FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 Flattering Hair Colors For Chinitas

Today's FMF is so apt for one huge thing I got for myself this week: a new hair color. I'll reveal that, but for now check out this question by Kathy Dy:

Hi Ms. Martha,
I’ve been reading your blog post for a year already and I must say that I love your reviews!
My question for you is: What shade of Brown should I use to dye my hair? It’s my first time to have a dye job and I am afraid the shade will not suit me. I am a chinita with fair skin.
Hope you answer my question.
Thank you!

Hi Kathy!

Glad you love my blog! :D

For your question, I don't know if I'm the best person to ask since I'm not a chinita, but here goes. 

Your new hair dye should depend on your skin tone and eye color-this is the standard rule. If you have fair skin, go for lighter colors and if you have warm skin, go for darker colors-same principles apply to eye colors. Times have changed, however, and people are becoming more adventurous now with their locks: You can now go blonde, black, blue, purple, and even gray for your hair color. I guess the rule now is if you can pull it off and have the guts for it, wear it!

For the majority though, brown is still the go- to hair dye. It's a universally- flattering shade and makes everyone look practically young so great choice for your first hair dye. ;) Below is a list of 5 hair colors that I think will look great on chinitas-I included non-brown options too for variety. Enjoy! Click READ MORE for the list.

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1. Soft Black

- Black hair and porcelain skin-a classic combination that never gets old. The great thing is Asians are blessed with naturally dark hair. If you find your hair too dark though, you can switch to a lighter color in the meantime and opt for a soft black shade the next time around.

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2. Black Brown

- Depending on your features, Black hair can oftentimes make you look old or too serious. If you want to sport dark hair sans the old, serious look, a Black Brown shade is your best bet.

Photo Credit: L'Oreal Paris Philippines

3. Dark Brown with Red Undertones

- A darker shade of Brown with slight Red undertones will awaken your skin tone.

Photo Credit: Google

4. Light Brown with Honey Undertones

-Light brown will make you look always young and fresh while the honey undertones will give your skin tone a glowing appeal.

Photo Credit: L'Oreal Paris Philippines

5. Copper Brown

- Care to break some rules? Go for Copper. Copper's Red-Brown shade mix will give you that unique touch, but won't drown out your skin tone.

Hope you liked the list! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It's a great idea that you included photos of girls wearing the colors from your list. There's no need to visualize the colors that you are mentioning because we can actually see how they look. Light brown with Honey Undertones and Dark Brown with Red Undertones were gorgeous but i don't have fair skin even if i have chinita eyes so i guess i need to wait for another post- hair colors for morenas!

  2. My current hair color is a copper brown shade. There are times that I like it but sometimes not. Hehe. I still go back on light brown hair color because it looks better on me.. feeling ko lang:) Btw, any tips of how to keep vibrant and long lasting the hair color? thank you:)

  3. I agree with you! Any color will do if you can pull it off with confidence! Anyway if it will be yir first time to dye your hair you will not really get the hair color you will want because the its really hard to color virgin hairs. Even pro had the hard time to color mine when it was my first time.

  4. In another thought, I like seeing girls who has fair skin and chinita eyes with pastel hair colors, well yeah, just like Koreans. I think they suiit it most and they look so cool but I heard it's also hard to maintain. Anyway, brown is good too. I'll bet on Light Brown with Honey undertones. Thanks for this helpful list Ms. Martha.

  5. Indeed, with great confidence comes great hair color! Those hair colors can look great even if you're not a chinita. I agree that you will not get the color you want the first time you have your hair dyed, especially if its super dark, unless you opt for an ash blond color which is light. I like the brown with red undertone and with the honey undertone. Add a new haircut to that hair color and Im sure it will look amazing! Great idea for a hair makeover!

  6. Auburn is my fave! The warmer, the better.

  7. my younger sibs is a real chinita and i want her to have copper brown shade for her hair, she have tried red and burgundy but it makes her look older =) thank you for your suggestions ms m! im not a chinita i have natural brown shade of hair and to get rid off split ends i dye m hair black =(

  8. I see lots of people recently sporting the blonde look. Which I also want! But when I had my hair dyed, I decided to go copper brown. :) I still like how it turned out but the next time talaga, I'll go blonde na. :) I didn't know there's a soft black dye. Oh, I love the light brown too.

  9. Thanks for this I will try this after my new hair transplant because I will get my new natural hairs :)


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