered it as a valid question. :) I got the answers more than what I needed and I'm really happy with that. Now I'm applying the tips you mentioned there to keep my nose same as my face. :) Happy anniversary and thank you. :)    


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee?

Pedi ko bang sabihin lahat ng blog mo about happy skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies,, naaning talaga ako sa mga swatches i preferred u as my guide tlaga when it comes sa mga swatches feeling ko kasi babagay din sakin.. thank you Ms.martha.


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee?

I've read so much, it's hard to keep track! lol It's gonna be... Etude House Play 101. It's the combination of an interesting product and a neat demo. Plus the swatches (thin and thick swatches) give a better sense of the full color. It took me some time to choose my own shades, though I got ones for eyes lang muna. I've got too many lip and cheek products already!


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee? 

I learned alot through that post infact this link has been bookmarked in my browser and serves as my fitspiration and motivation when i'm not seeing any difference on the weighing scale. In fact i like all you fitness post and wish you would post more. 

I know most means just 1 one post but i cant decide what link to choose so im also including two more :) -i was the one who asked this question and i'm so glad that you answered my question in detail. Those tips and product recommendation were really helpful and I live by them until now. Thank you for that Martha. The care and openess you have with your readers make TBJ not just a one dimensional web page (article) but it speaks to us in a way that we can understand and relate to what you are saying.

Lastly, - i am not comfortable in my eyeshadow application, but this guide makes it such a breeze. i really liked how through and detailed this guide is making it easily for noobs to follow. I still refer to this until now hehehe :)

i'm a silent reader but TBJ is my tambayan. I still refer to some of your old post until now. Also I learned alot from the Makeup workshop you've led for Shiseido in which you taught us how to handle and flaunt the tricky and tacky blue eyeshadow and you also gave tips on contouring and how you do your brows :)


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee? 

I know you said that we should be specific but my favorite posts are the beginner makeup series? Should I call that a series? XD I started reading your blog because of it and I go back to it every now and then :D


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee?:

My favorite post would be this -

I really enjoy your beauty, fashion and food recommendations, but your entries about fitness surely take the cake. It's very inspiring to see you working hard to achieve the strong body that you want. I've been falling in and out of my fitness goal, and with my impatience, I sometimes think that nothing will change no matter how hard I try. This specific post reminded me that everything does not happen overnight and that if ever I get bored, I can always try something different and new to keep things interesting. It also reminded me to keep my eyes on the prize and to not let any temptations or bouts of laziness to get in the way.

Thank you for being the amazing and awesome person that you are :) Happy 6th Anniversary to your blog!


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee?

My most favorite post of yours was about the Aztec Healing Clay Mask Review. I think this was my most memorable post because this prompted me to read your blog every single day. I haven't stopped since. Your review about it made me go immediately to my nearest Healthy Options Store and buy it. I still use it up to this day. Ever since then I've valued your opinion and I make sure to check if you have a review on a certain product before I proceed on buying it. Thank you! :)


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee?

I know it's a dated post, but I love your review on the Givenchy Pandora Medium in Aube + Spot a Fake Givenchy Pandora on December 10, 2014. It's a very gorgeous bag. I like how you indicated ways to determine authenticity of the bag by its even stitching, how the handle looks like, even the material of the rings that hold the bag handle , even mentioning how the interior of the bag looks like.I also like the photos that are included in the caption. I hope you can also add articles on health because it's also key to being beautiful. 


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee?

One of your posts that struck me most is entitled "What A Year!" You published it on January 12, 2015. Recently, my money was stolen by someone. It wasn't just a couple of bucks but more like a hundred thousand. I saved and worked hard for that and for it to be taken away by someone I trusted just hurts a lot... until today. He returned only a part of the money but most of it remained with him. Anyway, I liked your reflections #1 and #2 wherein your said that even if one is intelligent, they are not immune to the evil behaviors of others and that the most important is to not allow them to take away your values. Next is finding peace in forgiveness. I find it hard to forgive but I'm really trying and this post reminds me to keep trying. Thanks so much Martha and have a blessed year!


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee?

My favorite post is HOW TO: Fix Your Brows At Home Under 10 Minutes!( 

Eyebrow is such a problem for me not until I read your blog on How To. This was such a great help for me especially when I go to work. Before i used to ask my sister to fix my brows for me whenever I go out and i know its such a hassle for her. So when I found your blog it made me the happiest person on earth :) now i can fix my own eyebrows and just go out without putting on too much makeup and let my eyebrows shine:) thank you!!!looking forward to read more How To tips :)


What's your most favorite post by The Beauty Junkee? 

My favorite Post will be Fan Mail Friday: Life Span of Makeups

Hi Ms. Martha first of all i want to greet you and your blog a happy happy anniversary! more power to you and continue to be an inspiration to all of us. I've been a silent reader of yours since 2011. this is only the second time that i will be joining your give away, the first time when i was still in the philippines and i think it was your first major anniversary give away.

Your fan mail fridays are really informative and i love reading the advice you give to your readers it really helps us tackles our issues and your answers really feels like you want to help us the best you can even if you dont know us personally. So in behalf of your other readers THANK YOU, we really appreciate it. SO out of all your fan mail fridays my favourite will be the one about the life span of the make ups. i mean i really thought that we can use our make ups as long as we have it or as long as we hit the pan. i am guilty of keeping make up past their expiration dates, well until i read your post about it. that post made me realize that yeah, it make sense because these are the things that we put on our faces all the time and that each and everyone of us should be aware of the cons of using expired make ups, that we have to take care and be wary of the things we put on our face because after all it is the face the people first see. again happy anniversary and more success to you and your blog.

TO THE WINNERS: I will email everyone this Saturday regarding the venue and time of the pick-up, plus other instructions. Please respond within 5 days from the time I sent out the email. Otherwise, I will choose new winners.

Reminding the winners once again of the mechanics:

For Metro Manila winners: Metro Manila winners should claim their prizes from me ,personally. Time, date, and venue will be announced in the email notification. If you fail to meet me on the scheduled date, I can give you another chance. If you still can’t make it, I will draw another winner. I swear, your travel will be well worth!

For Northernmost and Southernmost Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao winners: Items will be shipped via Xend. A flat rate of P400.00 must be deposited to my bank account to cover the shipping cost. (To justify the shipping cost, The loot bags are hefty and may require more than two bags. 1 shipping bag= 1 courier fee) Details of my bank account will be sent via email.

For International winners: Since this will be the first time I'm opening the giveaway internationally, the beauty bag will be shipped to the winner for free, but winner shall pay for local customs taxes and miscellaneous fees, if there will be any. Package will be shipped via DHL or FedEx.

Thank you, once again, everyone. See you all on my 7th year MEGA Thanksgiving Giveaway next year! :)

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26 Lovely Thoughts

  1. congrats sa lahat ng winners!!! and to you to ms martha for such a successful giveaway.. i cannot wait for more years of blogging!


  2. I am seriously shocked that I was picked! Out of 19,244 entries, I was one of the fortunate winners. Words cannot express how happy and thankful I am. I seriously am about to cry. This is too much generosity from you. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I read your blog every single day and even if I don't win, I'd still read it. Oh my gosh. Thank you. A thousand times thank you! God bless you and I wish you more success! I hope to meet you soon! :)

  3. OMG!!!

    Thank you so so much :D I didn't expect this because there were 19000+ entries!
    Oh and I will actually be going back to my province by next week thursday or friday so I might not be able to meet you :( well, it depends parin naman or I can delay my ride:)

    Thank you very much :D

  4. Oh happy day! :D So thrilled to be part of the list. Thank you so much, Martha. Congratulations again on your 6th year. May thebeautyjunkee's endeavors be just as amazing and mega as your anniversary celebration. :)

  5. huhuhu!!!! someone is broken-hearted here. Anyway, congrats to the winners. Happy Anniversary again Ms. Martha! More power and Godbless!

  6. Wow!!!!!!!I did not expect this at all. Thank you very much Martha!!!!!!!

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  8. Woooooow!!!definitely drooled about the items here... it's actually my first time commentingas i've always been just reading and browsing through your blog but is an avid fan of yours.i am a licensed public accountant by profession but a makeup lover by heart. (hehe) just wished i had the courage commenting and joining the time i will really have to join. anyways, congratulations to the winners!!! <3 <3 <3

  9. Grabe! Sobrang lucky ng lahat ng winners! Sad I didn't won, but it's okay. Congratulations to all the winners! But, mas lucky tayo because Ms. Martha is here for us. :)

  10. Oooooh Maaay :D 12 Lucky Girls. Thanks to Ms. Martha. Kahit hindi ako nanalo im still happy for them. BTY Congrats Girrls. Still Gorgeous Ms. Martha :)

  11. Congratz to the winners!! :) too bad I didn't won! Anyway, I think the winners deserve the prizes! :)

  12. Congratulations to the winners:)

  13. Woohoo congrats to the winners, and congrats to Martha for the six years as well! As a previous winner, the best best treat for me was meeting Martha in person. She is as awesome in person as she sounds!

  14. wow! i'm not expecting this! must be my lucky day today. can't wait to finally try happy skin products. thank you ms.martha and again more power to your blog and continue to inspire us and enlighten us through your blog. God bless!

  15. Lovely smooches! Congratulations. :)

  16. Congratulations to the winners! Ang swerte swerte nyo! Super generous talaga ni Martha. More years and success pa sa The Beauty Junkee! Mabuhay!! Lol. I really reaaaally love this blog and ofcourse Martha =)

  17. Marielle!!! May Inglot ka na rin na walang bahay hahaha

  18. Congrats, everyone! Woot! :-)

  19. a big THANK YOU Martha for picking me to be one of the lucky winners! Will wait for your email :)

    Congrats to you and more blogging success! :)

    Congrats to the other winners as well. Sweet weekend too all :D

  20. omg!!! thank you! those are the things that i can only dream about buying for myself lol

  21. Thank you very much Ms. M!!!!! Like the other winners, I can't believe I won. There were lots of entries! This really made my day. Can't wait to meet you again. :D

  22. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  23. Nice naman.. Congrats sa mga nanalo ^_^

  24. Happy 6th Anniversary Martha! Thank you very much!It's my first time to win a major prize such as this. I really did not expect to pe picked. I am wishing you a better future for you and your blog. I will wait for your email. Thank you dear Martha. Have a great Sunday!!!

    Hugs to you

    Ana Liza Benetua

  25. Hi Ms. Martha. It was nice to see you. Surreal. It's like I'm still walking on cloud nine after meeting you. I have enjoyed chatting with you this afternoon about makeup.Keep on posting beauty advice on your blog. You totally rock! Have a great afternoon!


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