FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How I Manage Stress

Oh, how I love today's Fan Mail Fridays. I've been feeling the grind lately and I think I need a break, therefore I'll go hiking next Saturday. I need something new to break my routine.

Fan Mail Fridays query for today is from Alexis.

Hi Ms. Martha,

I follow you on all your social media accounts (please don't think that I'm a stalker, I'm just a huge fan!) and seems to me, you're so, so busy! I want to ask how do you manage stress due to work (do you even get stressed? You still so pretty)? Thank you.


Hi Alexis,

Great question. I'm sure this will benefit a lot of my readers right now because given that it's the holiday season already, everyone's experiencing some form of stress due to deadlines!

I live by five simply fun activities to help me combat stress right away. Here they go:

1. I Sing

- Singing for at least 10 minutes can help reduce stress and anxiety, according to studies; that's why I recommend that when you're starting to get stressed, pop in your earphones, play your favorite music, and sing along with it; tune out from the world for at least 3 minutes and just do something fun, and watch your stress go away and your productivity rise.

2. I Play Games

- Deep down, I'm just a simple girl who loves video games. All the tapping and controller- wrecking moves that video games require help me release stress in a way. For me, the best stress reliever games are tapping games like Disney Tsum Tsum and Bubble Wrap Pop.

3. I Just Drop Whatever I'm Doing

- I just say F*CK THIS SH*T. And either I go home, blog, or do something else aside from work. When work starts to own me, I just drop it, pause, and remind myself that work is just work; I shouldn't let it control me.

4. I Play With My Pets

- For me, Pets are God in fluffy form; they're so pure, so happy, so loving, and so lovable; seeing my Denver the Golden Retriever running to me happily when he sees me is enough to take my blues and stress away.

5. I Reward Myself After A Hectic Day

- A reward is always the best way to fight stress so after a tough day, I either get a massage, eat my favorite food, or simply tell myself that I did a very good job.

Hope these tips will come handy when you get stressed. And oh, don't sweat the small stuff! :D

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree that work is just work, don't let that eat us alive LOL! I also let my stress out by reading a book or talking to my friends and loved ones. Thanks Ms. Martha for the wonderful advice. BTW, even your face is so goofy you're still adorbs!

  2. I love your simple ways to combat stress. I agree these days is very a stressful one. There's so many things to do and you don't where to start. Hehe. Anyway, disney tsum tsum is a stress reliever game:) I always do that singing too and its effective!

  3. Pets are great stress relievers. Their cuteness and sweetness never fails to brighten up our day. Drinking cold water relieves me from stress. I do it slowly and with a couple of deep breaths in between. And of course, food and buying something for myself. It makes me energized and in good mood again 😄

  4. Great tips! I especially love the singing part. It's even more effective when you do it with other people spontaneously lol

  5. Thanks for sharing your tips on how you manage stress. I've been busy too last week, and yeah I was in the grind too. Like your advice to just drop everything when you've reached your limit. Sorry if I was not able to comment on your posts. I enjoy everything in your blog. Have a great night Ms. Martha!

  6. What a practical answer. Very well said Martha. For me the best way to combat stress at work is to crack a joke (a good green joke, hahaha!) and see everyone laughs at it then they will eventually start to make a funnier version out of it.

  7. I love that photo! ^-^ I also tend to drop anything/ everything that I'm doing when I'm too tired or stressed out. But the most effective would be the reward after a long day. That includes going out with my son or just cuddling up. Thanks for the other tips, Miss M!

  8. As I say, life ain't complete without a doggie-woggie baby! And arts also help! =)


  9. I have to agree with Work is just work. I used to be so consumed with work that I forget I have other things in life too. This year, I'm more relaxed now. I leave work when I leave the office, weekends now are for family and friends - not checking my work email!

    But when work becomes too stressful - or anything in my life for that matter, I do these things, bit similar to yours actually:
    - drop everything. I'm thankful that my workplace has a jogging path where I can take walks and free my mind.
    - play games, it's fun to be stressed in a good way! and levelling up feels like a major success that whatever's stressing you out seems small. lol

    Now if only my singing voice doesn't stress me out more, it will be in the list. I just had to be content in listening to my fave songs. hehe

  10. I'm a time of girl who reads a lot rather play video games hahaha but rewarding yourself after a hectic day is the best! :D

  11. i agree with you Ms. M: work is just work. that's why i don't take home work and in my free time, i don't think about work. :)

  12. I also love playing games when I'm stressed. I enjoy playing candy crush soda and fallout shelter on my phone, so I really make sure I have a powerbank at hand. I also don't take home work. And as much as possible, I finish my work within 8-5 so I don't need to work overtime. I also read book when I have time. During weekends I go to movies or just chill at starbucks, with le BF. :)


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