Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Kit in 30 Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit in 30.

PRICE: P2,550.00
FROM: Free (Press Sample)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Make Up For Ever boutiques at Greenbelt 3 and SM Mega Fashion Hall


Cream contouring is becoming a hit lately and you might be wondering why. It is because on a global scale, minimalism is becoming more and more prominent as evident in the return of solid colors, bare backgrounds for photography on social media, and there has been a general inclination to an almost bare- faced beauty look; this is where cream contouring comes in; this type of contouring is seamless and more natural, which complements the almost bare- faced look.

It was my first time to try cream contouring last February and I liked the idea of having a supernatural- looking contour and even highlight so I've been doing it at least twice or thrice a week in lieu of powder makeup contouring; my weapon of choice is Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit, a very easy to use makeup kit that makes cream contouring a little less daunting.


Transform, lift, contour, color, and highlight your face with this easy to use sculpting palette; this was launched as part of MUFE's SS 2016 collection; the palette comes in 4 combinations.

In this sleek, lightweight, handy palette, you get the following products: Highlighter, Contouring product, Shimmer, and Blush. The shades and intensity of the colors of palette number 30 is just right for morena skin tone. 

From L-R: Highlight, Contour, Shimmer, Blush

Highlighter- a fair beige shade with neutral undertone
Contour- a midtone brown shade with neutral undertone
Shimmer- a sheer champagne shade
Blush- muted coral

The products have a soft, creamy texture yet they don't feel slick, sloppy, oily nor are they hard to blend and even out; they're unscented, settle easily on the skin, and have a sheer texture that just melts onto the skin effortlessly and naturally. Pigmentation is medium, which I like because it lets me customize my coverage and build the products gradually onto my skin. Btw, this product comes with a contouring, highlighting, shimmer, and blush cheat sheet for the common types of face structure too!


Here's a cheat sheet for round faces (raise your hands!); as you can see, the products disappeared on my skin, but delivered what they're supposed to do!

Here's a side view.

I struggled at first with this type of contouring technique, but learned that it's best to use a brush than your fingers so I'll prolly invest in smaller kabukis next time; I'll muse about Cream Contouring techniques in a separate post.

Dotted the shimmer cream on the highlighting points of my face.

The great thing about cream contouring, aside from looking very natural, is they tend to stay longer as you put them under powder unlike powder makeup contouring. Going back to this product, don't you like how subtle yet effective the contouring and highlighting effects are?

So there goes my first shot at contouring and great products such as Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Palette makes the job easier; I'd recommend this product for those who want a very subtle contour, have dry skin, and who hates retouching makeup during the day.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I find wet contouring time consuming for every day wear though lately I've been enjoying contour stick as long as I set it with powder I'm good to go (though I always make sure that I wash my hands afterwards so makeup residue won't stain my clothes).

  2. so neat! i havent tried cream contour.. but i am a fan of cream blush! (my first one is from NYX) and i love it.. aside sa matagal sya mabura very matipid pa.. kasi a little amount lang ang needed mo plus walang nasasayang na product.. i got cream e/s pero binigay ko sa younger sibs ko kasi hindi sya bagay sa akin.. i am really curious with cream contour.. mukang lighweight sya sa face..

  3. I've been reading good reviews regarding Make Up Forever products. Might buy this on the 24th as a birthday gift to myself! :-) im a fan of cream foundations, concealers and blush. I'll give this cream contour a try! :)

  4. I am not a fan of cream contouring on my face but I like it when others use it. (Am I weird now?) My oily skin just doesn't help me at all plus I don't know, whenever I apply it I consume a lot of time compared to powders. I guess powders are still the best for me because I find creams not steady on my skin (it moves and moves and moves to the point that it fades away). I also sweat a lot so I cannot experiment on different types of makeups. Sad.

  5. What a beautiful palette. I like all the shades especially the contour and the blush is so pretty for my liking. It gives a natural looking perfectly on you po^̮^

  6. So subtle but the effect is so noticeable! Can it withstand the summer heat?

    1. If set properly and used with a primer, it will; I'd recommend these with cream contouring especially in a weather such as ours!

  7. Not really a fan of contouring because i find it tedious, but its effect on the face is really good. I've been using the BYS powder contouring palette whenever i feel like it but its longevity is not that good on my face kasi oily. Thank you for this review and looking forward to more affordable cream contour products :)

    1. You're welcome; hope to see affordable contouring products in the coming months. :)

  8. Haven't try cream-based. But for me it's easy to apply than the powder-based. In my opinion, cream-based gives you more natural looking. :)


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