Peel Away Dullness with Origins GinZing Peel- Off Mask

Origins' world famous masks have always been staples in my skin care routine; every Wednesdays and Saturdays, I put a mask on to rejuvenate my skin. 

Just two weeks ago, they have launched a new addition to their cult favorite mask products including a skin essence that will deliver moisture and nourishment in just a swipe. What are these new products? Read on to find out.

Caffeine is a signature ingredient in Origins' face masks, particularly in the products that were launched in the event so to kick off the program, we had a coffee appreciation workshop at Yardstick.

What's the best way to taste coffee? Slurp it in quickly so you won't lose the flavor and aroma to air.

Yardstick, one of the newest coffee shops in Manila, is considered as a Third Wave coffee shop. There are actually three kinds of coffees in Manila: First Wave is the coffee you have at home, Second Wave is the mainstream coffee such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and Seattle's Best, and Third Wave are the coffee shops that focus on locally- grown and sourced coffees such as Yardstick. Third Wave coffee shops focus on the more artistic (latte art) and technical side of coffee such as a more meticulous roasting process.

I've learned that there are two major types of coffee beans: Arabica (sweet and tangy) and Robusta (bolder and stronger); the Philippines mainly produces Robusta beans.

This is an Aeropress device; this is a handy coffee brewer that you can bring with you if you want to make non- instant, brewed coffee; mountaineers love using this.

So basically, those are the interesting coffee facts I've picked up at the workshop!

Now the two new Origins products that were launched are as follow:

If you've been having Quarter Life skin concerns along with Quarter Life crisis, it's time to level up your skin care by introducing Origins Original Skin Essence Lotion with Dual Ferment Complex; part of the Original Skin range made for Millenials, this is a multi-benefit essence that adds and increases moisture, minimizes pores, smooths skin, and gives radiance; fortified with Molasses and Phytospingosine to remove skin stress, Canadian Willowherb to boost radiance and clarity, Persian Silk Tree extracts to calm skin, Chestnut Seed extract to smooth skin's surface, and a cocktail of Grapefruit/Geranium/Rose/Amyris/Camomile/Clary Sage to refresh the senses.

 And here's the new mask to join Origins' mask family: GinZing Peel Off Mask; part of the energizing GinZing line, this mask soothes, refreshes, cleans, and energizes skin with a concoction of Caffeine to infuse radiance, Lemon/Apple/Orange fruit complexes to exfoliate, Panax Ginseng to fight fatigue and strengthen skin, and Grapefruit/Lemon/Spearmint essential oils to uplift the senses.

The ladies at Origins demonstrating the product: You can use the mask anytime your skin is looking dull or you want to relax at home; the cooling spearmint ingredient helps soothe and relax tired skin; the peel off property makes this a travel- friendly mask because you it's possible to use it without soap and water! Also, the mask has a trendy metallic orange hue!

Origins Original Skin Essence Lotion is at P1,600 and Origins GinZing Peel Off Mask is at P1,650.00 and are now available at Origins SM Makati, SM Megamall, and SM Mall Of Asia. For more information about these products, visit ORIGINS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like to try the GinZing Pell Off because it's travel friendly, no need to wash off with water.

  2. Thanks for sharing a trivia about Coffee Ms.Martha...
    I received a text message from Origins and it was an invitation to try their newest mask in Origins MOA,naulan kaya Hindi ako nakapunta. Nakakahinayang yung mga ganung opportunity.

    1. Hi Lhourdes! Feel free to stop by anytime at Origins SM Mall of Asia. We would be more than happy to do a demo of the new GinZing Peel Off Mask!

  3. How I wish I could drink some coffee again, When I was still in UP Baguio we have brewed coffees for events all the time and taste so good for me back then but now here in Manila, it just taste so bitter to me even with creamer and sugar. hahaha plus it's so hot here unlike in baguio. I guess that's why. Moving on, I am so impressed with the peel off property, that's really amazing for the lazy ladies like me hahahaha. So easy to use and instant relaxation for the face

  4. I love the GinZing peel off mask! From what I've seen, it really does have a brightening effect on first use :) It reminds me of Glamglow's peel off masks because it has the same mettalic finish to it. I looks so luxurious, and those that have used this mask claim that it feels even better! I'd love to invest in some of Origin's skincare items. Which ones would you recomment to start with that are effective for oily skin, Ms. Martha? :)

  5. I wanna try the peel-off mask kasi I'm lazy! But I can't afford it because I'm broke, lol. I think I'll look for other peel-off masks.

  6. I now this is not beauty relate but about coffee (I missed my days at barista school) actually you can distinguish the two by their crack in the beans. Arabica has curved crack while Robusta has straight crack.

  7. Haven't tried anything yet from Origins but I've read great reviews about their masks... But kasi ang mahal ng products nila, wala ba sila cost-effective na mask? or sample sachets na pwede bilhin :P

  8. perf for lazy ladies like me! hoorraay for no rinse mask!


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