FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How to prevent hair loss + Products that help thicken hair (or help keep it that way)

Hey guys! Missed last week's FMF and I'm sure you missed it! Here's one from Jessy:

Dear Martha, 
I'm currently freaking out because i've just become aware of how thin my hair is becoming. Going bald is one of my greatest fears so i'd like to ask what shampoos, conditioners, and/or treatments in general do you recommend to thicken my hair? I'd really try to minimize stress pero medyo imposible dahil thesis na!
Thank you in advance and have a great day!

Dear Jessy,

Thanks for writing to me! The sight of hair fall, especially in considerable amounts, can scare the sh*t out of me too so I always try my best to take care of my locks because they're thin and the strands, fine so a small spot could be very prominent!

Anyway, here are tips and products to help keep your hair strong and evade hair fall.

First and foremost, what causes hair fall? There are many factors: genetics, everyday hair routine, and stress; stress and genetics are the biggest factor to hair fall so as much as you can, try to prevent the former; just remember to de- stress, relax, and breathe. It's okay to let go sometimes. :)

And as for the products, here are products that will help combat hair fall.


- Your grandmother was right when she urged you to use Gugo shampoo to keep your hair looking young and thick. Gugo is a well- known, hair strengthener and thickener so this could be very well your go- to when it comes to managing hair fall and strengthening your hair strands; weak strands is also one of the things that contributes to hair fall!

- Combing can be really stressful for your hair and in turn, it contributes to hair fall as well; a smoothing shampoo and conditioner can help you prevent this. Argan Oil is a good hair smoother, plus it's rich in Vitamin E that helps with hair growth.

- Don't forget to condition daily to keep your hair from getting entangled; conditioner helps prevent  tangles, which in turn prevents breakage (which leads to hair fall) and provides a coat of protection on your hair strands.

- Omega 3 fatty acid can help promote hair growth; you can get this from Argan Oil and Olive Oil; Malunggay's nutrient- dense properties may help promote a healthy scalp.

And here are tips in keeping your hair thick and to prevent hair loss: 

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1. Two words: CASTOR OIL. This miracle potion from nature is popularly used as an all- natural lash growing serum, but a lot have discovered that it works the same way on growing scalp hair also. At least once of twice a week, massage castor oil on your hair concentrating on the scalp, wrap your hair in a hot towel and leave on for 15- 20 minutes to allow the oil to seep into your roots.

2. Eat protein and fatty acid- rich foods; these will tremendously help in keeping your hair strong and healthy.

3. Drink supplements that help keep your hair healthy such as Hair, Scalp, and Nails vitamins.

4. Treat yourself to an in- salon hair masque at least once or twice a week to get the benefits of professional quality hair masks or opt for a scalp massage to stimulate blood flow in the scalp, therefore promoting a healthy scalp.

Hope this helps and happy friday, everyone!

Take it easy, Jessy! :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I got the same problem but good thing, I used Moringa products for almost three months, no hairfall and it volumes my hair.:)

  2. I know it was thesis month for the higher years. One thing that help a lot is eat well and avoid junk food. Substitute your unhealthy snack with fruits.

  3. Hi Ms.Martha! I'm your silent follower,love reading your blogs. Zenutrients argan shampoo and conditioner and Pantene conditioner are really good for falling hair. Can I just say an organic brand Be Organic Bath and Body has great hair products too.Please do a review of affordable make up like ever bilena,fashion 21 and nichido. More power to you our beauty junkee.😊

  4. My mom has very thin hair, wala pa sa 1/4 ng hair ko ang hair nya. I told her not to shampoo her hair everyday but the problem is, her scalp gets oily if she washed it every other day. Will recommend her the zenutrients. While on the contrary, I have super kapal frizzy hair, and one of my most fave conditioner is the pantene 3 minute miracle, it soften my hair. I also use mineral oil but I might switch to moringa malunggay. Thanks for sharing the products listed above Ms.Martha.

  5. Available sa sampleroom ung Zenutrients Gugo, ipatry ko nga to sa husband ko pati ung Moringa. Thanks Ms. Martha

  6. Having concerns with this too, as thin hair runs in my genes, especially from my mom's side. I am really looking for ways to thicken my hair. I saw this infrared treatment for the hair that they shown in a TV medical show The Doctors (Sorry will do further research because I have forgotten the exact name of the treatment). It must be only available in the US only. They did a feature on women who were having female baldness. In the meantime, I would like to try your suggestions in here. Thanks Ms. Martha

  7. I'm a big fan of Zenutrients and Moringa O2! I've tried them because my mom has really fine and thin hair, and she uses strenthening products to keep them a bit durable. I particularly like the conditioner from the Moringa O2 line! Love the citrusy scent and its hair smoothening properties. Pantene on the other hand is a household staple. The 3-minute miracle conditioner is a lifesaver! <3 I also agree about castor oil! I use the same trick for my brows and lashes and they've been more lush and healthy since I started rubbing some castor oil on them :)

  8. Experienced the same problem way back! At first I thought anti-hairfall shampoos and conditioners can do the trick. But no, they couldn't. What worked for me was the Moringa O2 malunggay hair set (shampoo, conditioner, serum). I also used the gugo serum from zenutrients, which is exceptionally light on the hair. :) For maintenance, I regularly apply the Moringa o2 hair serum. It smells good yet not sticky. :) It's affordable too! Don't forget to have fun as well. Sometimes, it's the stress that worsens the hairfall. :) If all these affordable tricks fail, you can opt to use Novuhair.

  9. I also have fine and limp hair. Pantene has always been my favorite in keeping my hair healthy and shiny. Though I'd like to try the gugo shampoo and conditioner and moringa. Thanks for the tips Ms. M. 😊

  10. Thank you for all the tips and suggestions! <3


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