A much- needed fashion haul

When was the last time I did a big haul? Oh, I don't even remember; it must be a long while!

So I shopped big time for clothes and some stuff, just in time for my birthday and here are the stuff I got:

Pieces from HM. I got a breezy button down tee and lounge shorts and a much- needed, new pair of sportswear; I've long been looking for a pair of shorts like the one in the photo and now I know that HM is where I can find a lot of those!

A red and black haul from Forever 21. I must say that I love this fashion season of Forever 21; they're featuring a lot of basics! Oh I got a really cute iPhone case from them too.

Random flowy tops from Zalora and Mango, and big pants from SM Woman.

Random stuff: hair ties, Calamine Lotion for insect bites, and finally got my hands on the always-out-of-stock LA Girls PRO-Conceal Concealer; I bought some decorative plates from Living Home at SM MOA for my flatlays.

Birthday gifts time! All I ever wanted for my birthday were the following: Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion, a new hair dryer, and a round towel from Cotton On. :D

That's all. What are your recent hauls?

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Forever 21 and Sm Woman fave ko bumili ng damit 😍😍😍❤️ Sa shopee_ph Ms. martha maraming nag sesell ng authentic na la girl pro conceal and mura. Free shipping pa. Mdami na free shipping dun ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wow I like those flowy tops♥ You will look sexier in that Ms. Martha...
    Safe trip (Anzen'na ryoko)... hope to see more post on your IG again in your Japan Trip...

  3. We're really on our way to get an iphone charger for my friend but the sale at ohrelle made us stop. I got a brown boots that I really wanted for so long though I got a botts already from united colors of benetton but is low cut so now i got a high cut boots then match it with a brown bag as well that is really great for office and for travelling as it was really spacious. But I still wanted to add on more off shoulder blouses and dress coz I love it so much. And great you got want you want too :)

  4. Wow. That's a lot and it's your bday nman eh. Recent haul for myself? Nothing. But it's ok. I'm a full time mom with 3 kids. 2 are already schooling kaya priority are kids tuition, books, shoes and school supplies. Kaya nga ng mapili mo ko as your COM for May ay sobrang happy ko nun. Un na ang makeup and skincare haul ko. Hindi ko na need magpabili pa sa hubby ko. Thanks again Ms. Martha

  5. Recent haul? Ano yun? Hahaha just kidding Ms. M. It's been a long while from the last time I went out for shopping. Heck I don't even remember when was that last time?!? But it's ok it's school season already - tuition fees, uniforms and school supplies. Plus we already started paying for our own house. Hopefully in 2 yrs time we can move in there. Kaya kapag nasa mall ako para akong may stiff neck Hindi masyadong naglilingon coz I know I'm just gonna drool on them lang. Hehehe! =D

  6. huhu, you were in MOA. sana makita kita minsan dun. :)

  7. what's your shade on LA Pro Concealer? I like yung flowy tops!! recent haul: sports bra, water tumbler and Magazines

  8. Love your haul! Also, what brand is your Calamine lotion? :D

  9. namiss ko ang mga HAUL posts mo Ms M!!! lagi ko inaabangan yung mga dress na nabibili mo! pati yung mga pangwork out!!! i knew you will always have touch of orange, black and white.. perfect birtday gifts.. i dont purchase any ms m mostly mga necessities lang.. for make up, i told myself not to buy any muna unless i hit a pan #monthlygoal

    btw ms m sana you can post Empty Pans or you toss them agad agad?

    1. Hehe. Thanks! For the empties, yeah, I usually throw them right away! Haha.

  10. I seriously need a wardrobe overhaul too Ms. M. Sticking with basics first, basic white shirt, basic black dress and the like


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