How To Remove LA Splash Lipsticks Effectively + Products To Use

Some of you probably know that LA Splash's liquid lipsticks are arguably THE HARDEST liquid lipstick to remove on planet Earth; if you own one, then you definitely know that the struggle is real.

The intense staying power of LA Splash lipstick is both a blessing and a curse: blessing because these last so long that you can even swim in them and no sir, no retouching required; curse because if you don't have the special remover made by LA Splash, then your lips should prepare to bleed (figuratively).

I don't have the special remover of LA Splash so I've come up with various ways to remove these long- lasting liquid lipsticks. These remover options are readily available and I'll also reveal THE BEST remover for it that's probably as good as LA Splash lipstick remover.

Removing Power: 3/5

- Grab a petroleum jelly and damp wash cloth. Apply a generous layer on your lips, leave it for around 5 minutes, then start scrubbing with the wash cloth. The whole process may take about 15- 20 minutes because you have to give your lips a rest from all the scrubbing.

Removing Power: 3.5/5

- Get a cotton pad and pour some baby oil/cleansing oil on it and start scrubbing, but gently. You will see the lipstick come off as patches and process takes about 10-15 minutes only.

Removing Power: 4/5

- Micellar Water's special formula makes it more effective than plain oil and cleansing water in my opinion. You will only need a cotton pad for this. Pour Micellar Water onto the pad and start scrubbing your lips in circular motion. Removal time takes around 5- 10 minutes.

Removing Power: 5/5

- THIS, MY FRIENDS, IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE REMOVER FOR LA SPLASH LIPSTICKS...if you don't have the special remover. I discovered that it can remove LA splash lipsticks VERY EFFECTIVELY one night and have been using it ever since. I keep back ups with me for my LA Splash lipsticks alone. You can even economize on the product and cut up one sheet and just use one side because it will suffice in the removal. That's how powerful this thing is!

That's all and I hope this helps. Please let me know if you've tried any of these techniques and which ones have worked for ya!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I already tried the Petroleum Jelly and Micellar Water for removing lippies.
    Pero ma's madalas gamut ko is Petroleum Jelly para na momoisturize yung dry lips ko.

  2. Wow, they're that hard to remove? I'll probably get one for my wedding or any other special event. But then again, I bet my lips will punish me at the end of the day. Huhu

  3. I still haven't encountered lipsticks that are so hard to remove because the lipstick I use usually removed when I am eating and drinking hahahahaha. But I'll take note of these removers as I wanted to try the LA coz I am so lazy to keep on retouching my lipstick. hahaha.

  4. Bravo Biore Cleansing Oil Facial Sheets. Clap clap clap

  5. I tried removing mine with VCO and it works mighty fine.

  6. I haven't tried any liquid lipsticks from LA Splash but I have heard about how troublesome they can be to remove! I honestly have so much respect for people who swatch entire color selections from LA Splash and every other liquid lipstick brand out there. :) Most liquid lipsticks don't react to water at all, so the trick would be to use an oil-based make up remover. I personally ran out of make up remover so what I do is use a very hydrating lip balm or lip butter, leave it on my lips while rubbing them together for a while, and then wiping it off with a wet wipe! It almost always does the trick for my lips, but for arm swatches, whew I haven't found a method to do it without hurting my skin in the process. :( For my lips though, I find Nivea's Essential Care lip balm (the blue variant) perfect for the job! It's comparable to Petroleum Jelly, but I heard how Petroleum Jelly can cause trouble for some skin types, so I think it's a great alternative. Thank you for these tips! :)

  7. Ang dami talaga usage ng baby oil and micellar water. i love it! can't apply this though since i don't own LA splash lippie. poor me.

  8. The most effective way to remove LA Splash lipsticks (from my personal experience) is to eat pizza. LOL it was so silly of me to expect it not to budge while I'm pigging out haha. I just (wrongfully) assumed that my lipstick would stay intact because I used to have a really hard time removing it.

    Kidding aside, I agree with the Biore cleansing oil sheets. They're absolutely amazeballs!

  9. I got LA lipstick from your loot of prize received last april and I would agree it was hard to remove.. i tried using ordinary wipes but it was still there, then I remember I had a freebie from Etude House (a 10ml Cleansing Oil from Etude and it works!)

    hindi ko naisip na pwede ang petroleum jelly.. thank you for these awesome tips Ms M!

  10. Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet definitely works wonders! 💛

  11. I've tried using cleansing facial wipes for my lippies especially the mattes ones which are hard to remove :)

  12. Recently got LA splash Lipstick and it's really really hard to remove i first swatch it on my hands and water can't remove it i need to scrub it talaga. hehe Tried also removing it using sunflower oil and it works. Now i used micellar water so many uses :)


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