New Hair Color at the new Vivere Salon Glorietta 2!

I don't know about you, but I've experienced Mercury Retrograde big time! But as the adage goes: "this, too, shall pass" and it finally did.

To celebrate the passing of MR, I had my hair colored at Vivere at their newly- opened branch at Glorietta 2!

The new Vivere Salon boasts of mix of modern, sleek interiors with a touch of Zen. Nothing plain, nothing overwhelming, just the right mix of lines and textures to inspire a balanced mood. I don't know 'bout you, but I really pay attention to the details of the salon because I want them to either inspire or calm me as I treat salon days as brainstorming/pondering days because it's one of the rare times that I get to sit down for hours! 

PRECISION MEETS PASSION- a principle that guides Vivere's line of hair artists, anchored on the training and education at the Harvard of hairdressing, Vidal Sassoon Academy.

The branch is at Glorietta 2 and it's pretty spacious!

My Mercury Retrograde hair- LOL. Long, dry, semi- dead, and copper. Yikes!

I've always sported either a honey brown, light brown, or reddish brown color for my locks for the last 4 or so years; I thought maybe it's time to go back to my roots? For the record, I was born with dark brown hair. I honestly don't have any idea now if it will look good on me. It's been a while since I had that color!

For my color of choice, it's Schwarzkopf in a Chestnut shade.

And voila! Here's the result! Kinda' adjusting to the new color, but I like it! I'm feeling 24! Haha!

Some notes about their service: Mariza and Jan, my assistants for the day, were courteous and the way they handled my treatment felt 'professional'. I also liked that they were sensitive enough to know if I wanted to talk or keep quiet, informed me promptly on which parts they're going to work on and how long it would take, and no hard selling of products!

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I am inspired by my new hair. :)

So what do you think about this new hair color of mine? :)

Along with Vivere, Ooh La Lash, a partner lash salon has also opened a stone's throw away from the salon. Ooh La Lash Lash Extension Lounge provides lash and brow grooming services that uses only FDA- approved materials.

For more information about this new branch, please visit VIVERE SALON on Facebook.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The salon looks so high end. The interiors look pretty and the color scheme mean business. :) Btw Miss Martha, your new hair color looks good. :) And in the last photo posted, you looked so fine. :)

  2. Yeah I also experienced the Mercury Retrograde, it something you just go through. Thanks for sharing your experience with Vivere. Love your new hair color too. Gorgeous Ms Martha!

  3. Gorgeous color, Martha! I just had my hair colored too a few weeks ago. xD


  4. the hair color is so gorgeous! it looks so good on you :)

  5. I love it. I love your new hair color Ms. Martha, your so pretty.

  6. You look very sophisticated with this hair color (or maybe it's just the salon screaming "classy!" to my face) :) I prefer dark hair on you Ms. Martha, it really brings out your features and you look more youthful! The color also complements your dark brown eye color, your gaze looks much more intense now :) And Lord, you look smoking in this top!!! What a way to highlight your assets! <3 :)

  7. Wow you look younger but still gorgeous as ever in your new hair Ms. Martha :)

  8. Your new hair color looks better on you :)

  9. you look young hehe! just colored my hair few weeks ago but its brown with highlights :)

  10. Wow! Look what a good hair color can do! Any other hair colors you may recommend because I've been stuck with brown, and golden brown colors since I first colored my hair. I'm afraid to try risky colors like ash brown or ash gray because if it doesn't look good, there's no turning back. I hope you can enlighten me regarding this issue, Ms. Martha! Thank you!


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