BEAUTY BULLETIN: New products for your lifestyle

Whether you're makeup, skin care, nail polish, or home care obsessed, you will love today's bulletin because it features products that will take your lifestyle to a whole new level. Read on and find out what's new with Zoya, Strip, Hadabisei, and Nippon Esthetics.

Have you always wanted to flaunt your bare nails, but unfortunately, they're discolored, damaged, and not looking healthy? Don't let these nail problems stop you from being confident; turn to Zoya's new Naked Manicure collection, a new nail polish collection that does more than coloring your nails.

Zoya takes nail polishes to a new level with Naked Manicure, a collection that tints, treats, and corrects; it features bases and top coats infused with nail strengthening, growing, and fortifying ingredients, while the nail polishes come in lightly tinted hues that are meant to correct discolorations. All nail polishes in this collection are meant to bring out the natural beauty of bare nails, thus the name NAKED.

Naked is now available in all Nailaholic salons. Visit ZOYA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this new collection.

Bees pollinate 1/3 of the world's food crop and sadly, most see them as pests, their homes are being destroyed, and they're being exploited for their by-products, therefore Bees are now one of the endangered species in the world. People, we have to understand and educate one another that without Bees, a majority of the world's food source will disappear and that will greatly affect all forms of life on earth including us.

Strip spearheads a global campaign that aims to save Bees and support various organizations that are dedicated to their preservation. Globally, Strip works with apiaries in Africa and France to create jobs and promote the preservation and multiplication of Bee colonies. Locally, Strip Manila supports Toby's Apiary Baguio by purchasing honey from them and selling in store to create more jobs and sustain the business, therefore helping the Bees. At the same time, Strip is also launching the new Queen Bee Wax, which is sourced from Australia; Strip uses natural Beeswax, a natural wax produced by Bees instead of Honey because the latter is their food and harvesting it damages their home, the Honeycomb.

Strip will be selling Queen Bee merchandise such as totes on top of the locally- sourced wild honey. Strip will also be disseminating magnets containing information that encourages the public to contact Plan Bee, Strip's rehabilitation partner, instead of exterminators when they come across Bee Hives.

Please support this endeavor; do your part in saving Mother Earth. For more information, visit STRIP MANILA on Facebook.

My favorite value sheet mask pack, Hadabisei, gets a makeover; All-In-One Sheet Mask comes in a new packaging and retails at P795.00; Beauty Box Corp. also brought in three new Hadabisei masks namely Charcoal Mask, 3D Face Mask Brightening, 3D Face Mask Moisturizing, Wrinkle Care Mask, and Tightening and Moisturizing Mask. You can find these in all Beauty Bar stores. 

For more information on these products, visit BEAUTYBOX CORP. on Facebook.

Nippon Esthetic, from being a makeup tools brand, now delves into skin care. Check out their latest releases featuring their best- selling White Ginger fragrance, White Ginger Body Wash and Body Cream. 

For more information about these products, please visit NIPPON ESTHETIC on Facebook.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love to try Hadabisei All in One Sheet Mask especially the 3D Face Mask Moisturizing and Wrinkle Care Mask.

  2. I love it so much. I am seeing more and more of products with a cause. Thank you so much Ms. Martha. Make your influence helps products and advocacies to reach the people.

  3. Nacurious ano lalo basahin yung post mo Ms.Martha nung nakita ko yung regarding sa Nails, I have discolored nails and I've lost confidence to wear open shoes or sandals kapag naalis because of it. I will check Zoya's Facebook page later.
    I like to try yung Hadabisei Mask.
    Thank you for posting this Ms.Martha!

  4. Zoya's Naked Manicure is such a steal! I'm usually anxious about wearing nail polish because I've had bad experiences before wherein my toe nails became damaged and I didn't even wear the polish for a week. I'm glad to see that they have these nail care items that can address those problems! :) I love Kracie Hadabisei's new packaging and their new masks are interesting! After I finish my present stock of sheet masks I'm definitely getting some of theirs! :)

  5. The White Ginger Wash is a so appealing to me, I like ginger scent! and those Naked Manicure is calling my name! I must try it kasi I don't wear colored nails...

  6. Lovin' Zoya Nail polish. I'm using the pink one I won during your Mega party, it doesn't chip off easily. I like the idea of Strip helping the Mother Bee. more power MS. M!!

  7. Yey sheet mask! Do they change their formula?


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