FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My recommended hair salons in Manila for professional hair color

Finally, sunshine! It's been raining for 2 straight weeks and I'm so happy to see some rays of sunlight piercing my windows today! Today, I'm going to muse about my recommended hair salons, in case you have been meaning to get a new hair dye. Thanks, Rita, for sending the question!

Hi Martha,
Please recommend the best hair salons for hair color. I want to have my hair colored before my birthday this September.

Hi Rita!

Advanced happy birthday to you!

While I can't guarantee that these salons are the best for hair color, I can tell you that they're pretty good at what they do and I've tried 'em personally for hair color. Check out my list:

- Cedar Salon is a small, independent salon owned by the daughter of one of the founders of Menage Salon. If you've been meaning to try Ombre or Balayage, they're one of the bests in my books!

- Jing Monis salon is one of the veterans in the industry. Their huge roster of celebrity clientele is enough for me to entrust my hair to this salon.

- JuRo, a salon owned by one of the master hair artists in the country, Jude and Rose Hippolito, are in demand yet available only by demand. They run their salon on a 'by reservation' only basis to keep the quality of their work. Talk about dedication! Also, they boast of a premium clientele.

- One of the popular salon chains in the country. Status Salon is practically anywhere so when you spot one, drop by for a good color.

- Another veteran in the salon industry. Regine's is probably the first salon that my mom took me to. They were located in Quad before, were gone for a while, and have returned to the Glorietta area after the place was redesigned. Regine's is a testament that if you offer quality services, you will stand the test of time!

That's all! Do share your favorite salons.

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ganda ng hair pag bagong salon :)

    I don't usually go to salons, but if I do... I'll always go to David's or Salon de Rose! I haven't experience other salons yet :(

  2. I haven't actually tried to have my hair colored but with salon the only salon
    I got to try is David's Salon but just for haircuts and it's been quite some time.

  3. Been to Studio Loft salon in QC it is just across Trinoma their Art Director (I just forgot his name so bad of me) is super friendly and he makes suggestions on post care of your hair.

  4. Thanks for the list Ms. Martha. Sana affordable ang price.

  5. Anong shade yung sa first picture with Cedar Salon? I really love your hair color sa first pic and your hair looks so bouncy!!

  6. Azta Urban Salon, I heard, does grand hair color makeovers like ombre and Balayage with vibrant colors or even pastels. Yan lang mahal.

  7. Ang bongga ng ga hairstyle and hair color mo every salon Ms.Martha

  8. I don't get my hair colored because it's not allowed in our college, but I've been itching to try it! I've seen how much of a difference a hair makeover can do for someone, and I've been having the same treatments and haircuts for the past few years. I switch between different places but the one I find myself going to for my rebonding needs is Desertikas salon. It's a small place in Pateros, and I do "dayo" to their salon a couple of times a year to get my roots treated. For hair cuts, I usually go for cheaper alternatives like Petra and Pepita, and Cut by Encarnacion. Don't be fooled by the tacky vibe they usually exude, they do offer great services. I've never been disappointed with my 38 peso hair cuts! =)))) Thank you for your recommendations! My hair definitely needs some loving and these salons look extremely promising! May I ask, though, what's the craziest thing you've done to your hair? :)

  9. Personally, T&J works wonders for my hair. They make it look awesome even while growing out.

  10. I've tried to color my hair once but it makes my hair dry , next time I'll go na sa salon. Thank you Ms. Martha for featuring these salons :) Lovelove

  11. Great recommendations! I want to dye my hair with a crazy color, but I think I don't want to do it myself. I'm so scared that I'll mess it up haha

  12. Great recommendations Ms M! Finally some answers on my hair problems 👏🏻

  13. I just go to salon para magpahaircut lang. hihi my sister colors my hair, We find it super cheap kasi if we buy nalang sa hortaleza ng hair color and so far maganda naman sya and it didn't damage my hair. but thanks for this reco :)

  14. nice blog
    thanks for sharing information.
    Hair Care TreatmentsThe health of your hair and scalp can speak volumes about your internal balance. Factors like genetics, excessive use of chemicals, illness, weather changes and poor circulation are the major causes behind issues like hair fall, dandruff and damaged hair.

  15. I had a rebond done at Sandrealee in Makati and my stylist was Louis or Louie (big gay guy). It was the worst experience and everyone was tacky, and ambiance was really bad there. I'm sorry to share my experience but this is the truth. I DO NOT RECOMMEND Sandrealee. They have this rebonding promo and as soon as I sat down it felt like I was forced to getting extra services which is out of my budget and 4 times as what the promo is. I don't understand why people are putting in rave reviews about this place.

    I also had a friend whom I regret recommending to visit their Pasig branch and she too had the same experience.

    Long to short, I went to Status Salon in Robinsons and had them treat my hair. I was told that my hair was severely damaged. I will never come back to sandrealee salon. High price, cheap salon.


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