The New Zenutrients + My new fave from Zenutrients!

My favorite local, all- natural skin care brand, Zenutrients,  has just had a posh revamp. The new Zenutrients logo is now embossed in a black label, giving it a more modern feel. Still the same amazing products!

Speaking of something new, there's also a new Zenutrients product that I am loving lately.

Tadah! Meet Zenutrients Strawberry Lip Butter!

Nourishing lip products are vital to my nightly routine. #DryLipsProblems. I am welcome to trying almost any Lip Butter or nourishing treatment that comes my way so I welcomed Zenutrients Strawberry Lip Butter with open arms. It is made with natural ingredients and leaves a lovely reddish hue, which is a naturally occurring color. It has a semi- glossy finish and infuses my skin with lightweight but hardworking moisture. It has a pleasant strawberry scent. I have been using it for three days straight now and I've been waking up with lusciously soft lips since then. I'm making this baby a part of my night time routine!

Go check out the new Zenutrients and Strawberry Lip Butter by visiting ZENUTRIENTS on Facebook.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! Interesting product. I would love to try it out some day. :)

  2. Wow! I want to try the Strawberry Lip Butter. Having problems with dry lips too!!!Thanks for the suggestion Ms M

  3. I love Zenutrients' new look! Looks prettier. I really swear by their gugo serum. It helped lessen my hairfall. That new lip butter looks yummy, literally! I super love strawberry flavored food or lip balms so this one would definitely fit my taste. :) Excited to try that out

  4. Nice product! I will try this soon! <3

  5. wow I like the new packaging of Strawberry Lip Butter, this is such a great product which I bring whenever I go.

  6. Available to sa sampleroom. Thanks for the review Ms. Martha.


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