Benefit Cosmetics X The Beauty Junkee Brow Party Diary!

As you all know, I just finished with my Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bash with a handful of TBJ fans two weeks ago. I'm sharing what happened in the bash here!

Days before the bash, the weather was quite unforgiving so I prayed hard that the sky would clear up on the day of the bash. It did not clear up, but the rain got manageable, at least. Whew! I'd surely feel bad if anybody got stranded!

 Sweet goodies prepared by Benefit

Benefit prepared a couple of treats for everyone and I loved how the treats matched the brand's fun, flirty, sweet vibe! The sweets provided us the needed energy and rush as we had the bash in the morning and on a lazy, semi- gloomy weekend.

First part of the event is Brow Waxing. I think all of my guests were Brow Waxing virgins so I'm pretty sure that the bash is a pretty memorable event for all of them haha! Benefit's National Brow Artist, Celine, was also present in the event and she helped with the treatment and consultation. Celine's not always present in Benefit's stores for consultations, demos, and treatments so the guests of my Brow Bash were really, really lucky that day!

I asked the guests about their thoughts on Benefit's Brow Waxing: Everybody felt some sort of pain, but they all agreed that it was manageable. Generally, they said that the treatment was fast and the staff were helpful. They all loved their new brows too. I'm very happy to know that Benefit lived up to everyone's expectations! :)

After the Brow waxing treatment (which finished 30 minutes earlier than my expected time), I demonstrated my Billion Dollar Brows Technique.

A lot of my readers and even random people (yes, a stranger once approached me and asked which product/s I use for my brows) would always ask how I do my brows and which brow products I use. I have a brow tutorial here on the blog, but it's definitely much different if it's demonstrated live so I thought that the Brow Bash is a good avenue to share my brow techniques.

So why did I call it Billion Dollar Brow Technique? Because if I had a dollar every time someone tells me "You have great brows", I'm probably a Billionaire by now.  For the techniques, I'm sorry if I can't share my 5- step Billion Dollar Brow Techniques now because I'm thinking of turning this Brow Bash into a series. If I did, you probably won't go to the next ones anymore! :D I will just keep everyone posted on this.

After my quick demo, Tasha of Benefit Philippines talked about the new colors of They're Real Mascara and Eyeliner. The guests got to try them on too!

After the treatment, brow tutorial, snacks, product demo, and giveaways, my lovely guests went around the store and played with these 'toys'.

Introducing my lovely fans: From left to right, Polinda, Rita, Erika, Sachie, Phoebe, and Valerie. Congratulations Polinda for winning the Benefit Makeup pouch + Benefit Gimme Brow and Rita for winning the Benefit Makeup pouch + They're Real Push Up Liner! The rest of the guests didn't go home empty handed as they took home deluxe samples of Benefit's best- sellers such as Puff Off, Dream Screen, Lollitint, Benetint, Hellow Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation, and They're Real Mascara.

Mandatory wacky shot. :D

Thank you very much, Tasha, Celine, and the rest of Benefit Philippines team for making this happen. We need to do another one! I also hope to meet more of my fans in the next Brow Bash! :D

Visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information on the Brow Bar.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. yay another meet and greet with ms m! i would guess it was a fun filled event i would love to try brow waxing but im hesitant because im afraid of peeling

    i love their They're Real Mascara! it was really superb and i must agree that the quality is worth for its price

  2. I am so jealous!!! Ugh. But happy at the same time. Seeing this post and some of the pictures makes me feel I was there too. Whenever someone compliments my eyebrows, I feel so proud and accomplished. Haha! I hope someday I'll be able to attend one of your Brow Bashes. Thanks for this post. :)

  3. Ahh! So that's the reason why it's called the Billion Dollar Brow Technique! I thought you called it as such because that brows were so beautiful that they can be worth or equivalent to a billion dollar, hehe!

  4. omg! they're very lucky! not only did they experience the benefit's brow wax but they were also graced by the presence of beautiful women who are inspirations to many :) plus they get to see your demo on the Billion Dollar Brow! whew! wish I would go to one of your brow bash Ms. M. :(
    when will you have the next one?

  5. Series? Yes, please! Hope I could attend next time. I adore how natural your brows always look, so I'd love to learn your Billion Dollar Brows technique. :D

  6. That's a good event. It is good to attend in this kind of event. You can learn a lot from the expert.

  7. Attending in this kind of event is really a good idea. You can learn a lot from the expert.

    ~ Reapinpin

  8. Nakakainggit talaga! Huhu, I hope meron pang susunod and mapili na din ako. :D I'm really looking forward to your workshops. Super swerte nila. Oh, I love the colored liners! So fancy and colorful. Perfect if you want to score a stare-catching look. :) Congrats sa winners. Ganda ng prizes.

  9. Another great feat from Ms. Martha.Congrats to the ladies who won this. I love learning about beauty and makeup. I know I still have a lot of learning to do. Have a great day!

  10. Hi girls! I'd love to have you soon too. Next one would probably be around october or november. :D


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