Commenter Of The Month + Gifts for November COM

Eep! 54 days to go before Christmas?!!? Who's excited?! Meee! I'm so excited that I asked our house helpers to bring down our holiday decors now so I can start decorating. :)

I'm feeling extra generous again so this month's gift bag to one loyal commenter contains a couple of awesome skin care and makeup products including a bevy of best- selling masks!

Before that, let me reveal October's commenter first.

Congratulations to....


**Please send your full name, complete address, and mobile number to Claiming of prize is good for 5 days only.

This month's commenter will receive this beauty bag that's oozing with awesome beauty products:

Leaders V Shape mask
Leaders Dr. Therapy Hand Mask
Yadah Sheet Mask
Leaders Double Effect Lift Mask x 2
iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream x 3
Vedette Honey Peeling Mask
Vedette Clay Mask Olive
Watsons Nose Pore Strip with Charcoal x 2
Tony Moly Naturalth Goat Milk CC Cream
Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Brightening Foam
Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Brightening Scrub
Garnier Light Complte Multi-Action Whitening Cream
Lipice Lip Pure Lip Balm (Orange)

Mechanics below:
1. The commenter of the month will start on the first day of the month until the last day of the month.
2. The COM will be picked and announced via a blog entry at the end of the month, or the first day of the succeeding month.
3. The chosen COM should send his/her contact details, full name, and complete address to
4. Unclaimed gift/s within 10 days will invalidate the win of the chosen commenter, and another commenter will be chosen.
5. All bloggers are welcome to join. It is not necessary that you are a follower of my blog or from Blogger. If you are not a blogger but would still like to comment on my posts, you're still a qualified candidate.

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20 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Waaah I won!!! I'm on the verge of tears right now! Thank you Ms.Martha!!!

  2. Congratulations, Ms. Crizzy! Enjoy your Benefit goodies! November's loot is full of prettifying products!

  3. Wow. I hope I get to win these items from Benefit. Been wanting to try one out. You're so generous, Martha.

  4. Can a man join? I can use some of those aqua cream ;)

  5. Congratulations! :) wow, Christmas is really fast approaching! We've started decorating our house too! Please share us the outcome of your decoration ms. Martha.

  6. Congratulations! Love those benefit
    goodies! 💕

  7. Congrats to the winner. I knew it because you always comment first last month. Anyway, let's keep supporting ms.martha as she is not just generous but very nice too that's why I know she knows who are the commenters that are purely loyal to her:)

  8. Congratulations to the winner :)))))) I hope I win naman this November :)

  9. Ay kay Miss Criz na pala yung Benefit products, sayang hindi ako nanalo huhu better luck next time...Congrats Miss Criz!

  10. Congrats Crizzy! You really deserve it. The next COM would surely have to do a me-time courtesy of those products. :D

  11. Congrats to the winner. Enjoy the lovely goodies. :) The next one could take home so many beauty products. Good luck to all. :)

  12. Omg! Benefit products! Congratulations to the winner! :)

  13. Congrats to the winner!.. I'd really love to win those benefit products! :) Lucky you!

  14. Thank you for the kind words everyone, and of course and big big thank you to Ms.Martha. Of course let's keep on supporting Ms.Martha - The Beauty Junkee all the way! Good luck on the COM for this month!

  15. Congratulation winner hihi :) Enjoy

  16. I've been using the Watson's charcoal nose strip and the I-White aqua moisturizer and they are very effective. So i guess the other freebies are much effective as well. Haha. pushing my luck this time. :)


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