BEAUTY BULLETIN: A new angel, new skin defenders, and an amazing lash and brow duo!

Thoughts: Not everyone is perfect. We make mistakes. We have our own reasons. We all deserve a second, third, fourth chance, but these chances, we should use to grow. There will always be reasons, but we can't hide behind reasons forever. There will always be someone greater, something that has failed, a situation that is unfavorable; these will never end. Up to what point do we keep on hiding behind our reasons? Reasons and chances, you can use them as tools to either grow or stay stagnant. The choice is yours.

Just putting out my thoughts out there! Do you agree or not? :)

Anyway, here's something that we can all agree as AMAZING: a new angel, new skin defenders, and a new cool eye duo!

In 1992, a legendary Angel was brought to life; crafted in the universe of Thierry Mugler, the iconic Gourmandise perfume that sent millions of women swirling into unchartered galaxies of endless fragrance wonder.

2016 opens to a new Angel; a muse, a jewel, an addiction. Angel Muse is a new Mugler fragrance that you will #HateToLove.

Sometimes sticky, oozing with polarity, brimming with goodness; all the extremes, this fragrance possesses and that's what makes it magnetizing; it's like a temptation, waiting to be touched and you've always known, you want it. Angel Muse is a beautiful mix of hazelnut and vetiver, notes that make up a rebellious yet charming fragrance, much like its muse, Georgia Mae Jagger. Angel Muse is a lighter version of its predecessors but still sends your youthful self into gourmandise nirvana where sweet excesses abound and for you to revel in.

Angel Muse EDP is available in 30, 50, and 100ml sizes. 

New in: Have you always wanted a hydrating, lightweight sunscreen? There's finally one for you and it's Sunlover SCO; this range contains Sodium Hyaluronate on top of hardworking SPF ingredients to protect and hydrate your skin, the perfect skin care effects to keep your skin healthy under the sun.

SCO Face Screen (P1,450.00) is a lightweight sunscreen that keeps face moisturized and helps lighten pigmentation at the same time. Formula is suitable for oily skin.

SCO Body Screen (P1,248.00) is a lightweight lotion that has active protectors that help keep the biggest organ of the body happy and protected.

SCO products are safe for use on sensitive skin and can be purchased via Strip and Browhaus.

Majolica Majorca's best- selling duo, Lash King and Brow Mascara now comes in a twin pack for only P700.00+! Visit MAJOLICA MAJORCA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I do agree that we all make mistakes as we are still a work in progress. Though it's hard to do, we must always always get up and learn from our mistakes. 😊 Let's just drown the world in our sunshine. 😊 I was actually eyeing out Majolica Majorca's products yesterday at SM Makati. I didn't know they were have it in twin packs.😂 thanks for the info Miss Martha! And keep on smiling. 😊

  2. These are all elegant. Oh my!!!! I know they're expensive as well. huhuhu

  3. OOOOOH DEFINITELY TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE MAJOLICA MAJORCA PROMO!!! What a steaaal <3 SCO looks like an interesting brand because their main ingredient for sun protection is unique. Most brands use zinc, but this one sound a lot gentler and friendlier for the skin! :) And that Angel Muse bottle is gorgeous :( I love your beauty bulletins and round ups because I always learn about new brands to watch our for :)

  4. For me, parang ang mahal naman ng SCO face screen. I'm using Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence which is a good sunscreen, easily absorb and lightweight too. Pasok pa sa budget like me, mom on budget.

  5. nice packaging for Angel Muse. <3 Majolica Majorca's brow mascara and lash king is love! will try to check it tonight at Department Store <3

  6. Sunscreens should be a go-to every day to protect our skin from unhealthy UV rays!

  7. That bottle for that perfume is beautifuuuul! (the primary reason why I buy perfumes) I'll try to find this and take a sniff, who knows I might fall in love with it. Thank you for the heads up!

  8. new products are eye candies that I love to browse! interested with the Burt's Bees new products :)


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