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This weekend, I've witnessed simultaneous reveals of Christmas displays by various lifestyle establishments; there's no denying that the holidays are here. Need I say more? There's a bit of holiday chill in the air already!

You did a good job this year. No matter how bad you think you did, I know you've done a lot of good stuff too so you have to applaud yourself for that and you deserve a treat this Christmas. A new smartphone is always a neat Christmas gift idea and here's something that I will recommend: Starmobile Knight Spectra; it's a high performance smartphone with an affordable price tag; and the camera-- it's amazing!

Reviewing this unit for everyone today!

The brightest of the Starmobile series, Knight Spectra's key feature is it camera that is loaded with new innovations so you can take shots of moments and make your story come to life online. It is also the first local smartphone to offer the dual camera feature.

1. Super ReFocus- Dual Rear Camera takes photos at 10 varying lengths and compresses them in a single file.
2. Chroma Flash- takes photos with the right amount of exposure and two kinds of photos: with flash and without flash in rapid succession and combines them in a single file.
3. Opti Zoom- shoots multiple photos simultaneously at an angle so you can choose the right one to share.

Check out the rest of the specs of this product.

 Here are the contents of the box. You get the following:

1. Knight Spectra unit
2. Charger head
3. Charge cord
4. Earphones
5. Jack
6. Screen protector
7. Clear hard case
8. Bump protector
9. SIM card tray pin
10. Cleaning cloth
11. Manual

First off, I really appreciate that this product came with accessories; after purchasing any smartphone or gadget, we sometimes have no more room to buy the essential accessories and good to know that Knight Spectra threw in a screen protector and case!

The glass- like body makes you feel like you're holding jewelry, not a smartphone; it's sleek, solid, and luxe that my fiance thought it's an iPhone. However, body is pretty slippery so you have to handle it carefully or use the provided case for a better grip on it.

The controls are sensitive to touch: it responds fairly quickly with just a light touch, but it can be too sensitive at times that I sometimes end up altering my settings when I'm using the phone and have to be interrupted. Note to self: lock the phone if you have to attend to something asap!

It runs on Qualcomm Octacore CPU and has an expandable 32GB memory; okay, I won't pretend that I know how to distinguish a good OS from a bad one so I'll just say that Qualcomm Octacore, whatever are you, you are pretty fast and smooth!

The 5.5. inch, full AMOLED display lets you view videos, blog posts, photos, and play games with crisp colors.

As for the sound, it's loud enough that it feels like it's attached to a speaker when it's on full blast and I think that's beautiful.

By the way, it also has the DTV feature that lets you watch T.V. shows with cable- like quality. Just sync the phone with your television and wait for it to scan the channels.

One cool feature of the camera: LED light! There is a camera option that lets you illuminate an object if you're in a dark place with the built- in Bulb. No need to lug around your bulky selfie ring light anymore!

Starmobile Knight Spectra is proud of its camera features so I took it out on a spin:

Back camera, Auto

Look at how it captured the details and colors!

Front camera, Auto

Whoops! Someone's been skipping applying sunscreen on her neck LOL!

Methinks that this phone has a neutral color pattern in the system that's why when it captures colors, it's not too cool nor too warm; it captured the photo genuinely and without any dominant undertone.

For the succeeding photos, I used one subject only and shot it using different camera settings for better comparison:

Night Mode

Wow! Look at that ambient feel and color of the photo; Knight Spectra's Night Mode has a habit of making subjects look heartwarming and inviting.

Star Camera

With Star Camera, even if the subject is close and despite using flash, the colors of the subject appear true and the photo, never over exposed; it even focused on the product clearly.

Photo with Bulb

The Bulb option is when you don't want to use flash, but would want to illuminate the subject; works well in capturing the product in places with minimal to absent lighting. It's also great to use for a groufie in clubs where there's practically little lighting!

With flash

Not a huge fan of the flash though, but at least the scattered flash effect prevented light from bouncing and creating a stark white photo.

Battery life is pretty good: it can last for 2 days on standby and a full day if you use it heavily for gaming, music, and browsing.

P.S. The volume buttons function as a camera button for the front camera and Burst settings.

Knight Spectra retailed at P14,000 upon launching; there might be a minimal price increase now. Still, it won't cost you more than 20k for the specs that are almost as good as a luxury smartphone!

If you can go a little over 10k or 12k for a smartphone, go for Knight Spectra then; it's luxury at an affordable price and the impressive camera features will let you capture your holiday memories perfectly!

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  1. Seems like their cameras are much better now than before. My husband's phone is from Starmobile, the problem is some of the apps cannot be move to memory card.

  2. What really caught my attention is the sim card tray pin. hahaha. As I just see that with iphone and even it's physical look it looks like an iphone. Cool! Plus it's local so thumbs up for that. Wooohhh!

  3. Well, if love taking selfies anytime and anywhere, then the Knight Spectra might be a good match! I love how crisp and clear the pictures are even at low light! I bet other smartphones out there can do that much clarity than Knight Spectra. I will definitely check this smartphone soon! And hello to more instagrammable photos and selfies! <3

  4. Two thumbs up for pinoy-made smartfones! :) And yes I also liked all the additional accessories.

  5. nanay and papa's mobile phones were both starmobile.. quality mobile phones!

  6. I guess this sounds much much better than the star mobile that I purchased a year ago. I hope this is light weight already because the one I bought was heavy and a bit bulky. Will check it out when I have a chance. =)

  7. This is a good smartphone with an accessories pa. Very good ang battery life and proudly pinoy made.

  8. Love the specs! Battery life is pretty amazing too. I love the morning shots. The night/dim shots are so-so but is definitely better than the others. Would love to try this one when I change my phone :)

  9. Luisa Andrea GarciaNovember 13, 2016 at 3:46 PM

    That looks good! The quality and features look very oromising. I am currently looking for a new smartphone and I might add this to my options. Thank you for the cool review! 😍

  10. Thank you for this review. I have been looking for a neutral-toned front camera for my selfies :)


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