SO CUTE: Tony Moly Panda's Dream, now here + Complete Collection + Prices

I already saw this collection out in a Tony Moly shop last month and I just had to hoard! I love Pandas and watching Panda- related videos is a feel- good activity for me, and this collection is right up my alley!

Yesterday, Tony Moly Philippines officially launched Panda's Dream, their cutest makeup collection to date. It consists of everyday makeup basics to keep skin fresh and matte, healthy, lips moisturized and tinted, cheeks flushed and chiseled, and the complexion highlighted. Why choose Panda for this collection? Because why not!

Posing with my Panda baes, Shen and Mikki. It's just so fitting to be in Panda onesies during the launch!

 Our Panda dreams came to life! YAS!

 Can we be Pandas forever?

"Guys calm down! There's enough Bamboo for everyone!"

Presenting the complete collection of Tony Moly Panda's Dream:

- Evens out skin tone, absorbs oil and keeps it at bay.

Shade: 01 Clear Beige and 02 Clear Vanilla

- Luscious, trendy colors in a glossy, soothing finish.

Shades: 01 Hey Orange, 02 Heart Pink, 03 Pink Lady, 04 Red Berry, 05 True Red


- Lengthen and volumize lashes with this mascara that won't give you Panda eyes!

Variants: For Curling' For Volumizing


- This on-the-go palette for instant flushed cheeks and tinted lips is a must- have for busy women. Two complementing colors for the lips and cheeks set into a matte finish.

Shades: 01 Bubble Red and 02 Pink Berry

- Shade, conceal, and highlight with this easy to use, convenient pens that will add dimension to your face and decollete anytime, anywhere!

Shades: Contour, Conceal, Shading (Highlight)


- Get rid of puffiness and refresh tired eyes with this cooling stick that soothes upon contact. No refrigeration required!


- Complete your Panda's Dream regimen with these hand and face miracle workers.

Products: Magic White Cream (for the face; whitening), Hand Cream, Sleeping Pack (Overnight mask)


- For serious Panda Eyes, use the eye patch to help prevent dark circles, puffiness, and fatigue.

Panda's Dream is now available in all Tony Moly boutiques and counters. For more information, please visit TONY MOLY PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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28 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh my goodness!!! ang cute ng packaging nila! i just saw this from their ig page.. and I JUST wish merong malapit na tony moly sa area ko why so hard to find? i will surely get my hands on this pretty babies!!! i love bears and panda are bears too!! haha

  2. Yay!!! The panda products are so cute. You know what's even cuter? The panda outfits/ costumes you, Shen, and Mikki wore! I'll find one for myself. :)

  3. Waah! Panda onesies?! Tony Moly's launch event seems to me went very well! I've also seen this collection before and it's too cute it will be the death of me. Gaah! *___* I wonder if it performs well? Will be waiting for your reviews!

  4. Oh I LOVE to have those Pandas. Super cute. Yesterday, I saw you and your fellow pandas sa ig ng tonymoly. Ang cute nyo, grabe.

  5. Aside from cat I love Panda too! I got to get those panda mascara wait contour and highlight stick too (ugh I'm such a sucker for cute packaging).

  6. Oh my so adorable!!!!!!!!!!! I am really fond of cute packaging as it is something that stands out from the rest for me. Especially this one as it is panda themed. Can't help but to think of the recent videos I watched, Panda sliding. Hihihihi. The Panda Onesie is so cute as well, you can now be a caretaker of Pandas. Been thinking about it like what an awesome job! But I would love to try the eye patch :)))))))

  7. so kawaii!! ang cute nyo sa Panada onesie's! whats your hair color Ms. M? I want to try the panda cooling eye stick. this collection can brighten up a bad day. so cute!

  8. Sobrang cucute ng Tony Moly Pandas Dream..
    Ang cute I collect.
    Gusto ko itry yung Panda Eyes.

  9. This is just too cute! I don't exactly adore pandas but this has got my attention. I hope the products are just as good as the packaging, though. (I tend to get suckered in by cute packaging!)

  10. I knew some of this collection online before it was officially launched here.. and i have been eyeing for it since then. I wanna try this products especially the cooling eye stick and the eye patch because i also have this "panda look" hehe. So im looking forward for reviews :) thumbs up also for tony moly and the organizers, ang cute talaga!

  11. I love Pandas! I would love to try their contour kit but of course, I'll wait for your review first =)

  12. This is too adorable... ang cute talaga! I am getting this but not all just few pieces to add in my collection of cute packaging makeup stuff...

  13. Really enjoyed seeing a lot of my favorite bloggers in panda onesies! These new releases from Tony Moly are the bomb! I've been loving hand creams lately and I fell in love with their Peach Hand Cream, so I wanna try the one from their panda line next :) The lip and cheek stain duo also looks promising! I swatched the Pink Berry one and I loved the pigmentation and formula! I love the packaging of everything from this collection. And I'm glad to see highlight and contour sticks! I wish they would have come out with a sheet mask with a panda print too though, that would be awesome because some of my favorite facemasks are from Tony Moly! ::

  14. These babies are so cuute! Thought im just seeing the panda collection, but you guys are wearing the panda onesies 🐼😳 i died! Tony moly is not only producing good make up, their actually making skincare and make up babies! Aww! 😍🍼🐼

  15. Gaah! I died of cuteness! I truly adore bears, especially pandas. That eye brightening stick caught my attention. I'm often suffering from puffy eyes due to sleeping late every day since I have a night job. I'm definitely gonna buy this one soon (including that eye patch of course). :)

  16. OMG! Sobrang cute ng packaging 😍 Love the panda onesies too! I want the entire set but need to save up muna πŸ˜“ Really want to hear your thoughts about each product though. Most curious about the performance of the contouring set and lip and cheek duo 😊

  17. I love pandas and cosmetics so much. This collection is a dream come true. It's my birthday tomorrow and I feel lucky because Tony Moly Ph have panda collections already. I'm excited to buy something from this collection and give it to myself as a gift. LOL

  18. I love pandas and cosmetics. This collection is a dream come true! It's my birthday tomorrow and I felt so lucky that Tony Moly Ph have Panda collections already. So excited to try this collection. :)

  19. Sooo cute! I actually saw this on some vloggers i followed in youtube.hihi and i'm so jelly on the onesies. (Goodjob tony moly for making me want to get a panda onesie too πŸ˜‚πŸΌ)I love cute/kawaii stuffs so imagine my excitement when i saw this. 😍😍🐼🐼🐼 Can you do a review on the contour stick? Please.😁

  20. I have their Sleeping Pack and it's so cute! Good thing they launched the Panda collection here in PH so we don't have to order it online. Can' wait to try them!

  21. I, myself is an avid panda junkie pandaholic going gaga over panda stuffs kind of person and luckily i was able to spot your post at ig. I would just like to ask , does the eye patch and eye stick works? For I've tried similar products but sadly, it didn't do its wonders/ magical effects on me. Gonna be waiting for your response. ��

  22. too cute to resist! very instagrammy!

  23. This is really one of a kind product! I've heard that these are really good products, and I wish I could try them, but it'll be hard to afford. Nevertheless, packaging is really great (since I really love pandas) and yeah, it's TONY MOLY. :) You guys are cute too. Really hoping to try this one. <3

  24. I really love PANDA! :) Thank you Tony Moly for creating a cute collection of panda stuff that can make us Panda lovers SMILE :) Last night I dreamed about a baby panda chasing me, then I saw these panda collection of Tony Moly in your blog and IG posts Ms. Martha. These are so cute and lovely, all of your pictures taken in panda onesie were adorable. Thank you Ms. Martha for giving us hope to have and try this collection. :)

  25. Thanks guys! Will review the entire line soon! :)


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