OOTD: #GirlBoss

I remember in high school, I had a teacher who asked everyone in the class what we want to be when we grow up. When it was my turn, I just said: "I wanna be a boss." "Okay, but in which industry?" she replied. I then again said: "I don't know yet, but I want to be a boss."

Now that I'm all grown up, I think what I said came true-I became a boss. Hey, I don't have those shiny corporate boss titles imprinted on my CV and engraved on a plaque on my table, but I'm proud to say that I'm the captain of my own life aka I-don't-give-a-shiz-about-what-other-people-say-and-think-I-should-be. I think that qualifies as a boss position already, does it? :D

Okay, let's get serious this time. I'm actually a boss of some company. That's all I can only tell you. Oh, I'm the boss of my blog too (as well as the VP, manager, admin, runner, messenger, model, and creatives haha!) and this is what I wore to one of my client meetings a few weeks back.

TOP: Details
SKIRT: Pink Boudoir at Poshmark Boutique

More details on this outfit after the jump.


BAG: Prada
Shoes: Via Venetto

Yep, that's all for today. Be your own boss starting today. ;)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i always love you seeing in white outfits ms m =) happy birthday! love love - rhania

  2. You look lovely as usual! Now, on being a boss; I am having a hard time being a boss of myself since I am financially dependent with my parents. I am planning to change the status by next year.

  3. Dream came true, this post inspires me to do more. I want to live my dreams in the future. Thank you.

  4. Looks classy and sosyal:) love it! Love everything on your ootd! The bag is love:)
    Im the Boss too in my family (sorry my hubby).

  5. It's inspiring to see girl bosses thrive for sure. Needless to say, the outfit looks super posh on you.

    When I was much younger, I would also answer that I wanted to own a business someday. I struggled to find the words. "Entrepreneur." That's the one. Haha. When I stumbled upon the word, I immediately made the effort to memorize it.

  6. Looks so posh and sleek, Miss Martha, as always (^-^)

    Well, when I was younger, I never wanted to be a boss as I hate responsibilities. Now, however, I would love to be one soon! I've always been dreaming of coming to the office all made up with the killer heels and all. LOL.

  7. I also want to be a boss someday. :) I wanted to be a manager at the least. As a person in the corporate world, it's very hard to get to that level, as for the moment. So I'm really doing my best in working productive and efficient as to show my worth. I can say that I'm a boss right now as I have subordinates under me, but I wanted to step up more in the corporate ladder. :) I do agree with you, that being our own boss makes us more powerful.

    I super like your outfit, there's sense of power and class. I always wanted to wear those kind of OOTDs but my company has a uniform. :/ Maybe if I already have my own business, I get to wear what I want.

  8. That is a beautiful ootd ms. M! At first its like really conservative and clean but the sides are sexy!! Hihihi.. a true boss of your own style and elegance.. shine on as always ms. M!


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