5 Reasons Why Yummy Diet Makes You Forget You Are Dieting + Final update on my journey with Yummy Diet

Whenever I hear the word DIET, I cringe and remember the times when I'd go famished, anxious, irritable, and struggling just because I wanted to look slim and stay "healthy". I've left that world of crazy, extreme dieting and if there are diet rules that I'm abiding by now, it's these: eat what you love but in moderation, learn to stop eating, and stop stressing about it. Yummy Diet fits these rules.

So if you're dieting, but don't want to feel like it, you should try Yummy Diet and here are 5 reasons why:


- Pancakes are something the every dieter would run away from during a dieting phase, but would admittedly eat if their diet permits. You don't have to suffer, really. In Yummy Diet's world, pancake is considered as diet food; their controlled portions and selected ingredients with the least amount of artificial stuff make their signature pancakes much healthier.


- Chia Seeds is superfood, packed with a bevy of nutrients. Athletes and fitness pros alike make sure to take a serving of superfoods everyday including Chia Seeds. This seed can be pretty costly and with Yummy Diet, you're sure to get your dose for at least 5 times in a week!


- Even if the food is good, if service is bad, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. In my 6 months of experience, Yummy Diet's service has been pretty much on point and if ever there will be delays, they make sure to inform their customers.


- Aside from Pancakes, Yummy Diet includes dessert in your diet too! Hallelujah!


- Yummy Diet's packed with sponsors so expect a pack of spaghetti, a bar of all- natural soap, or a pack of makeup removers to go along with your package.


I've reached my last month of subscription with them and after 6 months, I lost a total of 5lbs. Wondering why the pounds I lost are so little? That's okay because losing 1-3 lbs. per month is considered a healthy rate in weight loss. I am targeting to lose at least 10-15 lbs. and it's always the hardest to lose! Now I've got to work on the 5 or 10 more lbs.!

**Please bear in mind that I've been exercising also while taking Yummy Diet.

My verdict on Yummy Diet is this: it's the best way to stay trim and to complement any workout you are doing especially if you are busy; Yummy Diet does the cooking and preparation for you, you just do the eating. Yummy Diet and any food delivery service in general is best for those who are working at home and have no time to prepare food or working in a corporate setting because the meals don't have preservatives and need to stay in cold temperature to preserve freshness or be consumed right away. If you have an erratic schedule (aka freelancing) and move around from one place to another, the food may get spoiled without refrigeration. 

If you're a corporate person, you can opt for long- term subscription right away and if your work requires you to move around a lot, opt for weekly subscriptions so you'll know if this kind of lifestyle will work for you.

Please visit YUMMY DIET on Facebook for more information about this service.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Martha! Like you, I am on a diet too. But I don't subscribe to food delivery services here in the Metro. I prepare the food and I must admit, it's not easy. There are moments when I just give up because I have to wash a lot of utensils. That's why you're lucky as you can eat healthy without the inconvenience it usually brings. :) Diet really was never about depriving yourself, it's more about controlling your portions. :)

  2. These ideas reinforce those who want to be fit and healthy without stressing themselves by depriving them of a lot of things because they're cutting out sweets or calories and whatsoever that makes them fat or unhealthy but this is really amazing as pancakes and desserts on the diet list to eat :))

  3. I was considering these kinds of services when I was still living in dorms earlier in my college days. Food is the hardest challenge to overcome for a student who deals with a lot of stress and lives practically in a food court because there are food establishments in every corner! I couldn't commit to it though, partly because I'm not a big fan of veggies, and also because we didn't have refrigerators in our dorm so storage might be an issue. I wish I would have tried though, because I might have grown to like it. I still want to try it nowadays, but our family opted to live in an apartment close to our university so it's kind of unfair for me to get a separate set of meals when we have ones prepared at home. I think this is a great supplement to when you're getting serious about your weight loss journey! The food looks great and the service seems promising! When I do decide to try this out, Yummy Diet is definitely going to be on top of my list! :) I'm hoping to read more about your gym chronicles!!! I want to hear your thoughts on boxing! I hope you make a blog post about it soon, Ms. Martha! :)

  4. Kung within my budget lang I will subscribe with yummy diet. i agree with you Ms. M. maharlika nga ang chia seeds!

  5. For me, 5lbs is big na. Congrats Ms. Martha and may you continue to meet your weight goal.

  6. Hello, Ms. Martha! Since we're speaking of diet here, can you give me diet tips or diet menu I can follow for people with fast metabolism like me. I'm really trying hard to gain weight for several months now but my fast metabolism keeps getting in the way. I really hope you can help me in this issue! Thanks! xx

  7. I've seen your journey thru IG updates :) and glad that you've lose weight already hoping that you achieve your target weight... Seeing those yummy food doesn't look and feel like you're in a diet!

  8. I wish there's also a healthy diet plans for those who wants to gain weight pa.Hehehe I'm 50kgs and I think I'm under weight on my height hayst. when your my friends and colleagues enjoying that healthy plans from yummy diet, happy diet gusto mo narin makigulo:)

  9. Where can I check your workout routine Ms M?

  10. congrats on your weight loss ms. Martha

  11. Which they family plan..something like that because it's hard to eat different meal from your family lol!


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