FRAGRANCE BULLETIN: New Pretty Florals + Join My Birthday Giveaway on Instagram!

And so the final half of the year begins. This calls for a new fragrance or new fragrances, if you may! With that, let me expand your options and excite your senses with these newest offerings from Bvlgari, Davidoff, and Dolce And Gabbana.

(Re)Birth Of A Beauty

Bvlgari unveils another fragrance jewel, the newest addition to their iconic fragrance selections: Aqva Divina EDT, the first fragrance for Women in the AQVA range. It is where the charm of the Mediterranean and the beauty of the goddess Venus come together to form a new summer fragrance.

According to Bvlgari, Sandro Boticelli's Birth of Venus has inspired the creation of Aqva Divina. Bvlgari had entrusted this fragrance concept once again to Master Perfumer, Alberto Morillas, to give it life and form. Morillas re-imagined Venus' birth this time in the glistening seas of the Mediterranean, fused it with Boticelli's revolutionary image of Venus, and the result is a fragrance jewel that is sun- kissed, sensual, radiant, and divine: Top notes have salty bergamot and pink ginger, Heart Notes have magnolia and sunlit quince, and Base Notes have Nude Amber and Beeswax.

The bottle is shaped and polished like a Pearl: precious, rare, and feminine to symbolize Bvlgari's jewelry expertise, and the cap features drapes and lines forged in Gold, elements that represent the brand's Greek and Roman roots.

Aqva Divina is a tribute to all modern Venuses, purveyors of beauty and icons of seduction. It is also a crowning jewel, a reminder that there is a hidden goddess within all women.

Bvlgari Aqva Divina EDT is available in 25, 40, and 60ml bottles, and is now available in all Rustan's and SM Department Stores. Visit BVLGARI on Facebook for more information about the fragrance.

More fragrances to look forward to from Davidoff and Dolce And Gabbana-I'm going to muse about them when you click READ MORE.

Relive your love for summer with Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose EDT, one of the newest variations of the best- selling Cool Water for Women. Top notes have Japanese Nashi Pear and subtle Violet Petals. Heart notes have Peony and Freesia delicate flowers. Base notes have Musk and Blonde Cedar Wood.

Cool Water Sea Rose tells the story of a woman and her fondness for nature and sheer love for the sea. The sea is her element: it nurtures her, caresses her, takes away her sorrows, and brings back her joy. At sea, she is at her best. At sea, she is whole and complete.

Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose is limited edition and available in 30, 50, and 100ml bottles. Purchase it now in all Rustan's and SM department stores.

Finally, here's an irresistible offer from Dolce And Gabbana:

There's something about mornings that's so precious; it's the cheerful chirping of the birds, the comforting warmth of the first rays of sunrise, and the fleeting coolness of the air. Mornings are so calm and beautiful, albeit rarely lasts in every day. If only we could preserve it longer, there would be more time to reflect, to pray, and to prepare our minds effectively before we charge into the rest of the day.

Morning is precious to Dolce And Gabbana and this is the sole inspiration behind the new Dolce Floral Drops EDT, a spin- off of the first Dolce by Dolce And Gabbana EDT.

Launched in 2015, Dolce Floral Drops is like a morning caress: comforting and uplifting. This green floral fragrance features the same composition as Dolce, but fresh Neroli makes its debut in the top notes. The bottle is a frosted glass that symbolize dew drops on petals and the dampness of dawn.

Take morning everywhere you go. Dolce Floral Drops EDT is available in 30, 50, 75, 100, and 150ml bottles. You can find it now in all Rustan's department stores. Visit DOLCE AND GABBANA Facebook for more information about this new fragrance.

So which fragrance piques your interest right now? Tell me that later on the comments section below, but for now, check out my mini giveaway.

As you may all know, June is my birth month and it is a personal tradition for me to do a grander random act of kindness every time I turn a year older. This year, I'm giving away the following products on Instagram:

Max Factor's new Creme Puff blush-it is my favorite drugstore blush at the moment. I wanna share why I love it by giving away 3 Creme Puff blushes on Instagram. Here are the mechanics:

1. Follow me on Instagram: @thebeautyjunkee
2. Share this photo on your Instagram accounts. This photo is already uploaded on my Instagram page and all you have to do is just share it!
3. Tag 2 friends on IG to qualify.
4. Use these hashtags on the caption: #blendsweepsculpt #TBJXMaxFactorPH

Please follow the rules accordingly. I will announce the 3 winners on June 16, 2015 on Instagram and here on the blog.

Good luck! :D

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I do not know why i like the scent of Davidoff Cool Water For Men (the one in blue bottle) more than For Women but Sea Rose is interesting. With the given description, i think this scent is very wearable even during hot days. In our country kasi kahit naulan na, mainit parin! I love the bottles of Bvlgari Aqva Divina and Dolce Floral Drops, so feminine! I have a nasty allergic rhinitis that woudn't allow me to wear perfumes and colognes that smells too floral or musky. It's ironic that even if i like the scent, i will still sneeze, aaargh! I gave my Victoria Secret cologne to my husband and he uses it, haha! He sprays it when he is already at the garage but i can still smell it from inside our house and he is not allowed to use it when he will be with me and my daughter (the girl is allergic, too).

  2. Ohh I really want to have a bottle of this D&G! For sure, super bango na naman to:) I love D&G light blue so much:) wow, giveaway of Max blushes!! Yeee.

  3. Dolce Floral Drops is a wow for me, my friend is a user of this and really its scent lighten always her mood as she says.

    How generous of you Ms. Martha. God bless and more blessings to come :D

  4. I want the Bvlgari because of the bottle!

  5. Wow! amazing giveaway,hope chance to win :)

  6. Happiest birthday to you! I just found out about your blog last week and I must say, it's been fun reading your posts and of course I'm learning a lot about different products. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to beauty stuff. With perfumes, I'm really picky. I like Davidoff & D&G. I'll be checking out the Summer Seas scent later.

  7. That Bvlgari edt looks like a shell! Ang classy talaga. I also like the men version of davidoff than the womne's. Haha. Lastly, that Dolce and Gabbana edt looks so light and refreshing. Parang nakakakalma. Among the 3, pinakatype ko yung G&D. :D

    Joined your giveaway already! :) Hope to win.

  8. I have not tried any of the perfume mentioned but I think the Dolce and Gabbana Floral Drops would smell really nice and light just like the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, which I can assure one of the most nice smelling perfume ever haha :)Lastly, Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Max blushes! Oh my... I also am a fan of fragrances but I am not that "adventurous" so I tend to stick with a fragrance for years. Like, Light Blue, Cinique Happy and Green Tea by EA.

    But upon seeing that Cool Water for women, parang gusto ko rin sya i-try since hubby's using Cool Water for men sometimes. (^-^)

  10. Honestly i know nothing from all the fragrances mentioned in this blog post well except for cool water and im actually suprised that they came up with a new one for women.. i always loved the smell of cool water! Its light and fresh plus yung long time crush ko yun lagi ang amoy nya eay back highschool days :) hihihi..

  11. Cha Lee: Hi there! Thanks! Yay! New reader! :) Have you checked out sea rose already> How do you find it? :)

    Janine: My BF's perfume is Coolwater only. :)

    Mommy Charm: It smells nice! :)

    Amy Orvin: Welcome to my blog! Great choice! :)

    Danielle: Thank you and welcome to my blog! Great pick! D&G Floral Drops smells really pretty. :)

    Abegaill: Thanks! :D

    Anne_22: Nice, no? :D

    Kkumkugo: You're welcome. :)

    Jhake: Awww... Boo allergic rhinitis! Anyway, I think women loved the for men version of davidoff better than the one for women haha! Because I did! :D


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