Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Maybelline Bold Matte Lipsticks.

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So I got this trio of Bold Mattes from Maybelline when I joined the NYFW contest. I was like: "Hey! Matte lippies!" I'm happy that everyone's embracing matte nowadays, thus the influx of matte lipsticks here and there by beauty brands. 

Anyway, let's get swatchin'!


Bold Matte is the newest line under Maybelline's Color Sensational lipstick collection. According to the brand, it boasts of a caring, matte formula with honey nectar extract and its powderless formula supposedly results to a brighter, more vivid matte finish. It comes in 5 shades only.

From top to bottom, Mat 1, Mat 4, and Mat 5.



Mat 1

A parrot Pink shade.

Mat 1 is a jovial Pink that somewhat reminds me of MAC's Party Parrot lipstick. Amongst the three, this one is the most pigmented, has the most even finish, and a truer matte finish (although it's not purely matte; it's demi-matte).

Mat 4

- A midtone, pinkish red.

Mat 4 is a mellow red that teenage girls can be allowed to wear. However, it's not my kind of Red because of the slightly pinkish undertone; I'm a blue- based or orange- based kind of gal for reds.

Mat 5

- a red orange shade.

This sunset- inspired shade makes me wanna lounge around in beach pants and sip on fruit shake (Can't wait for the third week of November for that impromptu beach trip!). This one, I'll wear more than Mat 4.

They're called Bold Matte, but they all look and feel like satin lipsticks to me; they actually feel like the original Color Sensational lipsticks. Mat 1, in particular, has a slightly matte finish, but the rest are satin; there's a slight discrepancy in the formula, methinks. I also think that going powderless for this range is a bit of a mistake because powder intensifies coverage by holding pigments closely together and removes shine. That, or there's just a bevy of moisturizing ingredients in the formula, which killed the matte finish. Well, at least this line doesn't dry out my lips at all.

I had high hopes for this collection, but on the brighter side, it will satisfy those who are particularly looking for a matte-slash-satin consistency like this one; I'd still go for the original Color Sensational lipsticks!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I skip matte lipsticks all together because I always have super dry lips. But this is good news to me, since I trusted you and you said that it doesn't dry your lips. I want to try them out especially the Mat 1.

  2. I like matte lipsticks because it looks more appealing to me than satin finish. Maybe i'll skip this one. Thank you for the review.

  3. mat 4 is pretty shade among the three colors. :)

  4. All of them look red in tube...the line are too shinny for my taste to be matte.

  5. Oo nga, the name says that's it matte but it's not. More like- akala mo lang matte pero hindi, hindi, hindi! I prefer velvet matte over this. Okay, let's just think that this is the matte lipstick for those who want satin finish and non-drying formula.

  6. I love Maybelline but these shades are not really my favorite. Thanks for the review Ms Martha!

  7. I have very dry lips but on days that I just exfoliated my lips and they feel moisturized, I go for the Etude House &Rosy Tint Lips (or something like that) in #2 and it looks and feels darn matte and nice and powdery :) I'm my only matte shade and am pretty satisfied with it :D I have been wanting a matte pink-brown nude shade though, I think it will be a nice MLBB :)

  8. All shades are really pretty but Mat 1wins my heart. My kind of shade. Can't wait to try this out:) Thanks for the review and for the swatches. Its a big help always to us:)

  9. I didn't know it has only 5 shades. I have the MAT4 and MAT5. :) I agree that it's not really that matte but it's not drying to the lips. But for me, I like this better than the colorsensational line. :)

  10. I loved the shade of parrot pink, it too girly but classy :) Maybelline is a great product for me actually now almost all of my everyday make up for office and gala is maybelline product. I will tell my husband to get me one of Parrot pink shade hihi :)

  11. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, aldies. :)


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