My Luminisce Pampering Experience + Review

This is a late post, but it's still worth sharing because Luminisce, by far, is the clinic where I had the most virtually pain- free facial ever!

Luminisce is a posh, new clinic on this side of Taguig, specifically at Bonifacio Global City. Owned by Dr. Kaycee Reyes, Luminisce offers professional face and body dermatology services for the discerning clientele.

Upon entering the clinic, I was welcomed by Victorian- inspired furniture that pop out from the stark white walls. An Instagrammer's perfect abode, I thought to myself. The place is relaxed and serene, which was perfect enough for me to prepare for my treatments.

Before my treatment, I consulted with Dra. Kaycee; she advised me on which treatments I can experience while taking into consideration my sentiments about derma treatments. That time, I was suffering from grave hormonal acne, the gravest I've had this year. She initially suggested a peel, but I declined due to a peel horror story I encountered years ago. She understood my plight and probably, detected the fear in my voice LOL, that she suggested an alternative treatment.

Dr. Kaycee suggested Acne Clear Laser, a treatment that targets inflammation, post- acne marks, and facial flushing.

After the initial facial, which was pain- free and did not involve pricking THANK GOD, my skin got treated to Skin OXYglow, which is meant to infuse skin with nutrients to encourage collagen production. It was nice and very cool, pretty relaxing too.

A soothing cream was applied to my skin after. Props to my aesthetician for keeping my brows and lipstick intact LOL.

Of course the only way to get rid of cystic acne is to target them from the inside. Most facial clinics will recommend pricking, but at Luminisce, they went straight to an acne injection. It still had a bit of pain, like an ant bite, but it was waaaay more tolerable than pricking!

Next treatment was Silvercure Laser for underarms. It helps improve elasticity, enlarged pores, sun damage, inflammatory acne, and wrinkles.

I was given a trial for this treatment. The immediate effect is it tightens the skin, thus minimizing darkness and fine lines; long term effects are smoothing and lightening. I got a Vita Serum booster for my pits too to facilitate whitening and smoothing, and it was delivered through a blasting technique for it to go deep into the layers of the skin. The laser treatment is virtually pain- free!

My face after the facial- it looks significantly fresher and cleaner right after! The next day, my cystic pimples were flattened significantly and weren't as tender and swollen any longer. I recommend this facial and the injection if you're suffering from hormonal cystic acne and you need a quick, almost painless solution!

A knowledgeable staff, a reassuring doctor, a realxing atmosphere, and a wonderfully done treatment- these sum up my first Luminisce experience. Would like to try Silvercure laser and underarm whitening treatments continually to see results.

Luminisce offers packages for their treatments. Please drop by or give them a call at 511-8500 to inquire.

Luminisce is located at the 2nd fl., Mercury Drug bldg., 32nd ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love the results M! i think i have to undergo on this bc of my stubbron pimples:)p.s how much per session?

  2. Thanks for this post Ms Martha. Kung may extra money ako, I like to try ung sa armpit.

  3. Oo nga i hate pricking as well, too painful then after you get that red-face effect when you go out of the clinic/salon. I wanna try the pain-free type... I am currently using an organic toner that tends to dry up my pimples (using it day and night) after using it...

  4. The clinic looks like inside of a castle Ms. Martha! So cute!!! It's really instagramable but how much would it cost to have acne laser treatment? How about for the underarms? Thanks Ms. Martha :)

  5. Parang nakakatakot yung injection haha. Mukhang maganda yung sa underarms. Nakakaintriga tuloy :)

  6. Abigail Dela VictoriaOctober 21, 2016 at 6:19 PM

    I dunno if it's only me but the place looks really cute, girly and cozy. Everytime I see place like this, it makes me want to go inside and try their products. A really good strategy because in my observation, appearance is a must in a establishment and we will always search for a place that is instagrammable because that's the trend nowadays. Though i never tried and i don't know if i will have guts to go to derma just to have a facial because i'm scared about the "pricking" part.  Wow. I definitely agree that after the facial you look so fresh Ms. Martha! But Ms. Martha may I know how much did you spend for their silvercure laser for underarms? Hihi. Cause I'm not really 100% confident when it comes to my underarms. 😂 Thank you for the review Ms. Martha!

  7. See what a good facial can do! I love the after-facial look! Fresher than ever! <3

  8. Nice, it looks so posh! I wonder if they have something for dark acne scars. After picking on a pimple kc it left me with a scar I have to hide everyday. I recently bought a grape stem cell whitening ample and I think it's helping/working, but not fast enough for me. I'm also not fond of peeling but if I had to, do you think they'd let you do it to just a portion of the face? Ayoko na kc ult maexperience yung buong mukha ko nagbabalat, mas lalo ako nastrestress. 😣

  9. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Love the clinic setup. I'm glad they have that treatment to have better looking underarms. We should do our best to make ourselves beautiful.


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