Pink Sugar HD Lipstick (New Shades) Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Pink Sugar HD Lipsticks (New Shades)

PRICE: P299.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in selected SM Department stores


Pink Sugar's Creamy Mattes recently had new, gorgeous neutral shades. But how about the HD lipstick line? If you're a fan of this line, rejoice because Pink Sugar didn't leave this line behind; introducing 3 new lovely neutrals with a creamy, satin finish!


From left to right, we have Butter, Wicked, and Sinful.

For a detailed review of this line, please click HERE.


- Midtown beige with a light peach undertone.

Butter in texture, but actually, it's a shade that reminds me more of Butterscotch. This shade magically warms up any skin tone so if you're on the pale side, you have to try this.


- Toasted pink.

Nothing sinful about this shade; in fact, I think it's angelic! This is your good ol' everyday natural Pink.


- Rose with a violet undertone.

This wickedly good shade is a rose with an attitude. I like how trendy this rose hue is.

Which new Pink Sugar HD Lipstick do you fancy?


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like all three shades. The colors are really good. Striking yet still looks natural. But my favorite would have to be Sinful. :)

  2. I love the shades so cute so feminine and so simple :))))

  3. I had pa in OMG, Such a Tease and Rebel na until now di pa ubos. Hehe but that three new colors are irresistible lalo na ang gaganda ng colors! I love the Wicked and Butter that I think bagay sa morena! It looks good on you Martha:)halos lahat!:)

  4. Ang ganda tagala sayo ng nude shades Ms. M. :)

  5. Thank you for swatches Ms. Marthaaa! I've been waiting to see these babies on your skintone because we have similar coloring! Wicked is my favorite, but Sinful comes in a close second. Are any of these similar to the shades from the Project Vanity collab? Because I'm itching to get my hands on those too, but if there are colors which are too similar, I'm gonna have to let some of them go. :( Can't wait to have a Pink Sugar haul soon! Their lipsticks are the bomb and their brow kits look like they're worth more! :)

  6. Butter looks nice, but I'm scared it might make me look washed out. Wicked I think would be my best bet. The color looks universally flattering. I like their HD lipsticks I have Rebel and the color is really vibrant and it doesn't feel heavy on the lips. I hope these feel the same way and they haven't changed their formula.

  7. i love Pink Sugar lipsticks! They are all good, long-lasting and the brand has a variety of gorgeous shades! These latest addition to their products simply show how great they are doing in the local market. Among the latest lippies, I have to say I love Butter the most! It's a good MLLB shade and the fact that it's creamy satin makes it good for everyday, natural makeup look.

  8. Wicked looks so good. I am morena and the color matches my skintone. Basta may violet undertone bet ko.

  9. Sinful is so lovely.. imagining myself wearing it haha! I'm on a hunt for a pink lippie I guess I'm including this shade on my list!

  10. Butter somewhat makes your lips kissable and luscious. Want to try it too :D


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