Super to Super: Organique Acai Berry's New Ambassador

I've heard about Organique Acai Food Supplement through friends who were into juicing before the trend even began. I got really curious about it as I am all for natural food supplements, especially fruits or vegetables that help the immune system; I really take care of my immune system and it has been paying off because FYI, I have never been confined in a hospital for any condition in my whole life.

Last week, Organique Acai Berry held a launch for the Media and introduced their newest look and ambassador, a modern super woman who perfectly embodies the audience that this product is for.

But how did this product come to life? Organique Acai was founded by Cathy and Elton Salimbangon who once lived and worked in the USA. They both mused that they would always come home from work with little to no energy left plus they were always feeling sluggish and tired. Elton landed a job in an organic juice company and his immersion made him realize how important a healthy lifestyle is, but he and Cathy's dilemma has always been how to adopt one despite having a hectic schedule; and then it hit them that an on-the-go supplement that provides more than enough nutrition is the best way to live a busy yet healthy life. With a vision and opportunity, they packed their bags and returned to the Philippines, and founded Organique Acai. In case you're wondering about the origin of this brand, Organique Acai is a proud Filipino brand made under world class standards!

Organique Acai features Acai Berry, a super fruit found in the Amazon rainforest and considered in the food world as a "Super Food". The Acai Berry extract used in this product is imported from Brazil and the product is manufactured in California because according to the brand, California has the best organic juice manufacturing facility in the world.

So what can Organique Acai Berry do for you? Check out the massive list of benefits:

-Cleanses and detoxifies the body
-Increases energy and stamina
-Stress relief
-Anti-ageing food
-Helps prevent Osteoporosis
-Helps prevent causes of heart disease
-Reduced bad cholesterol
-Improves glucose and lipid levels
-Aids in weight control
-Can thwart viral, bacterial and fungal infections
-Helps improve digestion
-Improves skin tone
-Helps prevent premature wrinkles
-May twart cancer
-Reduces Arthritis pain
-Heals ulcer
-Relieves symptoms of Asthma
-Helps improve vision
-Improves mental clarity
-Promotes overall wellness

Now this is the new look of Organique Acai Berry; the bottle is designed by a top product designer and now it has a more world class appeal. Together with its brand spankin' look, the brand also unveils their newest ambassador:

Tweety De Leon- Gonzales for Organique Acai Berry

Superfood meets supermodel-slash-superwoman. Tweety has always been in the limelight since her wide- eyed modeling days to being a lifestyle icon for the 40's and up; she is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, a self- confessed fitness enthusiast, and still, above all, a supermodel.

When asked why she agreed to become the face of the brand, she just mused that Organique Acai is something that she has been looking for to keep her healthy without the fuss. Being a career woman and celebrity, there's always a lot going on in her life and this, most of the time, puts her health in the backseat; this is what makes Organique Acai the perfect supplement for her because it helps take care of her health and well- being (along with a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and stress- free living, of course!), plus it tastes good too. At 40, Tweety still has it and she is the epitome of the woman I want to be in terms of fitness and health.

Tweety represents the on-the-go career men and women, moms, and dads who want to embrace a healthy lifestyle and who want a product that will boost their health efforts.

Organique Acai Berry is organic, USDA- approved, and comes in capsule form as well, plus they have a soap too. It is available in Mercury Drug, South Star Drug, Watsons, Robinsons Supermarket, and Pure Pharmacy.

Please visit ORGANIQUE ACAI on Facebook for more information about this product.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've already heard about this acai berry drink... my Boss drinks this... I also know of its benefits but haven't tried it... would you know the prices?

  2. I saw this already on your IG account, I just can't comment because I was temporarily blocked from doing so. So I am gonna comment here now. Hihihi. I was really shocked to know it was a filipino brand because I already heard this one a long time ago in television such as Salamat Doc or Pinoy MD if I am not mistaken. But this is really good more especially for the working men and ladies like me. I am so lazy to take vitamins that's why this one appeals to me as it is a drink. IT's so easy to take, it's just like a juice. Thanks for this. After long years of knowing the brand, I wasn't able to know it was a filipino brand. Hahaha. Filipinos are really world-class. Hoping for more Filipino brand and inventions soon. Yey!

  3. I saw this in your previous post Ms.Martha. Ang ganda and sexy parin ni Ms.Tweety de Leon.Bahay talaga syang maging ambassador ng Acai Berry Drink
    Reading this post make me really proud as a Filipino.
    I recommended it to my husband kase sobrang stressful ng work as a customer service rep. and graveyard shift pA sya.

  4. I need this to boost my immune system. Mahirap magkasakit at maospital. Pede ba to sa kids? Sana, para ipatry ko sa kids ko.

  5. This was a Filipino brand? I saw one of roommates drinking some of this before and I thought it was an imported one. Her skin is really enviable and even if she stays up late at night and is basically ruining her body clock, she never falls sick. This might be one of the contributors! :) Acai berry has been a very popular ingredient lately, and I can totally see why. :)

  6. My dad drinks Acai berry before but it's a bit pricey since it has a lot of benefits. Definitely going to suggest this brand! 💓

  7. I've tried this already for about two months. It had good effects on me especially on my skin. It's also delicious for me. :)

  8. Kindly correct me is this read as "a-sa-hi"? Whoa I love your immune system! I wish my immune system didn't fight seafood :( I want to eat seafood without the fear of ending in the hospital.

  9. I totally envy your immune system. How I wish mine is like yours. :'( I have a really weak immune system and to make matters worse, I have allergic rhinitis and I work night shifts. So I really need to maintain taking vitamins and food supplements. I've taken tablets and capsules over the years but the benefits of this juice sounds really tempting. I'll check this out the next time I drop by a Mercury store. :)

  10. On the first look i thought it's an imported brand but upon reading this love that this is a filipino brand. Been hearing/reading this acai berry while i'm researching for smoothie recipe and most of the videos i watched they always include this. Haven't tried it but would love to in the future. :)

  11. My mom loves this, but the taste of it isn't my favorite. My sister said that she saw results after drinking it as well. :)


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