5 Cool Uses for Micellar Water and Cleansing Water

Please don't tell my beloved cleansing oils that I've been cheating on 'em lately with cleansing/micellar water; because lately, I'm all about freshness, from the makeup look down to the products I use and Cleansing Water just fits the bill of refreshing makeup removers. What made me love them more is I discovered that aside from removing makeup, these products can work cleansing wonders on other things as well! Here are my other favorite uses for these products:


- If you have a cleansing/micellar water, then you can skip purchasing a toner because a toner is actually meant to rid skin of dirt that may have been left behind and cleansing water can sweep 'em off for you.


- The base of rubber shoes can get dirty fairly easily and dirt can stick and stay on it! I accidentally discovered this when I was trying to get rid of dirt streaks on my favorite Nike Tanjun; plain wet wipes and water weren't working so I tried Micellar Water and voila! Stubborn dirt came off easily! This is fairly useful on white sneaks/rubber shoes (don't try it on leather, please!).


- The problem with oil is it sometimes doesn't work with synthetic bristles that well; I found that swirling synthetic bristles in micellar or cleansing water helps loosen up hardened foundation, thus the sludge comes off easily when you give it a final rinse with soap and water.


- Do you have a favorite makeup compact/packaging that attracts dirt and stain fairly easily? Micellar/Cleansing Water will keep 'em shiny and looking new for ya!


- The problem when using oil or cream- based makeup removers when correcting over arched eyeliner or mascara stain from the skin is they tend to smudge all over due to their consistency. Micellar/Cleansing water is best used for correcting makeup mistakes because it doesn't run off and dries on the spot - it only touches exactly what you want it to touch, keeping the rest of your makeup intact.

Those are my five favorite other uses for Micellar and Cleansing Water. Care to share yours?

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Well, I still don't have a cleansing water but the normal cleanser that I have I use it to remove make up but it hurts especially in the eye area. Hahaha. That's when I think cleansing water comes in. It doesn't hurt right? It's just like water but can remove dirt amazingly. Hihihihi.

  2. But wait, what's the best cleansing water for you now Ms. Martha? :)

  3. Thanks to micellar water, I no longer use toner for my face. But I never thought of using it to correct my makeup booboos! Thanks!

  4. Yay! I used Maybelline Micellar water which is very good for my skin

  5. I will just empty my make up remover then I will try Micellar Water. lots of benefits/uses!

  6. A very informative post :) Now I can use it in cleaning my rubber shoes and makeup case!

  7. Great ideas Ms. Martha! Micellar water proves to be a great cleaning agent once again, not only for our skin, too! :) Have you tried using it on a DIY mask of some sort? I'm thinking of using it with bentonite clay since water alone is too plain, and Apple Cider Vinegar smells too strong for my taste. I'm just worried that it might be a disaster and the clay mask wouldn't harden up because micellar water is still a make up remover/cleanser in nature! =))) I have seriously never thought of using it on anything aside from my face, so it's great to learn that it can also be used to clean brushes and shoes! Washing shoes does a lot of damage to the body of the shoe because some cleansing agents are too harsh! Micellar water just might do the trick! :)

  8. Thanks for this post Ms. Martha. Dagdag kaalaman to. I will surely buy Micellar Water, currently kase Biore Cleansing Oil gamit ko. Out of stock kase ung Micellar Water ng bibili ako kaya ayun nabili ko ung Cleansing Oil.

  9. I have a micellat water from Maybelline ,now I know kung ano pa pwede ko paggamitan.
    Thanks Ms.Martha.Very helpful tong post NATO.
    Have a great weekend

  10. Hurrah! I'm now 100% convinced that I should buy this product. I will surely get one today since I'm heading out to the mall later. Thank you for the informative post! Will surely save me one step in my skin care routine since I don't have to use a toner anymore plus it will make cleaning my brushes much easier. :)

  11. I always have cotton buds soaked in micellar water whenever I do cat eye.

  12. Very useful naman po pala nito :) want to try this tapos try ko na din sya ipanglinis ng Make up Case ko :) lately naaddict na din po kasi Ako sa makeups, perfect to para pagtanggal ko diretso sleep na , I am using cleansing oil po kasi tapos parang masakit sa mukha. Love this review :) Thanks Ms. Martha

  13. Now I am fully convinced to buy micellar water for its many uses!

  14. Thank you for this! Using Maybelline Micellar Water now and so far loving it! MESS- FREE MAKEUP BOO BOO REMOVER? didn't even cross my mind. hehe Thumbs up for the TIPS.


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