The Body Shop steps up their game with Enrich Not Exploit Campaign

The Body Shop has always been known and applauded for their commitment to communities and the environment; the brand has inspired changes on animal testing, domestic violence, human trafficking, and ingredient trade; on their 40th year, The Body Shop levels up their commitment to the Planet with ENRICH NOT EXPLOIT, a global CSR campaign that aims to develop the brand into a more sustainable, ethical business.

Enrich Not Exploit entails a series of environmental KPIs that the brand has to achieve by 2020; through this program, The Body Shop aims to be the pioneering ethical, sustainable beauty brand in the world.

The program is broken down into three categories:

Enrich our PEOPLE- strengthen fair trade and engage more people in the mission
Enrich our PRODUCTS- ensure sustainability and reduce environmental footprint
Enrich our PLANET- create programs and support advocacies that protect the planet

The Body Shop Philippines gleefully launched this program in the Philippines through an intimate launch with the media; the brand partnered right away with globally- acclaimed Filipina scientist, Aisa Mijeno; Aisa became known worldwide (and was even acknowledged by President Obama) for her Saltwater Lamp project, a social project that aims to power up underserved communities safely and cost- effectively; Aisa's goal is to replace Kerosene lamps with Saltwater lamps to minimize fire accidents, which causes deaths.

At the same time, Drops Of Light was launched in the event too; it features a 5-in-1 formula that improves skin transparency and brightness.

For more information about Enrich Not Exploit and Drops of Light, visit THE BODY SHOP PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is timely post I'm struggling with blemish marks and I want to get rid of it. I hope that drops of light works for me.

  2. i really admire The Body Shop for their advocacy on helping other people around the globe. After doing more research, i find out that The Body Shop is a British cosmetics and skin care company owned by L'Oréal. Founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick and currently has a range of 1,200 products which it sells in 2,500 franchised stores in 61 countries. I love their "SPA Wisdom Japan Adzuki Bean & Rice Collection" and it was a limited edition i think it was 2011 or 2012 (it was my most favorite from all their limited edition lines) And iam curious with their Drops of Light serum (i just saw your post on IG regarding their ongoing 50% sale -- selected products only, I hope this line is included on their promo) Been TBS fan since 2009 hope this brand will continue their advocacy in helping people and our environment in the long run

  3. Climate change, along with other natural disasters, are evident nowadays. Glad to know that this brand is making a big step to help the environment and the people. :)

  4. What a great campaign of The Body Shop, their program is awesome! Eventhough I have'nt tried any of their products, I am truly impressed as this is a brand with purpose. That makes me excited to try their products^̮^

    (It's in our hands)

    Started with Anita Roddick's belief in something revolutionary; that business could be a force for good, and in 1976 The Body Shop was born.

    I love their committment tagline

    ♥Enrich Our People
    ♥Enrich Our Product
    ♥Enrich Our Planet

    We are proud to be original,irreverent and campaign for what's right: together we can do it...

  6. I really admire The Body Shop 'cos they conduct a mission and vision, not only for them but for the entire world. Hope other brands will do the same thing. :)

  7. I love The Body Shop's campaign to Enrich our People, Enrich Our Product, and Enrich Our Planet. Such an advocate helps people to remember their roles in preserving our world and making it a better place for present and future generations.

  8. One very good reason to patronize and buy more of Body Shop. All but admiration to companies who take time to be one with the world and it's pressing issues. As the world is becoming less and less human, it's awesome to know a brand that really goes beyond sales, products and innovations, a brand that is with a heart even to those who are not affected by the brand's presence. I love the advocacy and really hoping that more brands will do the same favor. After all, we all live in the same world.

  9. We all know that body shop's provides great products for their avid buyers and now they are having tried up with a very good scientist to help the people, product, and planet. I know their advocacy will be successful because of their company social responsibility project. Thank you for sharing It will be nice for everyone to support body shops by buying their product to show also support on their projects.

  10. I love The Body Shop, I been an avid fan since 2008 but now that I'm a full time mom and wife. No more money to buy make ups, body wash and perfumes. I'm just waiting for there Sale. Anyway, I admire there advocacy in helping people around the world. Enrich not Exploit. Let us together protect our planet.

  11. This is what we need more of in the world today (naks!) -- businesses who care about biodiversity. I think there is a sense of fulfilllment when you know you are doing good like consuming products of fair trade and knowing that you have made a difference to the lives of less fortunate ones

    I like The Body Shop body cremes among others. And I think it's just about time to finally try their facial skin care line!

  12. Kanina nasa the face shop kami tapos gusto kong papuntahin si mami sa the body shop kaso next time nalang daw! Sayanggg!! Ubos na panaman yung shower gel ko! Hahaha


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