Lancome UV Blanc Expert Brightening Compact Foundation Review + Price +Swatch

Here's a review on Lancome UV Blanc Expert Brightening Compact Foundation.

PRICE: Refill Powder- P2,150.00; Compact- P700.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Rustans department stores; Lancome Greenbelt 5


Here's a foundation for those who can't stand wearing any makeup at all, not even pressed powder; Lancome UV Blanc Expert Brightening foundation covers yet stays light like light on the skin, plus it's boosted with skin- loving, brightening ingredients as well!


A brightening, lightweight powder foundation with a translucent result. It features New Blanc Expert Correcting Pigments to help counteract dullness, Perlite Powder for significant oil control, Liquid Byron, a film that adjusts to the skin to reflect natural luminosity, Pine extract helps depigment and correct dark spots, Centella Asiatica that helps correct redness, and Eterniskin that helps strengthen the inner dermis.

Aside from the new formula, Blanc Expert has also revamped their packaging; it's now a glazed, slim rectangular case with streamlined curves and two mirrors; oh, you know, just in case one mirror is not enough lol.

There are also two new shades available: PO-03 (left) and BO1 (right). The powders bear the iconic Lancome Rose emblem and have a smooth, silky finish. They have a light rose scent. The sponge has a flocked and rubbery side for light and heavy application.


Bare skin

Face with Blanc Expert B02

The powder has light coverage; it is indeed airy on the skin and literally feels like I'm wearing nothing. The powder gives coverage, yet allows skin to peep through; however, if you have skin bumps and zits, you will need to use this with a foundation or concealer.

Oil control is pretty good at 3 hours, plus I can wear this powder to a light workout. However, coverage fades and needs to be retouched just because it's a lightweight powder. The shade BO2 is pretty light for my skin tone and I wish darker shades will be released. No problem though as I use this to set my under eye concealer because it's lightweight and skin- like!

I would recommend this powder to those with fairly good skin as it gives skin tone a boost while still allowing real skin to peep through; if you have it, flaunt it, right? Also, if you want a powder that you can't 'feel', this one's for you!


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. If we can't feel it then this is like a baby powder? Yey! As I don't want to wear foundation that feels so heavy and sticky to the skin especially that I have oily skin.

  2. I love your verdict, I think it's very "me", haha! I'm a woman who's very interested in makeups but not used into having it on my face. (But i'm trying to be used to it). I love your review with this one. If oil control is good at three hours but fades and always needs to be retouched, I think this won't work on me huhu, my face is super oily. Does it feel like it just like a baby powder? Seems like it, hehe. Thanks for this review, Ms. Martha.

  3. I love Lancome, I remember receiving a Lancome Lipstick pasalubong from US which smells so good! I guess all their products are fragrant! I remember Maybelline Superfresh with this Lancome UV Blanc :) they look the same! but this powder is too pricey nga lang...

  4. It's like not wearing makeup but actually wearing it. I love how it delivers the fresh and stress-free look because of its light coverage on you! You really nailed the 'No Makeup' makeup look! <3 I hope darker shades will be released soon so there will be a wide range of shades to choose from that can match different skin colors from fair to morena. Also, I think it's the best one to use on lazy days or when going shopping. I'll definitely add this one to my wishlist! Another one has been added in my Makeup Wishlist! Thanks, Ms. Martha!

  5. I love Lancome products. They are so elegant and classy. For a compact powder/foundation, this is quite expensive. I don't think I'll be able to wear this alone though. This most likely would work as a setting powder for me. Hopefully, they come out with more shades. ☺

  6. Hope they launch darker shades and I think this is perfect for summer :D

  7. Abigail Dela VictoriaOctober 25, 2016 at 4:27 PM

    Another pretty flatlay Ms. Martha! I wish I could try Lancome products as well. I only have a Lancome lipstick that was given to me by my auntie which I really love the quality and up until now I'm still using it. I guess this compact is great but for me it's really pricey for a foundation. Huhu another can't afford product for a student like me. 😭 but based on the pictures I agree that they should release more darker shades that would definitely fit for morena like us. Thank you for the review Ms. Martha! ☺

  8. Thanks for the review Ms. Martha. I like it because of its lightweight coverage na parang wala kang makeup but its to pricey for me.


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