10 Products to try at Etude House

Hola! I decided to start a '10 things list' featuring various brands starting today. Because it's a way for me to encourage myself to never stop discovering and at the same time, a way to help my readers know which ones are the best products to try from a certain brand. First off the list is Etude House!

- Wonder Pore is wonderful! This is good to try if you have enlarged pores and oily skin; really works in keeping skin fresh and keeps pores in check.

- A surprisingly good affordable blotting and setting powder!

- This refreshing cleansing water is great for acne- prone skin; love the lavender scent also!

- A contender for Mario Badescu Drying Powder; seriously, this one is very good!

- A GREAT volumizing mascara; I always find myself reaching for this whenever I'm at Etude House!

- Looking for an alternative to Pond's Cold Cream? This is it! It's lighter and perfect for daily cleansing.

- If your skin is in dire need of moisture, this is what I will recommend from Etude House. It infuses skin with intense moisture that my skin felt and looked really healthy while using this line.

- Etude House is one of my favorite brand for eye makeup removers; it's effective, gentle, and affordable!

- Etude House has the most diverse range of affordable and really good versatile makeup pencils, plus they're affordable.

- A very good and very affordable brow pencil; I keep back ups of this!

That's all and let me know which ones you like and have used. Which brand/s would you like me to feature in this series?

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Their eyelash curler is perfect too (well it is a tool)!

  2. I already tried their wonder pore toner and I don't like it. maybe it is more suitable for sensitive skin. however, i want to try their AC powder set and 101 pencil. i also love EH's face masks :)

  3. Really great stuff specially the EYE brow product.

  4. Didn't know that Etude House offers an alternative for Mario Badescu drying lotion! Definitely gonna check it out soon. I've used Byebye Blemish and AcneCare drying lotion, but AcneCare didn't work as well as the Byebye Blemish one.

  5. I love the etude house drawing eye brow, specially kasi it's one of their cheapest product hihi, kaso lagi out of stock ang brown. I wonder if they do have smaller sizes or trial size set of the wonder pore line? I really wanted to try it because I have big pores and oily skin. Need to go for a good skin care products but the affordable ones.

  6. i love their cleansing cream! superb! it really does its job plus very affordable pa

  7. I'm happy I was able to try most of the items on this list! Wonder pore and the moistfull line are the product lines I love the most. I was able to try the complete set of the moistfull collagen and it's really worth it. I was also able to hoard play 101 pencils and I super love the creaminess of it. EH brow pencil is one of the eyebrow pencils I always have a stock of. It's so affordable too. I am currently using the EH tea time cleansing cream in aloe vera and it's so addicting. I use it to cleanse my face everyday. Would love to try the zero sebum next. :)

  8. I have tried Etude House Moistful Collagen Cream and Cleanser, it really moistuirize my face plus factor pa ang scent. And of course Etude House Play 101 Pencil, the color is so pigmented at may sharpener pa, affordable pa.

  9. WonderPore and Collagen Moistfull are my ultimate favorites from Etude House. I want to try Happy Teatime though.


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