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There are some people who are meticulous with skin care while there are some who choose to skip it all together (yes! I know some who don't have a skin care routine aside from washing their face with water!) just because they think it's too complicated.

Truth is, skin care need not be complicated, from the actual routine down to the products used: you only need the proven three- step routine and proven products; let's start from there; this is Cetaphil's campaign for the year and I'm joining them in encouraging everyone to choose simple skin commitments that work so you can have healthy skin all year 'round.

The world's leading therapeutic brand, Cetaphil, launches SKIN COMMITMENTS, a campaign that aims to inspire and educate Filipinos on the importance of having healthy skin, a tried and tested regimen, and using effective skin care products. When other brands bombard you with the latest ingredients and breakthroughs, Cetaphil is here to remind us that most of the time, what's simple and proven is what works.

If the basic skin care routine is Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize, for Cetaphil, it's Cleanse-Moisturize-Protect.

CLEANSE: Cetaphil's world- famous Gentle Skin Cleanser dissolves impurities without harming the skin because it is mild, fragrance- free, and soap- free; it's got none of the common irritants found in cleansers to preserve the integrity of the epidermis.

MOISTURIZE: Fast fact: after bathing, water stays for approximately 3 minutes on the skin before it evaporates; this is a crucial period for moisturization so right after stepping out of the shower, apply a moisturizer that doesn't only add moisture, but lock it in as well such as Cetaphil DailyAdvance Lotion for Face and Body; it is non-comedogenic and proven to hydrate and protect the skin for 24 hours.

PROTECT: It is a known fact that UV rays harm the skin and trigger a lot of skin problems such as enlarged pores, oiliness, and acne; before stepping out into the sun, apply Daylong Face and Body Sunblock SPF 50 PA++++ to shield you from the sun's rays and the problem they bring. BONUS: it's non- comedogenic, lightweight, and oil- free too!

See? It's not that hard to achieve great skin. And if you have great skin already, this proven regimen and proven trio will keep it great.

I believe that the principle of Occam's Razor applies even in skin care; clinically- proven steps + clinically- proven products= clinically- proven results; Cetaphil and I share this skin care sentiment; it is never too late to start a commitment with your skin so start today with Cetaphil.

I know there are Cetaphil users in here so please do share a testimonial and encourage women to take on a healthy skin care routine at CETAPHIL SKIN COMMITMENTS WEBSITE. Visit the website, share your testimonial, and you might just win Cetaphil products for doing so! Contest ends on May 31, 2016 so start sharing your testimonials today.

Visit CETAPHIL PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this campaign.

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Cetaphil Philippines and The Beauty Junkee

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My baby used Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser for a year now and her skin is so soft, smooth and moisturize. And I tried it once in washing my face and the result is the same as my baby's skin.

  2. I can skip toner whenever I'm in hurry (well who else is not?) given that my cleanser is pH balanced like cetaphil. I love their sunblock so much that I keep repurchasing it (I do use the one for kids) because it doesn't break me out.

  3. I totally attest to the effectiveness of this 3-step routine:Cleanse, moisturize and protect. And this is especially pronounced if you wear makeup. Almost everyone I know uses Cetaphil and we should not wonder why is that the case. I like that it is gentle and very good for sensitive skin.

  4. I have normal to oily skin which is prone to breakouts. Although recently this has lessen my breakouts. I'm using Safeguard Derma Sence Facial Cleanser and Garnier Light Complete. Due to pollution and many obstacle before going to work (commute) I have to take extra care to protect my skin from Pollution.. I never try this Cetaphil but from the review and some testi I read, I should give it a try♥♥♥

  5. Haven't tried the Cetaphil lotion and Daylong but from what everyone else is saying on the interwebs they perform well. Love the cleanser though. Used that in my tween-teen years :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love : Beauty, Life & Feminism

  6. I've always loved the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser especially on times that I breakout a lot, it cleanses but doesn't dry out the skin. Another tip for an affordable but natural face scrub : mix Baking soda with your cleansing oil or olive oil and use it just like how you use your regular face scrub or exfoliator. :)

  7. Never pa ko nakapag-try ng products from Cetaphil but given this review, I can go and check their moisturizer.

  8. i was introduced to Cetaphil 2years ago when my daughter's pedia prescribed the bar soap for her back rashes, it clears her back rashes and I keep using this up to this day, yes aside from using this for my daughter, I also switched to this brand, and I am currently loving their cleanser.. we hoard last december on their promo buy 2 take 1 for free and it only costs me less than 700+ for the three bottle of it. I love how it hydrates and moisturize our skin. No more dry skin for me and no more back rashes for my daughter, it is bit pricey but i guarantee it is effective

  9. my kids loves cetaphil because they have sensitive skin specially my eldest child who has skin allergy. It gently cleanses their skin without irritation and it leave their skin soft. My favorite is Daylong (Cetaphil) Liposomal (spf 50 PA+++) face and body spray because its non- greasy, non-comedogenic, water resistant fragrance.

  10. Haven't tried any Cetaphil products but I'm willing to try their beauty steps, especially now that I'm looking for a lightweight sunblock. Thanks TBJ!

  11. Ang Ganda ng cetaphil! Kuminis mukha ko nung pinagamit saakin Ni doc yan, nagkaallergy kasi ako sa mukha :)

  12. This is just very detailed. It makes me wanna just run to the nearest store and grab some of these! Great blog, as always!

  13. I find Cetaphil pricey especially for students like me na hindi sinusoportahan ng parents ko ang mga skincare products ko. That's the reason why I dont buy/try this. Plus very sensitive skin ko. I'm tryingto read pa more testimonies and reviews para mapakita ko sa derma ko and maybe prescribe this to me.


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