MAC Lipstick in Perfect Score Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on MAC Lipstick in Perfect Score.

PRICE: P1,100.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all local MAC stores


So mom got me a new lipstick (yay! You're the best, mom!) and it's one of MAC's newest shades. It's been a while since I got my hands on a new MAC lipstick and also, I'm running low on reds so this one's highly appreciated! See the swatch below!


Perfect Score is from the new It's A Strike collection and it's described as a 'deep red' by MAC.

For a detailed review on MAC's matte lipsticks, please visit HERE.

Perfect Score is indeed a deep red, more Red than Russian Red and less pinkish than MAC RED. It's a red shade that is strong yet approachable, perfect on days when you want to exude a powerful aura without looking vampy or serious.

I have noticed that MAC's matte lipsticks have gotten a bit more moisturizing now compared to before and a little less flat matte compared to before, but hydrating matte is what's in nowadays anyway! I'm kinda' missing the super matte look, but my severely dry lips are rejoicing in the new formula.

Has anyone here tried this color already? What do you think?


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm glad to hear that their matte lipsticks is now more moisturizing. I remember having to spend time scrubbing my lips before I put on MAC Ruby Woo. :D The red shade looks good and is nice to use when you want to achieve the strong, independent, and "femme fatale" look. :)

  2. Woah! The color is so bold!!!! I remember my friend who posted something about red lipstick na it would hide everything when you put it on such as red lipsticks hides you for not taking a bath and so on and so forth. hahaha. I agree with that, red lipstick always makes the trick :)

  3. Red looks gorgeous on you, especially with darker hair! Very Snow White ang peg :) This particular shade reminds me of a lipstick from Ever Bilena's automatic lipstick line! It's called Pure Power, and I agree that with blue-based reds like these, you definitely exude authority! :) Just how many MAC lipsticks do you already own, Ms. Martha? And what shades (top 5 shades for all occasions maybe!) would you recommend for someone who's still planning to get some (like me) and whose skintone is a lot like yours? :)

  4. Oh my... the shade is super ganda! Biased ko talaga basta red haha... it's my ultimate favorite color kasi! nothing beats a classic red lipstick!

  5. The Matte lippies I have from MAC is super dry, maybe its the old formula. the SA told me that I have to apply a lip primer first.

  6. Nope, hindi ko pa natatry ang ganyang red. Pero bagay sayo Ms. Martha.

  7. Wow, I love it Ms. Martha. Love the color. It looks good on you.

  8. MAC lipsticks are just the classic! Though liquid lipsticks are the trend nowadays, I think that these kinds are still a staple. The shade is pretty too! It is not too dark or too light.

  9. Glad I wasn't the only one. I also noticed that their matte formula has gotten a bit more creamy, which I am loving so much! This color looks really great on you, Ms. M! It has that fierce / lady boss feel to it, which is really appropriate for you. Hope I could also rock red lipsticks, but it isn't just for me. Hehe :)

  10. I notice it too my newly purchased Ruby Woo (yeah I'm still that classic red girl lol) have a tiny bit of sheen to it as compared to my expired one.

  11. Red lipstick is a must have! I think I can never have enough of it! It just looks classic and beautiful. This shade in particular is something that complements light or dark skin tone. I love how the new formula is more hydrating. I used to put on a lipbalm before applying lipstick before.

  12. Great color! there's Mac Chili too another new shade:)

  13. how much does mac's deep red perfect score lipstick cost


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