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Here's a review on Natululu Skin Conditioner.

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Remember my blog post called Blushes for Non-Blush wearers? It has a counterpart now. This: Lotion for non- lotion users. Haha! Natululu Skin Conditioner, to date, is THE LIGHTEST lotion I have ever used because it's 99% just like water and nothing can be lighter than this (unless someone invents lotion made out of air)! This face and body watery lotion is perfect for all tropical climates and oily skin!


Natululu is one of the brands under Kracie, a pioneer Japanese cosmetic manufacturer. This product is a light, water- based moisturizer that can be used on the face and body, and is Fragrance and Mineral Oil- free, and less acidic. It comes in three variants: Yuzu (with Vitamins and Citric Acid for skin brightening), Tomato (with Lycopene extracts for anti-aging effects), and Rice (with Rice Bran extracts for intense moisture).


The only thing I dislike about this product is the packaging: it's bulky, the cap doesn't seal securely, thus it is prone to spilling, and I feel that it does not complement the product.

Finally, we can now wear lotion without the greasy, creamy, clogging feel! More about this product after the jump!


Natululu is practically just like water: unscented, light, cool, and refreshing. It's just a tad bit thicker than water, but not exactly like emulsion. It gets absorbed fairly easily and leaves skin feeling dewy and hydrated for a couple of hours. It has to be reapplied though on really dry skin because it doesn't contain cream, a compound that retains moisture effectively and for a long time. Since it's water, it is very spreadable and you don't need to take a lot in every use. I haven't tried using it on the face though.

Natululu is the perfect lotion for people who dislike lotion, but need something to moisturize their skin, the outdoors, those with normal and oily skin, and in any hot climate. It's such a unique product that I think that should be enough for you to try it. :)


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I should definitely try this. I'm not that really unsatisfied with the traditional greasy lotion but I'm properly convinced that this is much better than it. Thanks for the review Ms. Martha.

  2. I thought it needs to be rinsed! Haha. Buti na lang I haven't used it yet. :) I got the green one from you! Now I'm so excited to try it. I'll check if it feels good than lotion. :) Oo nga, it's so bulky and so easy to open. I hope magkaron ng smaller version, like parang for travel or something.

  3. I can't understand people who don't like lotion. That's one of the best parts of taking a shower -- getting to feel all smooth, plumped, and supple. Anyway, I'm curious about the face-moisturizing aspect of this but that castor oil on the label has me worried.

    ...I'll get my sister, the no-lotion-now-and-forever queen, to buy this so I can mooch some off her hahaha. I got her to buy the in-shower lotion before

  4. I thought it was super watery, as in water. Slightly thicker pala. Suuuper curious now.

  5. I love lotions, body serum to be exact because less sticky. I can't live each day without applying it. This product is so exciting to have for a lotion lover like me:)

  6. Kkumkugo: You're welcome, dear. :D

    Jeremy: Me too! :D

    Beauty By Tellie: Concept is water, but it's a little thicker than that, but it's not exactly emulsion. Labo haha. :D

    Valerie: I think it is because we have a hot, sticky weather and lotion kinda' rubs that in on our faces. :p I like that in shower lotion thing by Nivea, although it's not the most economical. Do let me know what your sister thinks about this. :)

    Abegaill: Agree! The travel- sized thing would be awesome. :)


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