JBL Portables: Music Everywhere + Clip 2 Speaker Review

I learned how to sing when I was 4 years old. Played the piano by 8. Played the guitar by 10 And joined my first ever musical when I was 13. Underwent voice training at the age of 20. Music is in my blood; my great grandfathers all knew how to play musical instruments and my mom and aunts were trained by their uncles to sing at an early age. This is why wherever I go, I cannot not have my music with me; listening to music is my solitary escape and it's also one of my favorite ways to think and get creative. And this is why I am loving these portables from JBL!

JBL, one of the world's best sound engineers introduces their range of portable music gadgets to music- loving Filipinos. JBL acknowledges the fast- paced, stylish, increasingly multitasking lifestyle of contemporary individuals, therefore they have developed and innovated on- the go earphones and speakers to cater to our needs without sacrificing quality and style.
JBL Stephen Curry Edition

Music is the fuel of athletes and JBL's line of sports headphones are a great addition to the routines of fitness enthusiasts. JBL recently partnered with Under Armour to develop Sports Wireless Heart Rate, a wireless pair that monitors heart rate, Reflect Series with lightning connector to Apple devices for lightning- fast connection and features noise- cancellation technology so you can tune in better. 

JBL also partnered with Stephen Curry and designed JBL Stephen Curry Edition earphones; this pair is tried and tested by Steph Curry himself to guarantee that it's sports- worthy.

JBL E55 BT (P7,290.00)

E series is a range of headphones, perfect for the music maker; stylish, comfortable, compact, and boasts of JBL's signature sound performance and excellent bass.

JBL T-Series T210 (P999.00)

T-Series is a range of in- ear headphones that I think is perfect for the city life; discreet, classy, and ergonomically- designed, T-Series lets you get through your day while listening to your favorite tunes. 

Harman Kardon Aura Plus (P17,995.00)

Harman Kardon is a range of luxury speakers, fit for any premium lifestyle. Classy, unconventional, and featuring JBL's signature sound technology; definitely an eye and ear turner!

There's also the range of portable speakers and what I have is JBL Clip 2, which is my favorite car- buddy so far; here's a review:

Clip 2 is an ultra portable, waterproof speaker; it connects via Bluetooth and comes in a myriad of colorful designs fit for the young and carefree. There is also a wired jack installed in the speakers and conveniently tucked at the back portion of the device, making it completely versatile and suitable for almost any music device. Clip 2 charges via USB.

It connects quickly and smoothly to either my mobile phone or laptop, but it can only connect to one device at a time. You can also make phone calls with the speaker, but be prepared to hear alert tones, alarms, and keyboard sounds if it is connected to your mobile phone.

As for the sound, I am impressed! It's so compact, but produces party- worthy sounds! The base is pretty good and I've always wondered how JBL was able to fit such technology in a portable device! I've been bringing it with me to road trips and even on a daily basis to keep me entertained in the car when traffic is particularly terrible; I bring it to house parties too! Playback is up to 8 hours. Is it waterproof? I haven't tried immersing it in water (and I have no plans haha!), but one time, while strolling, it rained and this one got a few drizzles on it as it was hanging from my bag and I ran in the rain without an umbrella; nothing happened to the device and it's doing very well. Really happy with this discovery and I recommend this to all music lovers; such a lovely Christmas gift! JBL Clip 2 retails at P3,099.00.

For more information about JBL and Harman Kardon products, please visit JBL PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. A must try for all the music lovers out there.

  2. I so love JBL too. My boyfriend introduced it to me and I'm a fan ever since. Super heavy duty, high quality, worth every penny. I would love to try the JBL clip too in color red. Would love to check out the Stephen Curry edition as well.

  3. I'm back reading Ms. Martha, nagloko ung net namin eh. Anyway, my 9yr old daughter loves to use earphone with her tablet. Pede bang pambata ung JBL T-Series na P999.00? I love the color of your JBL Clip 2.

  4. Can’t believe you have put it so well that even a newbie like me can understand it. Many many thanks.

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