FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: What's Micellar Water? Is it a better makeup remover?

Happy Friday, y'all! If you want to try something new tonight, I suggest go to BGC and check out Freezer Burn; best dessert place so far! I love that in every order, you get equal portions of cake, Ice Cream, and some other sweets! A must- try!

Before you do, here's a post to wrap up our week in beauty and it's from Golda. She asks:

Hi Martha,
What's a Micellar Water and what does it do? I heard it's a makeup remover, but how is it any better than other regular makeup removers?

Hi Golda!

Micellar Water is great and in fact, I've finally included it in my makeup routine when I want easy, rinse- free cleansing; it comes really handy when I'm swatching beauty products and need to remove them in between because it doesn't require me to go to and fro the bathroom for cleansing. Also, Micellar Water functions more than a makeup remover that's why I like it!

But what makes it special? Another interesting question is why is it invented? Let's talk about it.

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Micellar Water got its name from its unique composition: it is water with suspended oil molecules that act as powerful dirt, grime, and makeup magnets, but the entire formula does not dry out or clog the skin because...water; it technically looks like water, but feels just a little different; the best way for me to describe the 'texture' of Micellar Water always is it's "moisturizing water." It is unclear whether Micellar Water originated first in France, but since French Women thrive on this product, it has become common notion that this product was invented in the said country. Why so? Apparently, water in France is pretty harsh on the skin and a lot found Micellar Water the water that their skin has been looking for.

If Micellar Water is just water, then what makes it different than Cleansing Water? The Micelles, my friend; these difference- makers make the former more powerful than the latter.

Micellar Water, to me, is the next big thing in makeup removal more than cleansing sorbets/balms because it's universally great for any skin type: it's primarily water so good for all most especially oily skin and there are oil droplets that suit dry skin. Micellar Water is not just for removing makeup - it functions as a toner and facial mist also!

Micellar Water comes in various formulas, brands, and price - just look for one that suits your needs. I'll blog about my faves (including cleansing water) in a separate blog post!

Hope you learned something new today. Have a great Friday!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm planning to buy The micellar water from maybelline, so affordable ��

  2. I thought it was just only me that skips toner and grab micellar water. Biore has a great micellar water and it's only Php189.00 when I bought one from BeautyMNL I bought this because I can't find a garnier one.

  3. Pagnagawi nga kame sa BGC, itatry namin yang Freezer Burn, just saw it in your IG post. Nakakatakam. It so yummy. Anyway, hindi ko pa natry ang micellar water. Kase nung bibili ako, out of stock, kaya ang nabili ko ay Biore Cleansing Oil. And I love it. Pag nakatyempo ko ng micellar water, bibilhin ko talaga.

  4. Woohhh! I am really learning a lot from your blog Ms. Martha. I don'teven know this kind of make up remover exist. I just know the normal make up remover. Hihihi. This is really awesome. A must try. Plus a lot of benefits rolled into one.

  5. Thanks for this! Very informative and enlightening. Salamat po.

  6. Micelles live up to being small but terrible! I haven't tried Micellar water at all, but I'm eyeing the Maybelline one because it does the job and its wallet friendly. But I'm also thinking about whether or not I should invest in higher-end micellar water when I don't wear too much make up in the first place. Maybe I'd reach a decision after trying out Maybelline's! :) Thank you for this very informative post! :)

  7. Great explainer! I recently bought a bottle of Garnier micellar water (for eyes, lips and face) and it has been performing well in the T Zone/cheek area. However, I still find the need to use an eye makeup remover bec I was rubbing my eye area pretty badly.

  8. Thanks for giving us info regarding Micellar Water. Love it Ms. Martha. Have a great Sunday!

  9. I'm so lazy to remove my makeup! I know that's bad for my skin, though. Hopefully when I buy a bottle of this, I'll be more enthusiastic about my skincare routine.

  10. Thank you Golda for asking this question, now my curiosity was answered!! since Micellar Water is from France, is this included to your french favorites Ms. M? :) btw, have you tried the Maybelline Micellar Water?

  11. I'm using Bifesta and so far, it's very powerful in removing makeup, i'm planning to buy the Bioderma to check the difference...

  12. I bought yung Micellar Water ng Maybelline very affordable kase and nareremove talaga yung dirt and make up.
    Thank you for this post Ms.Martha.Learned new thing from reading this post.😊


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