Beauty Bulletin: Fresh Kawaii Products!

Now more than ever, we're feeling the Asian beauty invasion in our country; more and more and more Japanese and Korean beauty brands as well as brands from our SEA sisters are debuting in the Philippines faster than we can say "Kawaii!"

Here are two new beauty brands from Japan and Korea, a reformulated Japanese beauty favorite, and a hair care range that is inspired by the 'lightweight', 'airy' shampoo and conditioner variants by Asian beauty brands.

Hair is an important part of every person's identity and hair color is a vital part of personal style; hair color is also a means of expression and a lot of Filipinas have been using it as a means of expression lately, but it can be demanding both in time and money. With the introduction of Japan's number one hair color brand, Liese, Filipinas can finally experiment with hair colors without sacrificing a lot of time and money, and in an easy way while still getting quality color.

Liese is a DIY hair color in creamy bubble form, making it so easy to use unlike cream type DIY hair colors and evenly- colored hair easy to achieve as possible; each pack comes with a mixing bottle, pump, solution, gloves, and a post- treatment for the hair. Locally, we have 7 colors available and retails at P499.00/box; it is available in leading stores and for the listing, please visit LIESE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Banila Co, one of the famous Korean brands, has just landed in our country a couple of months ago and a month ago, they have opened a new store at Robinsons Ermita. They sent me a box filled with their best- sellers; I'm pretty excited with Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm! For more information about the brand, visit BANILA CO PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Dove isn't Asian, but their Oxygen Nourishment products come in lightweight, airy textures reminiscent of emulsion- like hair care products of some Asian hair care brands. Oxygen Nourishment helps give you bouncy volume that's light and full of life; the collection features a shampoo, conditioner, and Root Lift Spray that helps give volume from the roots. Visit DOVE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this collection.

My favorite K-Palette product, Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Liquid just had a formula makeover; the liquid is now more translucent to minimize mistakes and the powder is more buildable, giving you brows that are more foolproof and natural- looking than ever! Another awesome news is it's now more affordable at P895.00! Gotta go and grab some more! :D

For more information, please visit K-PALETTE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like to try this Liese Creamy Bubble Color after ko sigurong magbreastfeed, baka next year pa. Nakita ko na itong Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm sa Glorietta. Sa reviews, maganda daw. Gusto ko ding itry kaso hindi pa ubos ang Biore Cleansing Oil ko eh.

  2. I have tried hair color shampoo before and i like it. :) I heard Banila Co. hopefully they will be available in different malls. Dove user here but different variant :)

  3. oh dear oh dear kpalette reduced its price!!! it is my hg brow product (tried way back 2012 and i fall in love with it)

    i have tried liese color for the hair and i find it light and mild on my hair (which is prone to breakage and split ends)

  4. I'm been using Dove Oxygen & Nourishment for a quite some time now and it works well with my hair. Smells good pa. Since I've been planning to color my hair again I guess I'll put Liese as one of my options. Never tried Banila Co and K-palette products yet. Hope to get to try them soon.

  5. Wanna try the Liese Creamy bubble color!! Ako yung tipo na kung pwede lang mag kulay ng hair buwan buwan e. I love coloring my hair and perfect kasi affordable lang sya 499 pwede na. Hopefully pag may nakita ako nyan, bbili kami kasi nakita na rin ng sister ko kasi all over instagram kumakalat ngayon yang Liese. We'd love to try it and we'll see if pak na pak. Haha!

  6. I saw Purpleheiress try that Liese Bubble Color and have been eyeing it since then. It looks really promising as I don't really have the patience and time to have my hair colored, but this looks easy to use and hopefully, won't take too long. I have tried Dove's Oxygen Nourishment line and I loved it. It didn't weight down my hair. It also didn't make it feel sticky. I also liked how light the scent was and how clean my hair felt after using it. I have heard great things about k-palette and I'm hoping I'll be able to try it soon.

  7. I love Liese. Yong nageenjoy ka habang nagkukulay parang nagshashampoo lang ❤❤❤ 499 is pricey pero worth it, napakadali lang ng pagkukulay


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