BYS X Glamourbox Strobing Masterclass

Last week, I had a brush up on my makeup skills with BYS X Glamourbox workshop. The topic was very interesting, not to mention really in right now: STROBING.

 Guests who can't get enough of their BYS products and are trying their hands on Strobing.

BYS provided us with our very own set of makeups to play with. Ogle at BYS' newest makeup collections; that cheek trio will be your handy palette for Strobing.

Pro makeup artist, Katch Santos, had demonstrated the Strobing technique for us.

Strobing, in essence, is highlighting, but this time around, it's meant to give your face more dimension and radiance than simply lifting certain parts of the face. Here are the basics of Strobing:

1. Choose your Highlighter: Liquid, Cream, or Powder
2. Prep your skin with a moisturizer and foundation; Optional: Illuminator for the entire skin.
3. Apply highlighter on the following parts: Top part of the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, Cupid's Bow (Philtrum), area between the eyebrows and up to the middle portion of the center of the forehead, folds on top of the tear ducts, and lower portion of the chin.

And you're done! I've my own technique in Strobing and I'll blog a tutorial soon. ;)

While everyone Strobed, I played with BYS' Nude palettes; Can't get enough of these because of their oh-so-creamy texture!

BYS founder, Mr. Ed Aitken, graced the workshop with us. He flew to Manila last week and joined BYS Philippines in their 3rd Anniversary. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go, but I was there in spirit. :D Congratulations to one of the most fun brands in the drugstore here in the Philippines on your 3rd anniversary!

Just got strobed with these ladies: Beauty Bloggers Donna, Kira, and Angel, who's with Glamourbox too!

Visit BYS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about their new products.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ooohhhh, i would love to attend some make up class also. hihihi. so i can expand my knowledge about the different techniques to apply make up. nice one BYS! Happy third year anniversary! :)

  2. That Nude eyeshadow palette looks like Naked by Urban Decay ha. Anyway, I first read about Strobing in The Beauty Department. Haven't tried doing it, though. I think it requires practice din because if you overdo it, you'll look weird and too shiny.

  3. I'm interested to try some products of BYS. Looks promising. That was a fun event absolutely.
    I really don't have any idea about strobing. Hehe. I'm in the stage of learning how to contour and applying eyeshadows. So a blog tutorial of yours makes me excited the most. Can't wait to learn more and more. Thanks a bunch to you:D

  4. I am yet to practice my contouring skills, yet another one comes along- STROBING! Can we use a regular highlighter for this? Looking forward to your tutorial, Miss Martha.

  5. I really love that GBxBYS box!
    I've been using the trio palette everyday since it's super handy. May contour, highlight and blush na in one.
    I also love the Nude palette, been using one color a day since I suck at blending. Hehe

    1. Ditto! :D As for eyeshadow blending, you might want to check out my eyeshadow tutorial. :D

  6. What a pretty palette! I love the colors too. Thanks for sharing Ms. Martha!


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