HOLISTIC SKIN CARE: The Secret To Great Skin

 I believe that even in skin care, beauty is only skin deep.

In all the skin care- related queries I’ve encountered online and off, I realized that no matter the type of question, everyone just wants to achieve one important thing and that is to have beautiful skin so I would always advise everyone to pay as much attention to the inside as the outside.

Holistic skin care is key.

Every single day, we are exposed to internal and external skin damage: external damage is caused by free radicals from sun, smoke, pollution, and internal damage is caused by stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits. That said, it is important to have a holistic skin care (to take care of your skin from the inside) so as you look for the best skin care products, consider taking beauty as well.

It is no secret that good ol’ Vitamin E is one of the best, most potent solutions to fighting aging, dullness, and unhealthy skin. The best part is Vitamin E is affordable and accessible, and it comes in topical and ingestive forms. One Vitamin E brand I trust is Myra.

Here are the key benefits of Vitamin E:

Inside: Acts as antioxidant to fight off free radicals; protects cells from damage
Outside: Protects from UV rays and helps moisturize skin, revealing soft, smooth skin 

Vitamin E, generally, is highly beneficial for the epidermal surface and processes of the skin that’s why this is one of the vitamins to choose if you want to have healthy, supple, skin.

Alagang Myra is alagang inside-out

No need to look far and wide and spend a lot just to give your skin its much- needed Vitamin E fix; choose Myra-E because aside from having Vitamin E supplements, they have a Vitamin E dedicated skin care range too – the skin care caters to different needs such as whitening, firming, smoothness, and hydration. Myra Vitamin E capsule has been a staple in my supplement routine and I use their products on rotation along with my other favorites.

There are two types of Myra Capsules:

MYRA-E 300 IU dl Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Nature- identical Vitamin E)- P241.50 (bottle of 30’s, P8.05 per capsule). For those who don’t need a high dosage.
MYRA-E 400 IU dl Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Natural Vitamin E)- P98.00 (box of 8, P12.24/capsule); P354.90 (bottle of 30’s, P11.83/capsule); P1,224.00 (box of 100’s, P12.24/capsule). For those who need a high dosage.

Though 300E and 400E may differ in price and dosage, both deliver soft, smooth, young- looking, and glowing skin in as early as two weeks.

Beautiful skin is not only determined by how you care for the external, but the internal as well. Also, with the quality and type of products and supplement you take. A holistic skin care regimen and great products and supplement like Myra will give you healthy, smooth, supple, beautiful skin for life.

Please visit MYRA on Facebook for more information about their products.

DISCLOSURE: This sponsored post was brought to you by Myra and The Beauty Junkee.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. How to know if you need low or high dosage Ms. Martha? :)

  2. I've been interested about taking supplements like Myra E, but I'm worried that the effects might only manifest when I take it, and be gone when I don't. What's your personal take on this one, Ms. Martha? I love Myra E's lotions and I use their capsules for DIY purposes hehe :)

  3. Hi Ms. Martha, my vitamins are Centrum Advance and Ascorbic Acid. Is it ok to take Myra E pa ba? Thanks

  4. I've tried Myra 300-e supplements and their lotions and I would say that it is promising and a must-try! <3

  5. I know this is silly but I really want to be sure if taking this would make me gain weight

  6. While I strongly agree that Holistic skin care is key, appetite booster saken to.. So it's a no-no for me. Tried reducing my dosage pa to 300iu twice a week lang.. Too bad I would still gain weight. Even my friends gained weight with Vit E too.

  7. I don't if it is just me but whenever I take vit. E with vit. C supplement I feel sleepy every after lunch lol! I think my body is signaling to have a rest :D

  8. At what age should we start taking Vitamin E?

  9. I began my journey into the world of beauty when I stepped into college. One of my best beauty brands then until now is Myra. From their pressed powders, to their lotions, and to their vitamins, I was able to try them all! And good thins is, I was never disappointed as their products are affordable and they really deliver. Imagine, a moisturizing lotion with SPF around a 100 pesos only. Their powders too are totally worth it as they did not break my skin out and totally controlled the oil production in my face. Two thumbs up for Myra! :)

  10. Avid user of Myra here :) I've tried the 300E as well as the 400E.. their lotion is always on my to re-purchase items :) I love the lotion to bits! the vitamins gave me better skin, will reunite with it!


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