Commenter of The Month for September 2016 + Gifts for COM October 2016

The first of October was welcomed with a new moon; the new moon symbolizes new beginnings, which is just so timely with my life; I'm now opening a new chapter called married life and even if it has a lot of challenges, it's a path that I am excited to take because I have the love of my life by my side.

May the entire October become a season of new beginnings for you.

Speaking of new, time to announce the COM for September 2016 and the NEW beauty gifts for this month's loyal commenter.



**Congratulations, dear! Please email your full name, complete address, and mobile number to Claiming of prizes is good for 5 days only.

The commenter of the month for October 2016 will receive this Princess beauty set from Etude House. Products included in the set are:

Princess Fantasy Makeup Book
Collagen Mask
Berry Delicious Collection Any Cushion (Natural Beige 23)
Color My Brows Brow Mascara
Play 101 Pencil
Berry Delicious makeup pouch
Sweet Cherry Lip Tint
Easy Brow Pencil (01)
Berry Delicious Nail Polish
Etude House Sunglasses
Dear Lips Blooming Talk Lipstick (Creme)

Mechanics below:

1. COM lasts from the first to last day of the month.
2. Chosen COM will be announced via a blog entry.
3. Claiming of gifts is within 5 days only from the day of announcement. Unclaimed gifts will be awarded to the second COM candidate.
4. Everyone is welcome to join, Blogger or non-Blogger.
5. Delivery will be shouldered by TBJ.
6. Prizes are not convertible to cash.

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28 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Congrats sa winner :P
    COM for October has a lot of cute stuff to be won :) excited for the prizes!

  2. Congrats Emily! I like to win these Etude House goodies. Hoping to be a winner this October. Thank you Ms Martha for being so generous to your readers.

  3. Congratulations Emily...that's a lot of goodies!

  4. UWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH I'M SO OVERWHELMED :(((( THANK YOU FOR THIS BLESSING MS. MARTHA! What a great way to start October! :) I have preliminary examinations this week and I have a positive feeling about it because my October has been off to a great start. <3 Really happy!!!! Thank you very much huhuhuhu <3

  5. no user should not know why. but looking at them so adorable
    biet thu dep
    nha xinh

  6. Congratulations to the COM winner for the month of September! I'm so excited for this month's giveaway! Etude House ftw! <3

  7. Wow! Congratulations to the winner Emily! Cheers!

  8. OMG. Those products though! I saw these collection before but I am currently too broke to purchase many products (especially because I keep on repurchasing my faves). Either way, congratulations to the winner! May this month be fruitful for all of us!

  9. Gosh I'm so happy in your engagement! Though you don't know me personally, I'm so excited for you! I've been married for four months now(actually tomorrow will be our 4th wedding monthsary ����) and I proudly say that married life is indeed a blessing and magical. Wanna share you my experience in our wedding preparations. We got engaged November last year and things were really in a swift! The planning was really stressful as there are a lot of churches and hotels to choose from! Haha. But when you already made the choices, things get really exciting! We wanted to make everything personalized, we made the invitations and souvenirs ourselves with the help of our families coz it's very mabusisi. Haha. My advice: enjoy every moment of it, preparations may be stressful and tiring, but believe me, everything is worth your while. Sorry for the long comment, haha, I'm just excited as you guys! ����

  10. I really admire you for being so kind and generous to all of us. I idolize you sa lahat ng ginagawa mo ate. I hope I become like you. You're so kind sa mga followers mo. You're always sharing your blessings to us that's why God always bless you. Continue inspiring many people like me. I know God will continue to shower you more blessings. Stay fab and generous. Sending my hugs and kisses to you po �� God bless. ��☺️


  12. Congratulations on your engagement, Martha! New life chapters are the best, indeed. I remember how I started to read your blog back when I was studying for an examination -- I wondered how it kind of gave me peace and a bit of excitement every time you'd make a review on new make-ups in the market. And now that I'm already married and practically raising a newborn, I still cling on to your page! Just see how much I rely on you wherever chapter i'm in! I'm looking forward to your posts as you turn another page of your book. Cheers to being happily married! Stay in love!

  13. Etude House products are really adorable!!!!! Waaaaaa. Every COM is so lucky to have the items every month because everything is not just adorable but useful.

  14. Congratulations on your engagement Martha! I have been an avid follower for years now but never really commented. Silent viewer ang peg haha! I would just like to thank you for sharing your passion for beauty especially to readers like me who are also obsessed with anything about beauty! Congratulations again and God Bless your future marriage :)

  15. Congrats Emily! We're excited too to your married life Martha! ANother milestone, another chapter in between:) love the new set of gift:)

  16. Congrats Emily. And of course my happiest congratulations to you Ms. M as you venture a new chapter of your life. Really happy for you! =) I guess October will also be my month because it's my birthmonth and all good vibes will keep flowing in.

  17. Congrats! Oohh I'm excited for October! 😊

  18. I have been a silent reader of your blog and congrats on your engagement. Hope to see wedding posts soon. Stay in love Ms. Martha!

  19. Congrats to the winner! But of urse CONGRATULATIONS Ms.M for your engagement and I cannot wait for you to get married, also the process of it. I know you will be sharing all it to your readers. I remember reading your IG posts that you got engage, I don't know why I got teary eyed reading them, maybe because it's so romantic and I well most of this cute and romantic proposals made me cry LOL! Anyways looking forward to your new chapter in life and I am excited on how will you do and prepare your wedding!

  20. Hi Miss Martha! First time reader here, I just Googled "authentic Longchamp" then I saw your review on how to know if LC is authentic or fake, such a big help! I've been enjoying reading your posts, especially about make up brand reviews because I'm a late bloomer! I'm already 21 and working but still a beginner when it comes to cosmetics. I think I'm going to go here everyday (hope my boss won't notice hehe) Anyways, congratulations to the winner! Didn't know that bloggers do giveaways like this, you're so generous! Congratulations to you, too. Best wishes, Miss Martha! :)

  21. Abigail Dela VictoriaOctober 11, 2016 at 6:37 PM

    Wow! 😍 Congratulations to the september winner, Emily! The october giveaway melts my heart away. *sigh* Etude House products huhu Hoping I could be the next lucky winner. πŸ˜„ Thank you for being so kind  to your readers always Ms. Martha! That's why God gave you many blessings in life because you deserve it! And Congratulations to your engagement. πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ You are about to start a new chapter in your life. More powers Ms. Martha!

  22. I've always been a reader not a commenter. But that palette looks gorgeous :)


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