The Internet Is Turning Us Into Self-Entitled Brats

Before, they were cool. Now, I groan at petulant listicles and personal essays I come across online. Everything is all about self- entitlement: Conquering the world anytime one wants to, leaving everything behind when something doesn't seem to work, foolish materialism, emasculation, fantasy- based love advice and standards, complaints and opinions with an unbelievable spectrum ranging from Mega Manila traffic to what went into Tom Hiddleston's head when he decided to date Elizabeth Olsen, Bloggers and people complaining pretty much about sh*tty stuff, and so much know-it-all sh*t. The Internet's reeking of so much sh*t, I think I can smell it already. The Pabebe generation is another story.

For the record, I don't mean to glorify myself. When I talk about my travels, purchases, and food adventures, I make it a point to say that I WORKED FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE. The free trips, press gifts, and the glitzy stuff, they cost me sheets and sheets of Paracetamol tabs, God-knows-how-much amount of money, X amount of wasted time, probably half a billion brain cells at this point, a thousand cups of coffee, unfathomable amounts of consumed electricity and wifi, tons of trial-and-error situations, and 7,000 hours. On certain occasions when I rant, I don't only empty- rant; I do something about it like writing to the concerned party to solve the issue privately and ranting is my last, last resort. As an Online Influencer, I know I have the power to somehow influence your life and it will be a crime if I romanticize and oversimplify it. Life isn't as easy as deemed by the writer who tells you to just drop everything and travel or blatantly asking access to a VIP event, as deemed by a Blogger. I also want you to be more proactive.

Let's inject a bit of reality into these self- entitlements that we commonly read on the Internet:

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On Traveling: I've been reading a lot of articles on encouraging people to just drop whatever they're doing and just travel or leave everything behind at whim because, you know, traveling is soooo in nowadays. I know some people who did it so it's doable in real life, but it's NOT for everyone. 

If you have traveled at least once in your life, you will know that this sh*t requires a lot of money (also, time and preparation), therefore you need a job to earn money to save for that next #Wanderlust. Dropping whatever you're doing for the sake of travel could cost you your job or business, plus a few relationships. This is the universal truth: You need money to travel and honey, I hate to break it to you, but courage is not currency.

Leaving everything behind is another story. There's no problem in moving to a new city, but the biggest challenge is starting anew; It requires a sh*tload of mental, physical, financial, and social preparation to start a new life in a completely new city. That's enough to make a lot of people say "SH*T."

So can you handle all the challenges that leaving and traveling at whim entail? Are you ready to be a grown up in a snap? Are you ready to leave your comfort zone?

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On Love: I've had it with whiny articles by women who are daydreaming about Prince Charming and lamenting over the death of chivalry. Times have changed. Stop emasculating men. I would join the fight with you if evil witches, fire- breathing dragons, and poisoned apples were still a thing today.

I also find such articles anti-feminist; we did say we're Modern Women already, right? So what's up with articles like these? And besides, that's the point of loving, right? Finding the good in the bad and loving the person for who they really are.

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On Non-Stop Online Whining and Too Opinionated People: Social Media has been a great avenue for voicing complaints and opinions. It saved a lot of lives and improved a lot of services, that I can't deny. The problem is, everyone began to think that they can complain about anything just because they disapprove of it. Online Complaining began a hobby and all of a sudden everybody must have an opinion on something even if it's stupid.

Cai Cortez, one of my friends, mentioned #GlobalWhining in one of our conversations-it's a line in her latest play with Sandbox Collective entitled "No Filter" (Go, watch it!). I think #GlobalWhining is the apt term for this Digital epidemic that we're experiencing nowadays. Everyone is just whining online and it's turning social media into a putrid, toxic place.

There are many hidden dangers to #GlobalWhining. One, it breeds negativity. Two, it twists our mind into thinking that saying something counts as being proactive. Three, you give people reasons to hate you. Four, whining makes you look unprofessional, especially when you whine about paychecks, your clients, cancelled projects, and blind items. Think before you whine. Or maybe, just go for wine. :D

Next time you come across similar articles and stuff online, read with a critical mind. Things are not always what they seem online so be careful of the material you consume. No one's taking away your right to dream, to aspire, and to want, but just be aware that all things come at a cost. Always have a healthy sense of fantasy and practicality. To win in life, start by believing that you are not entitled to anything.

To my fellow influencers and writers, there's no such thing as personal space for you and I now online. The landscape of Digital has changed significantly and a blog or feed aren't purely for expression purposes only-they're now main sources of daily information, information that can influence and mold decisions.  Everything you say can affect a follower because they look up to us so use your voice properly.

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21 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i do agree ms m, lucky those who were born na hindi pa uso ang internet at gadgets haha.. (im from 80's) lahat kasi ngayon ms m nasa internet na at madali makaconnect sa lahat ng mga relatives at kaibigan mo overseas =)

    honestly i love reading blogs created for travels, kasi kagaya ko, im a working mom at hindi ako masyado nakakapagtravel (i dont have budget for it) kaya palagi kong sinasabi sa dalawa ko pang kapatid na magtravel sila hanggat bata pa sila at maglaan ng budget para duon kasi once you get married naiiba ang priyoridad sa buhay. kaya thankful ako kapag nakakabasa ng mga travel adventure feeling ko tru reading and seeing pics from your posts (and other bloggers who loves to travel) ay parang nakapunta na rin ako sa napuntahan nyo =) (ngayon kasi priority ko ang magkaron ng mas maraming oras kasama ang aking "little me") okay na ko sa bahay-trabaho-bahay (weekdays) bahay-simbahan-mall-bahay (minsan walang mall haha, on weekends) syempre titignan mo pa rin kung may extra budget ka)

    and "on love" palagi ko ng naririning lately "walang forever" haha ewan ko nga bakit nauso yang linyang yan hehe

    i love blog hopping, browsing and doing some research via internet, i make my my twitter and IG on private mode. i still connect with my old friends (my foreign blogger friends via IG, others stop blogging na kasi =( but they're still active on social media like twitter and IG)

    and on "GlobalWhinning tama kayo ms m, ginagawa ko nalang iniiwasan ko na lang ang mga negative inputs nila puro complaints kasi kaya ngayon madalas ako sa "life hack" marami akong narerealize at natututunan =) halos sa lahat ng aspeto, career, family and more =)

    happy monday ms m!

  2. I do agree with some of your thoughts, especially on the parts of "On Non-Stop Online Whining and Too Opinionated People." I think that most people are abusing the fact that you can be anonymous and/or be free with whatever you do on the Internet because as what they say, it's their space or there's nothing we can do about it (just like the Pabebe girls really).

    Not just for the sake of commenting though, but it really makes me sad. This "freedom" we'd like to call is making us irresponsible with the things we post online. I still think there's a limit to everything, there are still things that need to be kept private. Youngsters already know how to access the Internet so it's best to always be mindful of how others may react to your posts. No matter how big or small your influence is, it will always pop on someone's computer screen.

    On another note, I really hate those cheesy love posts. Haha, no offense to those who do but real love is (yes) one of the best feelings of the world but (especially in relationships) it requires a lot of hard work and responsibility as well. I've noticed that most people in my News Feed who share these kinds of posts are the ones who are actually single, sort of deep-in-daydream girls I know. And on traveling, I find them inspirational at least. It gives me a good push forward in realizing my dreams and taking over "my life." Yet the bottom line for everything is, it always boils down to reality. Whether we say that money can't guarantee happiness, we ALL NEED it.

  3. When it comes to whining, I am no exception. Maybe it's just the human in me. When I dislike or disagree on something, I sometimes speak my mind about it. But one thing my dad always tells me is that if you're going to criticize, make sure to suggest an alternative solution to what you're criticizing. You complain about this and that, you should be able to give solution to it.

    Huh. I find articles circulating on facebook to be ridiculous, especially those articles about love. They give you this list of traits your partner should possess in order for him/her to qualify as 'the one'. I mean seriously, everyone is different. There is no perfect list. Also, I agree with you. Some people set up too high of a standard for boyfriend/girlfriend material, expecting that person to be perfect. I say this: become the person you expect that other person to be. Everyone has flaws. It's about accepting and understanding. Before expecting perfection from another, see if you yourself is already perfect.

    One should manage their expectations, whether it be on travelling, on love or about life in general. Thanks for this post!

  4. I love this.

    I have a blog but I don't think I can call myself a blogger yet. I don't know, I just can't call myself one yet. Maybe I can call myself a rookie blogger. Yup, that's what I'm going to call myself from now on.

    About global whining, oh gosh, if you can see my facebook feed where my high school schoolmates rant and whine in public for a new phone or whatever, daarn. Yes I am whining because of other whiny people XD

    Money, gosh I freakin' hate money but one can't do anything without it, unless you plan to live in a jungle or something. I started a small part-time last summer when I was in Tuguegarao, I sold some mask sheets and learned how hard it is to earn! I mean, I only added the sheets in our store so I don't pay for anything else but still, now I know the value of money better.

  5. Hi Martha! This is a great piece. It is refreshing to know that a beauty blogger like you go out of the norm and talk about social issues, too. :) I wholeheartedly agree with your last paragraph stating that we bloggers must be aware that we do not write solely to express ourselves but also to edify our readers. I also concur with your three main examples of how the Internet can be a toxic place when one misses to get a grip of reality. I posted a similar entry on my blog in 2013 ( because I find this Internet "narcissism epidemic" sickening, too. Thank you for using your voice to affect your followers positively. :)

  6. Hi! Beauty Junkee , i actually agree about your thoughts specially about social media people nowadays doesn't know how to behave in public, internet is really a great factor that affects people's behaviour. But i hope that it is not yet too late . My thoughts on this is we should all know our limits and do not over rely on what you can see or hear on social media. Do your own research!

  7. Hi@thebeautyjunkee, i totally agree about your thoughts on social media. It is an inevitable factor now that affects people behaviour. Most of us forgets to behave in public, some are doing acts that is not appropriate to be viewed via internet. Im hoping that it is not yet too late for all of us to know our limitations.

  8. hahaha I always wonder why a lot of people these days can dedicate their entire time for writing negative blog posts, commenting judgmental/bad stuff online. it's too much work.It hasn't taken its toll on them yet. Good vibes lang dapat.

  9. I agree regarding those articles about "chivalry is dead"! Hello, it's 2015! Chivalry should be dead!

    On traveling: it IS pricey so as much as I want to drop everything, I can't! Lucky you if you have passive income or you're a trustfund baby and can sustain that lifestyle without working. But for most people, it's just not feasible. A little travel here and there while still working seems the most sensible thing to do.

    And finally on negativity online: I've made it a point to minimize posting negative stuff online because I don't want to spread bad vibes. If I do post negative things, it's mostly to whine on things that actually matter to the society, e.g. the sorry state of our politics. I also unfollow people (yes, including "friends") who do nothing but whine about petty things.

    Whew. Now here's to some good vibes! Cheers!

  10. Super agree! Dati pa naman lahat ng tao may opinion, it's just that mas malakas na ang loob ng lahat ngayon. Lahat may boses. Feeling nila lahat ng sabihin nila ay dapat pakinggan. Dahil lahat ay nasa social media na, whether we like it or not, madami ang nakakakita o nakakarinig sa atin. Can't help it din due to the rise of technology. Chill nalang tayo. Nevermind nalang kung ayaw natin ang nakikita natin. Filter what to read and what to skip. :)

  11. Hello, I happened upon your blog while browsing through reviews on skincare products and I just gotta say that I love it! You put out not only informative and insightful post about beauty and cosmetic products but also posts addressing social issues, which I do not find a lot of on most beauty blogs. I agree that the internet has become a place for breeding negativity and entitlement, and I am grateful for how transparent you are with your gifts and blessing, it makes you more relatable as a person. Looking forward to your future blog entries!

  12. I love this, Miss Martha! Whatever we say or write on social media or in any platform, affects others too. I loved how you tackle the topic on people that whines a lot. 'Think before you whine or maybe, just go for wine!' Winner!

  13. 👍👍👍 hearing those words from an online influencer makes us reader know that your life and experiences are not always at High as what we always see in the blogs..

    May this post influence other blogger as well..

  14. oh my gosh i love this! on point! i totally agree with you ms. m especially with online whining. i think people nowadays are abusing too much of their "freedom of speech" sh*t. think before you comment! doesn't mean you have an opinion or you criticize someone, that means you're already smart above everyone else. people are just too bitter and hater nowadays. i'm glad someone like you influences people to be good and be wise. you're forever my blog idol :)

  15. I just read a similar article on fb. The 10 most annoying people you see in social media. And these points you mentioned were there. I really get annoyed with people who whine online. Yung mga nagpaparinig, tapos idedelete din yung post. I mean, why did you post it in the first place tapos buburahin mo din after may maglike at magcomment. If you want to rant, you can just share it to yourself. May option naman sa fb nun. Ang lakas maka negative vibes if yun agad ang mababasa mo sa news feed mo.

  16. Oh my gosh! i just deleted my last tweet, it was about work. I'm careful about these things especially what I post, pero sa galit ko kanina I tweeted something.

    Anyway,i love this post! Especially about the travelling part! I think you're the only one who said travelling causes a sh*tload of money! Haha. Everyone's like, it's affordable, anyone can travel! And I'm here thinking, "oh gosh.. I think im the only one who cant afford to travel!" So thank you! Hindi lang ako nakaisip na mahal ang pag-byahe!

    As for #GlobalWhining, yes, nakaka-BV ang facebook at twitter minsan dahil sa mga nababasa nating shares/comments/status.. I'm all for being opinionated, pero sa lahat na lang ng issue galit ka? Hindi pwedeng mamili ng issue na bibigyan ng attention?
    Okay, I think I'm ranting. I'll stop. Hehe.. But great post!

  17. Oh I almost forgot, this puzzles me... Why do we get offended easily online?? People make a big deal out of a single joke or remark. We judge people as being racist when we ourselves make the same jokes offline. I really don't get it.. :/

  18. Very insightful post and I do agree with everything you said. Especially the online whining part. Being online really has its pros and cons. I do think that one of its cons is that it serves as a different personality for some people. Their online and offline personalities doesn't really complement each other. They might be silent and cute personally, but rants all day long online. Yes it's a form of self expression but sometimes it becomes a bridge to becoming a habit. It becomes bad when you express more negativity than sharing positive vibes.

  19. Spot on, Miss Martha.

    Having a blog doesn't mean you can just post irresponsibly. It's open to all since this is teh Intartubes. If the urge to post rants is sooo strong, just post them privately. Better yet, make it ONLY visible to you. At least, you get to release your frustrations without ruining somebody's day. I have a blog but I don't advertise it since it's my go-to-rant blog. Everything I post there is private. Friends who can read it aren't active anymore so it's like a diary now. Anyway, Post wisely as they say. You never who can read your public stuff online.

  20. Hey girls, really appreciate your insights! Glad to know that I'm not just being a nega Tita Of Manila here haha. Seriously, people need to calm down and manage their expectations online! :p


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