Sneak Peek: New in Benefit Porefessional and They're Real + Benefit Brow Genie

Looks like June's going to be a fabulous month for Beauty because of the exciting, upcoming makeup releases. Starting off with Benefit and the eye- popping, new colors of their They're Real mascara and eyeliner range, and a new Porefessional product. More about these after the jump and check out Benefit Brow Genie, a quick 'n easy way to find your ideal brow shape! ;)

Benefit's best- selling They're Real mascara now comes in two new gorgeous colors: Brown and Blue. Wear 'em alone or on top of your current mascara for a lovely play of colors on your lashes.

One of my favorite eyeliners, They're Real Push-Up Liner, now features four, new exciting shades: Brown, Blue, Purple, and Green that perfectly compliment any skin tone and eye color. The Green one is divine! <3 font="">

The Porefessional License To Blot is the new product to join Benefit's Porefessional range. This handy blotting stick contains oil- absorbing spheres that take away shine and promises to keep you oil- free up to 8 hours. If you need instant retouching, just whip out License To Blot from your bag, pop, swipe, blend, and you're done!

These new products will be out in all Benefit stores on the last week of June to early July.

Left: My Brow
Right: My Brow, according to Benefit

While we're waiting for the release of the new Benefit products, let's play first with Benefit Brow Genie.

2015 is brow year for Benefit Cosmetics and they're kicking it off with Benefit Brow Genie, a virtual brow shape finder. Best browsed on a smartphone or tablet, Benefit Brow Genie works similarly to online foundation finders, but this one helps you find the best brow shape for you. I tried it recently and it was fun, and here's my ideal brow shape. Glad to know that my present brow shape is somewhat close to it! I'm on the right path! :D

Try it out for yourself! Visit BENEFIT BROW GENIE.

Just visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the new products and Benefit Brow Genie.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ohmomomo, I like the result of your brow with the brow genie Ms. Martha. I wanna try this~~~

  2. Wow, buti naman marami nang colors ang benefit. :) Would love to try the colorful push up liners! Though di ko pa rin namamaster yung paggamit ng push up. :D The license to blot naman I saw during the BDJ fair, kaso di muna ako bumili kasi wala pa akong nakikitang review about it. Ittry ko yung brow genie! Di pa rin kasi ako satisfied sa brow shape ko, kahit pinaayos ko na sa mga kilalang brow salons. :/

  3. Ang ganda ng result ng kilay mo sa Brow Genie. Not that the current one is not nice, but like you've said, you're on the right path! Its good to know they have apps like that. :)

  4. Wow, brow genie game looks fun nga:) I find naman na mas pretty yung brow mo sa retake. Hihi. True you're in a right path, close enough na:) wanna try the porefessional licensed to blot:) cute ng name!

  5. Haven't tried they're real mascaras but I bet these new colors would be awesome :D Just curious how blue would look on the lashes. Oh my! This brow genie thingy is soo interesting. Hehe :D

  6. I also tried the app and its so cool!! I tried it thrice pa first with my bare face, then with a subtle brow powder and a full on groomed eyebrows! And kahit isa hindi naging similar sa brows ko!! Hahahaha!!

  7. Itsmefati: Blue mascara looks great, surprisingly. :) Can't wait to play with it in the launch. :)

    Janine: Oh now you know! :D

    Dessa: Yes! All that years of being a beauty blogger have paid off haha!

    Kkumkugo: Go! Have you tried it already? How's your result? :)

    Jeremy: License to blot will be available end of June. :)

  8. I've always loved blue mascara - it can really make your eye color pop. And BeneFit is amazing! Thanks for sharing!


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