TBJ TRAVELS TOKYO JAPAN 2016 5: Best Places To Eat In Tokyo

Sorry this came in late; got really busy somewhere along the way!

For the last installment of our TBJ Travels Tokyo Japan 2016 and before I begin blogging about TBJ Travels Cairns, Australia 2016, here's a quick post on the best places to eat your heart out in when in Tokyo!


This fantasy cafe located at the second floor of a building near one of the entrances to Takeshita (the one going to Omotesando) is inspired by one of Japan's leading character and cartoon series.

Such a whimsical place! I died and went straight to cartoon heaven!

The food is nothing short of cute and amazing; we ordered coffee, pancakes, and cake for afternoon snack. The food here can get pretty costly because it's a branded cafe, but if you're after all that cuteness and sweets, this is the place to be.


The Japanese love their crepes and at Takeshita, Marion Crepes is the crepe of choice. Wasn't able to taste some as the line was too long! Hope the line won't be long when it's your turn to visit. :)


A huge part of my childhood was spent on Playstation and Capcom games, particularly Resident Evil and Devil May Cry so a visit at the Capcom Bar at Pasela Resorts, Shinjuku was a must!

Capcom Bar is a pretty small restaurant that serves on a first come first served basis; an individual or group can stay for roughly an hour only to give way to other customers.

True to the nature of Capcom, the servers put up a little show every time they serve orders and it depends on the character that inspired your food. For example, if you order something from the Resident Evil Menu, they'll act like zombies or as one of the characters fighting zombies. How fun!

Devil May Cry menu. Aaaah, the drinks, they're so cool!

 TOP, L-R: From Street Fighter Menu (Shrimp and Fried Rice); From Resident Evil Menu (Brain Cake)
BOTTOM: From Biohazard Resident Evil Menu (Vodka with syrup); From Devil May Cry Menu (Chicken fingers and fries)

The food is decent, albeit a little costly. Didn't mind though because I knew I was paying for the experience and also, the cool presentations of the food!

A refreshing grape juice from Devil May Cry Menu.


One of my most watched cartoon series when I was younger was Gundam; I have a brother so I also shared his interest in guns, fighting games, and robots while growing up. That's why when I spotted Gundam Cafe while strolling along Akihabara, I had to go!

Inside the Gundam cafe, Gundam series are playing on loop; there's also a Gundam robot that will welcome you at the entrance and another one overseeing the cafe. There's a mini souvenir shop right beside the entrance too. I only had coffee in this place as I was too full for a meal, not even dessert. Food is pretty pricey though, but then again, you're paying for the experience!


Japanese people love their red bean desserts and Mihashi Ueno is a popular, classic favorite for over 70 years now; the shop in Ueno still stands on its original location!

The Anmistu (or Red Bean) paste by Mihashi is still being cooked traditionally; the paste is rich, smoky, and nutty, something that I've never tasted before; never knew that I will actually like Red Bean! Mihashi serves Anmitsu with ice cream, mochi, and fruits; there are combinations to choose from.

TIP: If there will be two or more of you visiting Mihashi, everyone must order. Otherwise, those who won't eat would have to stay outside.


It took years for Pablo to finally open in the Philippines so I decided to look for it in my recent Japan trip last June 2016.

Pablo is Japan's famous cheese tart brand. Aside from the tarts, the cheese tart milkshakes. Yum!


Omotesando may be an upscale district, but there's an affordable sushi place here that a lot of budget travelers love visiting for their sushi fix: Heiroku Sushi.

Heiroku Sushi serves their meals through a convenient sushi train.

My faves are the salmon and tuna sushi, and seared shrimp with roe and mayonnaise sushi. Yum!

If you're on a budget, here are some cheap eats to keep in mind when in Japan:

Around the city, you will find little food shops that serve either Ramen or bento meals.

For roughly about Y500 or P250.00+, you can already have a full meal like this beef bento.

 These affordable restaurants take orders via a machine.

There are also big plates for big eaters like this soba and tonkatsu with rice combo. This set is only P300.00+ when converted!

So that concludes my Tokyo, Japan 2016 travel diaries. Do let me know if you have questions about your trip! Up next, TBJ Travels Cairns, Australia 2016!

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  1. Abigail Dela VictoriaNovember 3, 2016 at 2:32 PM

    JAPAN ❤❤ the country that I'm really really excited to visit and to experience. From disneyland, anime down to their kawaii shops hayyy japan, can't help falling in love with you haha 😍 I'd definitely go back to this post when I already have the chance to visit it. I'd live to try this all especially the mihashi ueno, pablo (even they already opened their branch here) authentic ramen and bento meals! 😭😭 Really great post Ms. Martha! Have a good day!

  2. Ang sarap naman. At ang cute ng presentation. Parang ang hirap tuloy kainin eh. Meron din palang mejo murang pagkain, which is I like most, Ramen. Thanks for this post Ms. Martha, will wait for your Cairns, Australia travel.

  3. I think this is my favorite post so far. I love this post not because I'm going to Japan (but I hope soon huhu) but because I love Japan! I love watching anime, I love their movies, I love cute Japanese products, I love their chocolates and candies, and of course I love Japanese food! I'm a big fan of ramen and sushi <3 the last Japanese resto that we went to was at Dohtonbori, I love their food! Thanks for this post Ms. Martha, would like to ty Pablo soon since it we have it here in Philippines. I'm interested in Heiroku Sushi too, most of Japanese restos here offere authentic Japanese food but so expensive, seems that that resto offers cheaper food. Thanksss for this post! My favorite :)

  4. Drooling at the moment lol. I'm gonna put these cafes and bars on my list so I can visit them if ever I go to Japan. Hihi! I really enjoyed reading this blog, Ms. Martha. I knew you had a great time at Japan! Maybe someday I will, too. Thanks for sharing your adventures! <3

  5. I love Japan! one of my bucket list:) you had a great food adventure Martha.. I envy you..ehehe I would like to try the marion crepes and that bento meals, how does it taste?

  6. I guess you've eaten a lot :)
    Oh Japan, I wish I'd visit this place in my lifetime... I would love to eat at Econeco Cafe - such a fan of cartoon themed cafe and also at Hello Kitty Cafe (wink)... Pablo is such a haven for me, I loooove cheese tarts a lot, like I can eat cheese tarts for a week! Those Ramen and Bento meals are pro-budget for travelers out there!

  7. This post makes me hungry. Definitely, will keep this in mind or probably share it to my friends also so that when we will go to Japan. We already have a go-to list. Thanks Ms. M! =)

  8. You love to eat talaga no Ms.M? Everytime I hear the word "Japan", the first thing that comes in my mind is "Technology" and Cosplay hehe. Isa yan sa mga country na gusto kong mapuntahan, but first, I would love to travel the beautiful places of Pinas muna hehe (mas mura). Anyway, you did not visit makeup shops Ms.M?

  9. I'm here in Japan 🇯🇵 now sana makapunta ako ng tokyo Sabi ng ate ko sobrang Ganda dyan haha how I wish .. tourist Lang ako dito Sa march uwe ko sana bago ako umuwe makapunta muna ako ng Tokyo.. ❤️❤️

  10. Ma Sarap ang ramen ng Japan lalo na ngayun Tagal ig na ❄️😱😱

  11. Food trip!!! I want to do so when I go abroad. Haha. I so love food and fancy places so this list will definitely be bookmarked! Can't wait to try both fancy and affordable places. I so love crepe I would definitely fall in line for that. So love the Econeco cafe. :) I might say pass with the Capcam and gundam cafe since I'm not so much of a fan. The rest, I would love to try them all!

  12. Ahhh Japan... Hope i can travel abroad and visit you someday. Thanks for sharing your adventures Ms. Martha :)

  13. The fantasy cafe is so cute so adorable WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I won't be able to go to Japan this year as I have a lot of work and I got bitten by a dog :( so I have so little time to process everything I need. Haaaaay. But hopefully will be able to come really soon :) But thanks for sharing your Japan Trip. So happy to read all of the things you've done there :) Waiting for the Australia Trip :)

  14. More, please! <3 This is so amazing. I've never been to Japan and I'm dying to try all of these places - especially the Gundam Cafe!


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