Paco Rabanne Olympēa: For Modern Goddesses

As a hardcore Mythology fan (particularly Greek and Roman), I simply cannot pass on the unveiling of the new Paco Rabanne fragrance, Olympea. Olympea is might, magic, and beauty; it evokes a sense of femininity that's strong yet sensual and brave yet tender much like the mythological heroines that I love reading about from then until now.

Why Olympea, Paco Rabanne?

I've keenly followed Paco Rabanne's fragrance story and based on observation, the maison is about legends, dreams, and fantasy; man and woman are always portrayed at the pinnacle of success, beauty, freedom, and luxury; if some brands create perfumes as wardrobe, Paco Rabanne creates perfumes as universes.

If you remember, sometime in 2013, Paco Rabanne launches Invictus; a fragrance that glorifies men and portrays them at their finest; a female version is very much called for, thus, Olympea is born. Together, Invictus and Olympea will rule contemporary worlds, inspiring strength, success, and power.

Olympea is seductive, charming, soft, assertive, and strong. Master perfumers Loc Dong and Anne Flipo breathed life into this divine masterpiece. Notes include Jasmine and Salt, Vanilla, Sparkling Green Mandarin, Aquatic notes, Ginger Lily, Sandalwood, Ambergris, and Cashmere; utterly feminine yet impressively strong; this is a modern goddess in a bottle.

The bottle is created by Roman designer Marc Ange; his combination of contemporary and classical details make the fragrance a divine jewel.

Here's a treat, watch Olympea's official TVC:

Now let me get my goddess face on with this fragrance. Olympea is now available for mortals; it retails P3.400 (30ml), P4,700.00 (50ml), and P5,850.00 (80ml) and is now available in leading department stores and fragrance boutiques. Visit PACO RABANNE on Facebook for more details on this product.

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  1. This perfume is perfect for you miss martha^̮^ from its unique and lovely bottle,sure the scent is great too.

  2. I love Greek mythology too! I've been reading about them since high school :) And wow, I super love the bottle! It represented both the classic and modern style of mythology. Gonna save up for this. Thanks tbj!

  3. Whoa the perfume I WANT! Pretty much I can still remember all the lesson I've took from Roman and Greek Mythology literature class I think I should meet the olympian pantheon myself lol!

  4. Wow. I love the bottle! Quite similar from a Olympic trophy! <3 They said the scent of this last a whole day on your shirt. :D

  5. **sniff sniff** i love the bottle. Looks like a ring. 😊

  6. ang unique ng bottle packaging nya, for sure added ito sa scent collections mo ms m! I wonder nakapuno ka na kaya ng cabinet sa dami mong perfumes hihi


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