SPEND VS. SAVE: Best Long- Wearing Foundation

If you were asked to choose between Bacon and Chocolate, which would you choose? What a hard question, right? Enough to send beads of sweat down your forehead.

That's exactly what I felt when I was challenged by a friend to do a SPEND VS. SAVE blog post for my favorite long- wearing foundations. Gosh, why am I doing this to myself?!?!

In the limelight today are two of my most favorite long- wearing foundations as of late: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup and L'Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation; the former is a high- end favorite and the latter, an affordable favorite. Which one is the best long- wearing foundation?


Estee Lauder is a medium to full coverage foundation that promises to stay in place the whole day with zero tone change; a favorite among makeup artists, this foundation is apparently a superstar in the bridal makeup world because brides love the super long- wearing staying power of this product.

L'Oreal is a light to medium coverage foundation that promises to stay put for up to 24 hours. It is a favorite of a lot of Youtube Vloggers because it's a value-for-money foundation and one of the best affordable foundations when it comes to lasting power.


Estee Lauder's glazed, traditional bottle is compact, albeit heavy. It also doesn't come with a pump so there's a mighty chance that the product may get spilled. On the brighter side, the packaging looks luxurious.

L'Oreal is a classic pump bottle; what I like about this product is the pump is built into the bottle so there's zero risk of losing it.



With Estee Lauder, I can skip concealer and corrector because it has AMAZING coverage, one that transforms your skin and conceals any imperfection, from bumps to pigmentation, in a snap.

L'Oreal has decent coverage; for heavy discolorations, a corrector or concealer is needed.



Estee Lauder's semi- thick texture is a bit hard to manipulate and work with, especially for first timers; could be a little intimidating also. A bit of practice is needed to make the product work wonderfully.

L'Oreal's texture is the classic light foundations, a texture that most Filipinas are familiar with.



Estee Lauder, hands down, has one of the BEST staying power ever. I can last the whole day in this foundation and it won't look it!

L'Oreal stays on longer compared to its drugstore counterparts, but tends to fade for a little on very oily skin.



Estee Lauder, although expensive, delivers all its promise; the staying power is enough for me to pay the price this product commands, plus it's foundation, concealer, and corrector rolled into one product.

L'Oreal is great for its price, but needs to be used with a concealer or corrector generally, and in special cases, primer.


Oh, how I wish we don't have to come to the conclusion! I will remain a fan of both foundations, but for the sake of this post, only one has to win.

The winner of this SPEND VS. SAVE: Best Long- wearing foundation is...


Do share with me your favorite long- wearing foundations!

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Martha!
    I think a better test would happen between the Estee Lauder Double Wear and the Etude House Double Lasting Foundation. A lot of people have been making that comparison claiming they are dupes. The Double Lasting foundation originally has 5 shades (that are too light for medium to deep skinned girls) but they released 3 new shades I saw at Jolse Beauty blog and the shade Amber looks pretty wearable. :)

  2. I don't own a lot of foundations because I only do my brows, lashes, and lips on a daily basis. I still haven't outgrown using baby powder on my face, but I do use BB creams with heavier coverage for special occasions! I've been eyeing both of these babies for a while now, and I have to say that they are both very promising. Many people claim thay the US release of the L'Oreal Infallible is waaay better compared tp the one released in the PH, and it's relatively cheaper to get online. :) I guess it's safe to say that L'Oreal takes the crown in the drugstore setting, but Estee Lauder takes the whole kingdom. :) What do you set your Double Wear with, Ms. Martha? I have seen it worn by different kinds of people, and sometimes it looks cakey, sometimes it doesn't. This might be one of the side effects of it having amazing coverage! And what's your favorite tool to apply it with? :)

  3. I have tried some Estee Lauder's make up but haven't tried their foundation. it looks impressive but I think too pricey for everyday wear.

  4. I will choose Chocolate over bacon. Bravo for Estee Lauder. But I will go for L'oreal because of the price. Mom on budget here. Thanks Ms. Martha for the comparison.

  5. Estee ends up semi matte on me though I swear it last and it completely covers my acne so I'm not surprise if this lady wins :D

  6. I always wanted something that would last for so long. Who wouldn't want one? Kung pwede nga lang forever. hahahaha

  7. I have been wanting the Estee Lauder foundie for so long! But since it doesn't come with a pump, I'm gonna stick to my Bobbi Brown.

  8. Quality over quantity it is! Estee Lauder really is a promising brand so I have no doubts with this foundation (I have this one! So I really do agree with you). I have an oily face so finding a good base makeup is hard for me. As much as I would love to save, I think that the splurge in buying this product is worth it. A little goes a long way (especially because I focus on the center of my face) and it lasts even if I don't have any primers.

    But still, L'oreal's is good though I actually prefer the glow one for me even if I am oily (i don't even know why).

  9. Estee Lauder's foundation seems worth the spend!

  10. Nice and detailed review for Estee Lauder, love the fact that it stays longer on the skin. Want to have one too. Gee, thanks a bunch Ms Martha

  11. These foundations are great! Personally, I love both of them. It's hard to pick between the two! Well I use my Estee Lauder only during special events and occasions while the L'Oreal for everyday makeup. If you have the money, go try ELDW! BUt if you want a good foundation for your everyday look, choose L'Oreal.

  12. I've heard good reviews for both these products. Estee Lauder's foundation, however, is on another level. It's like the best liquid foundation for all who tried it. I'm a bit hesitant towards L'Oréal's infallible liquid foundation. It may not react well with my sensitive skin. More spend vs. save reviews please. 😊 thanks miss martha!


  13. Great article! Very informative, thanks for the post!
    you can check more such tips on woman makeup and beauty tips

  14. Wow my favorite part of your blog posts, the SPEND VS SAVE. Haven't tried both foundies. Pero parang ang sarap itry ng Estee Lauder lalo na sa special occasion. If only I can afford the EL, I should have used it during my wedding day. The one I wear during my wedding day is the Revlon Colorstay foundation.

  15. I'm a Loreal foundation user here and I'm currently on the bottom part of the foundie :) almost empty bottle.. I just love how the foundation melts on my skin! I will not exchange it to other brands hehe... never pa kasi ako naka try ng high-end :( but I'm completely happy with Loreal, I'll check this one out baka eto bilhin ko next!

  16. Looks like the L'Oréal foundation didn't stand a chance. :) I love the ELDW, it stays put on my extremely oily face throughout the day. It works well with the Laura Mercier setting powder for a long-lasting, flawless finish.

    Outside of special occasions, I use Revlon Colorstay which to me, still needs a primer and a concealer for a full and lasting coverage.

  17. The comments here are very informative


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