Atkinsons: For The Perfume Snob

We are currently under a British invasion. A fragrant invasion, that is.

A few British perfume brands have already found their way to the country and another one has just set foot, ready to s-whiff you off your feet: Atkinsons.

Atkinsons, British purveyor of fine fragrances, comes to the Philippines under Art of Scent; along with them comes a collection of legendary fragrances steeped in British history, culture, and taste. Atkinsons was founded in 1799 and has made perfumes for aristocratic noses namely Napoleon, the Duke Of Wellington, Tsar of Russia, King Of Italy, Sarah Bernhardt, and Beau Brummel, father of modern Menswear. With such an impressive clientele, Atkinsons brings truth to the term 'Perfume Snobbery.'

But what is up with the half bear half man image? Let's go back in time for a little, shall we?

In the summer of 1799, James Atkinson, an enterprising young lad journeyed into the woods and brought with him scents and toiletries of his own making, and a rose- scented Bear Grease Balm. Next to him sat a bear, who became devoted to him and perhaps his pot of Bear Grease Balm. Within mere days, the balm became famous in London's upper society and James, the Bear, and his shop became known as 'that marvelous perfume shop with the most terrifying bear.' Clearly, a superstar perfumer was born.

This year, Atkinsons is celebrating 200 years of perfume snobbery. Debuting in the Philippines are pieces from the Legendary, Contemporary, and Emblematic Collection, collections that transport you to the legendary eras of the Brits that have been lost in time, but bottled up as iconic fragrances; Have a look at them below:

24 Old Bond Street

When James Atkinson invented the English Cologne in the 1800's, it reached King George IV and he loved it that he proclaimed James as the official perfumer of the Royal Court and was given a headquarters at 24 Old Bond Street; Not only was it the most fragrant address, it was also the most fashionable one as it is considered a local shopping capital then until now.

24 Old Bond Street reflects the British spirit: tenacious, effortlessly chic, and endlessly glamorous. Notes have Juniper, Rose, Black Tea, Spices, Woods, and a touch of Oak- Casked Whisky; It's a fragrance for boys and girls who have high fragrance discernment.

FYI, Atkinsons is only engaged in the creation and curation of fragrances. Period. For 24 Old Bond Street, however, it is so iconic and popular that the house had to expand it into a line that features a votive candle, Hand and Body Lotion, and Soap.

The Nuptial Bouquet

When Queen Victoria was married, she walked down the aisle with a bouquet of White Flowers; This is the inspiration behind The Nuptial Bouquet. It's a marriage between green and white flowers namely Lily Of The Valley, Violet Leaves, and Myrtle Flowers with a veil of Musk and Sandalwood. It's for women who won't settle for less than a prince and who's a fan of happily ever afters.

The Odd Fellow's Bouquet

A perfume with Lawrence of Arabia in Mind. The Odd Fellows Bouquet echoes the splendour, leisure, and mystery of a St. James Gentleman's Club where the riveting silence is only broken by the flip of a newspaper and the puff of Tobacco by a man sitting on a leathered chair with his face concealed by the shadows. Eccentric yet magnetizing, The Odd Fellow's Bouquet is a rare fusion of Heliotrope Flowers, Dark Tobacco, Ginger, Peppercorn, Benzoin, and Labdanum. 

Fashion Decree

When Silk became known in the West, the aristocrats and inhabitants of the Royal Court went gaga over these treasures from the East. Traditionally, Silk from China was packed in Patchouli Leaves before shipment to maintain its smoothness and at the same time, protect its delicate fabric. The history of Silk trade is summed up in Fashion Decree, an oriental treasure composed of Pink Peppercorn, Chinese Magnolia and Iris, and Patchouli, of course; It's a fragrance that women of luxury and taste would love to wear.

The British Bouquet

A man in a 3- piece suit, polished shoes, sleek hair, and a smile that could kill. The British Bouquet is an interpretation of the English Gentleman: Dapper, intelligent, and irresistible. Inspired by Beau Brummel, the father of modern menswear, The British Bouquet is a sartorial combination of Lavender, Myrtle, Musk, Orange, and Caviar Lemon; It's the Bespoke fragrance to complement a Bespoke suit.

As a fan of high, finely crafted fragrances, I find this news rather exciting. I've read so much about this house of fine British fragrances and even caught a whiff of it in one of my travels abroad, and I found its well- curated selections pleasurable for my perfume snob self. With the introduction of Atkinsons, at least there are more options for snobs like me now. I'm off now on my high trotting horse!

Atkinsons is available in all Art Of Scents boutiques. Visit ART OF SCENTS on Facebook for more information about this product.

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i like it when you bring new information to us, Ms. M! :) hope i can smell it too. :)

  2. Thank you Ms.Martha for that wonderful blog. I feel like we've had a little field trip during the 1700s in Europe. And I remembered the movie I watched a while ago titled: Perfume. It's kind of brutal but what I noticed in that movie is the way the perfumers crafted their perfume. It's a tedious process and it's kinda complicated during that time. Just like you describe how Atkinsons fame reached even the royal families. I would love to check them out, so you know I'll feel like a snobbish royalty then :)

    1. Thank you, dear. I'd probably a kooky, chic, royalty then and yes, snobbish. :p

  3. One of the most classic line! Finally here in the Philippines!

  4. Years back my uncle gave my dad an Atkinsons cologne (in a black bottle) and my dad would keep it hidden in his closet. That was the only perfume that he won't share with me (yep, I use men's perfume even until now!) because he said that it's too expensive and should only be used on special occasions. Haha. I wonder how expensive these perfumes are?

    1. Awesome! I wonder how's that perfume smells like now? Is it still alive?

      I believe fragrances start at 7k per bottle. :)

  5. I have always love the men perfumes because the scent last much more than the women perfumes.

    1. Really? Never had that observation, but for this range, the perfumes for men, I love! :D

  6. First time to heard about Atkinsons because I'm not really a perfume-person but this one seems worth to try. Also a perfect gift for hubby this Christmas. :)

  7. Ako rin, first time to hear about Atkinsons, and was curious about the half bear half man. :) The perfumes really sounded good. The history of it is pretty interesting as well. I wanted to try the British Bouquet. It sounds so girly and flowery, which I super love. :D


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