FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 Best Mascaras For Curl-Resistant/Droopy/Straight Lashes

My FB news feed's ripe with articles that talk about the estimated damage and expected death toll when "The Big One" aka upcoming magnitude 7.2 earthquake at West Valley Fault hits Manila. People love reposting these, but can we please stop? Yes, fine, it's important to know the statistics, but enough of these already-we're only focusing our energies on the wrong things. Instead, why don't we repost articles about disaster preparedness, information on locating evacuation centers, and other related updates. Why don't we use Social Media as well to discuss and coordinate with LGUs regarding the possible relocation of households, orphanages, animal welfare centers, correctional facilities, hospitals, and schools that are sitting on top of the fault, or building of safe houses for them even? These are the things that we should be talking about and reposting on social media-panicking won't help and we cannot stop the earthquake from happening because it is a natural phenomenon so what do we do? Arm ourselves with know-how and confidence to better our chances of survival.

Whew! Sorry for the #TitaRant haha. But seriously, I'm right, right? Okay, so let's just talk about happy things now like makeup :D Today's Fan Mail Fridays is brought to you by Sharmaine. She asks:

Hi Martha, 
I have straight, chinita, curl- resistant lashes. Any waterproof mascaras you can recommend? Thanks! 

Hi Sharmaine!

Thanks for writing to me!

Curl- resistant, straight, and droopy lashes are hard to deal with, but no one said they cannot be dealt with so yes, there's hope for your lashes. Okay, so you want a waterproof mascara. Given. But when looking for a mascara, specifically for the type of lashes you have, be sure to choose one with a consistency that's in between creamy and runny to get good definition without weighing down your lashes at the same time. I've narrowed down the search for you with my list of 5 best, tried and tested mascaras for droopy, curl- resistant, and straight lashes. Click READ MORE for this. ;)

- This super waterproof volumizing and lengthening mascara stays put like a pro and holds curls well  for hours.

- If you have droopy and at the same time, thick lashes, opt for a mascara with an even lighter consistency, but with curl hold like this mascara.

- This mascara by Tupperware gives good length, decent volume, and a soft, curled look. It's long- wearing and comes off very easily as well, perfect for those with sensitive lashes.

- This Japanese brand that's known for their super volumizing mascaras is what you should get if you want all day curl and all day volume.

- Want fluffy lashes without the weight? Hypnôse mascara is the answer. This is my go- to premium brand of mascara because it is genuinely waterproof, gives me intense yet lightweight volume, and it has a long shelf life! ;)

There goes my list! Do you have anything to add? Share it with us below. ;)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Fashion 21 double up mascara:) it's my favorite and In my opinion it works well talaga. Affordable also.

  2. I haven't tried a lot of mascaras yet but I only buy one when everyone recommends it :D The only one I can recommend right now is Kiss Me Heroine Make mascaras. All of them :D You just need to know what kind of mascara you want. :)

  3. I was expecting a Maybelline mascara to make the cut. Wow, this is surprising! :O

  4. Maybelline's Mascaras are good too! Particularly the Magnum mascara. :D

  5. I think the scare tactic is to get people to pay attention. Once they're well and properly scared, they'll look into the other articles that detail emergency backpacks and kits, instead of scrolling past like they used to. (At least I hope they do check it out) Some people are spreading the "triangle of life" thing again, but the Red Cross says not to do it

    The Colour Collection one is easy to remove? Sold! Seriously, I rip off more eyelashes than Heroine can ever volumize :(

  6. I have short and straight lashes. Years ago, i wear mascaras but i stopped because it stick to the lens of my eyeglasses leaving black streaks. Now i realized that i shoud have used good curlers and good curling mascaras. I was totally clueless about makeup and beauty blogs then. Now i am starting to learn, just starting. Thanks to beauty blogs, thanks to The Beauty Junkee!

  7. My friend is using Miss Manga and it is pretty good. I always recommend it wjth my other friends.

  8. I like the Maybelline mascaras coz they're pretty cheap. But I will try out the l'oreal miss manga. thanks for sharing your top 5 mascaras ;)

  9. great mascaras but they're just too expensive in my opinion but if it's worth the money then i think it'll be okay. i guess some good mascaras are expensive.

    i personally love maybelline mascaras cos they're not just affordable but they work really good too. especially that i'm a student its my go to product. :)

  10. I have been a follwer of michelle phan years ago and she always encourage women to just be natural and that the polished and mascara look always make her look good... since then mascara has been a vital tool in my makeup kit.. kasi if you do groceries and other errands lipstick, kilay and eyelashes lang keri mo na rumampa!! Hahaha!! Yun lang as a student namamahalan ako sa ibang mascara..minsan pinagiipunan ko pa just to buy maybelline then andali matuyo or it clamps and stuff kaya nakakadiscourage.. the good thing is you do reviews like this ms. M. Money wont be a waste anymore because of your blog posts specifically this!! :)

  11. Will also definitely recommend for everyone the Maybelline hypercurl mascara! I have straight and short :( lashes and I just curl it then apply two coats of that mascara. :D

  12. Impact frame *thumbs up*!!! Dejavu fiberwig is one of my faves.

  13. Valerie: haha! I know. Trash that Triangle of life shit. If there's an opportunity to escape, do so. And to begin with, don't ever put yourself in that triangle situation, if you can. :p

    Btw, Yes, Color Collection mascara, from what I remember, is easy to remove. :)

    Janine and Jhake: You're welcome. Glad it helped you out :)

    Lovely and sarah: Maybelline mascaras are very good. In fact, they're one of my staples. I did not include them in the list this time as I've been recommending them always. I thought of introducing my other favorites for a change. :)

    Bailey: Welcome! :)

    Jeremy, Stacie, and Pam: Thanks for the reco, ladies! :)

  14. I rarely use mascara so I have only tried the Heroine Make one. I've been hearing raves about the miss manga mascara so I'm really curious to try it! Avon super curlacious mascara works for me. And last Sunday, I got to try the Gokubuto Mascara of Canmake and it curled my lashes talaga in an instant! It's waterproof, smudgeproof. It can be easily removed with warm water. I super love that mascara talaga. :)


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