A word on DIY Braces

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This is what DIY Braces can do to you

While I was randomly browsing through Facebook, I discovered a beauty product and trend that spells nightmare: DIY BRACES. 

When I was in high school, some of my moneyed friends were wearing braces; I wanted to sport one too, but later on in life, I learned that it's not just for vanity; though it seems like an accessory, braces are considered a corrective medical procedure and it can only be worn by people who need it - not those who want it.

What are the benefits of DIY Braces? It's trendy, affordable, accessible, and a cheap alternative to dentist- administered braces, which is good news for those who want to straighten their teeth. But that's about it. Now here are the perils and they far outweigh the benefits:

First, let's get to know more this nightmarish beauty trend. DIY Braces is prevalent in all parts of the globe; it rose to popularity as it has become an option for people in countries where health care and insurance ain't cheap, but was later on adopted as a fashion statement (wtf!).

What constitutes a DIY Braces kit?

1. Clamps
2. Wire
3. Teeth Cement
4. Elastics
5. Metal hook (to adjust the braces and set the clamps)

In the Philippines, you can find them online and on Facebook. A set ranges from P1,200 to P1,600 and you can buy some parts individually in case you need to replenish.

How much does a professionally- administered pair of aligners cost nowadays? During my time in high school, it's around P20,000; it's probably double the price by now. Given the disparity in price between professional and DIY aligners, who wouldn't be tempted to buy the cheap one, right?

But before you click the buy button, here are the perils of DIY braces and installing aligners on your own:

1. We are not sure if these products were made in sanitary factories or if they have been inspected by a health authority to assure cleanliness.
2. The teeth cement, we are not sure if this was formulated in a clean environment and if it has passed strict product standards.
3. Faulty application can cause teeth to become more crooked instead of straightened; worse, teeth may get pulled out and grow in a different direction! How would you know if application is faulty? You won't because you are not a dentist.
4. Can damage bone and jaw.
5. DIY elastic braces can eat away at the gums and cause infection.
6. Can cause infection which may result to complete teeth loss, heart failure or worse, DEATH.

If you're still not convinced, watch this Youtube video:

There is a reason why aligners (braces) are priced as such; they are customized to suit your teeth and mouth's shape and to address your specific needs. There is also a reason why Dentists charge such amount to install braces/aligners; they spent a considerable amount of time and money studying how to improve your teeth's condition without killing you, like the DIY Braces.

I urge everyone to not consider DIY Braces as an alternative EVER and to also report and urge online stores that sell such things to stop selling these dangerous things.

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20 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is really informative Ms. M. Thank you for the advance warning

  2. I've been seeing this on the internet and on the news as well. Really horrifying! My dentist for more than a decade now is actually an orthodontist and even though I have one misaligned tooth, she does not suggest that I get braces because it has never caused me any problems, as opposed to my bro who had badly misaligned teeth which used caused his gums to bleed (sorry if graphic!).

    In addition to not buying any of those DIY kits, I also highly suggest to go to an orthodontist you could really trust, one who will tell you honestly if you need it or not, and will not intentionally prolong the process of straightening out your teeth just so you would pay more (as they charge per session, on top of the initial payment).

  3. I won't do this ever in my life even if it's cheap, NO way. It would just cost us more if it's not done by a professional and it's really not for selfish thinking of because it's trendy, it's cool because it is invented for more than that. Thank you for sharing Ms. Martha but can't bear to watch the video or even look at the pictures.

  4. What DIY Braces? I will not do it on my own. Good thing my teeth are all aligned, no need for this. If ever in my family needs a braces, I will not let them try the DIY Braces. Its their safety. Mag ipon ipon muna bago pumunta sa Dentist at tiyak na hindi ka mapapahamak.

  5. I don't understand why some people deliberately put their oral health at risk by putting on these fake braces. Braces are not attractive or cute. I've had mine for 2 years and I can't wait to get it off!

  6. I have my braces for 5 years and it's not fun at all. People think it's a status symbol or a way for them to look cool but in reality it is not. I hope these people realized that before they try things just to be "IN" they should consider the health risks it may cost them.

  7. I wore braces back in high school because I have sungki plus my aunt did it (we only paid for the materials) so it's cheaper than normal. Some people think it's cute, but no, it's freaking hell! You can't eat properly, sleep properly, it's even hard to talk. I sometimes cry at school especially after the adjustment. I can't imagine that someone made this DIY braces. :(

  8. Naku! Nafakatakot, its better to consult specialist for doing braces, Hindi dapat isacrifice ung katipiran para lang magpaganda kung delikado naman dba. Salanat po Sa information Ms. martha

  9. HOLY LORD. If those pictures are not enough to scare off anyone from DIY-ing this, I don't know what is. Truly truly horrifying.

  10. Horror!!

    Also, NOT ALL dentists can put braces. There are dentists who attend a course or two on Orthodontics (specifically on braces) and that's the end. Please look for an Orthodontist if you are considering having braces.

  11. napaka cheap po and very unsafe kasi kita naman po sa mga pics you posted, parang nakakatakot naman po yan! mga manloloko, tyaka walang maloloko kung walang magpapaloko, just to have beautiful teeth? hmp! NO WAY! never pako ngpagawa-gawa sa ngipin, halos cleaning lang po pinapagawa ko sa dentist ko, other that that po wala na.

  12. Super kalat kasi talaga sa atin ang mga DIY chuchu. Many teenagers try this thing because they think na trendy lang, and cheap too! But they didn't know the cons of using this DIY braces. For some, okay siya but for most of us, a big no no talaga. I beleive that the PDA already released a statement regarding this na illegal siya sa atin. Yung iba kasi makasunod lang sa uso talaga. DIY braces don’t have a proper arch wire and they are not fitted by a professional, the brackets are not positioned properly to put the right amount of pressure on the teeth. Imbis na maging okay yung teeth natin, lalong papangit. So no talaga. No way!

  13. Oh lordy! This looks so painful! There's a reason why dentists study their craft for years and they charge their patients a lot of money, it's because doing this yourself if very dangerous, you can risk making your teeth fall off if they're moved too quickly or incorrectly. And the damage one may cause may be irreversible. That's also why braces have to be worn for years.

  14. Oh no! As a person with braces, hindi nakakaganda or nakaka trend ang pag suot ng braces!It's painful. (Really) Every monthly adjust, I always suffer in pain for about a week before I can eat properly. So to everyone na nagbabalak for DIY braces, please. Do yourself a favor. DON'T. Love your teeth and be thankful that you don't need correcting methods for your pearly whites! :)

  15. I knew a couple of people who have resorted to these DIY braces. They thought it was cool and would not listen to my advice. I'll have them watch this YT video, Miss Martha. Thank you!

  16. Oh no! I have "sungki" teeth and i need braces but i can't afford it so i have to live my life with unperfect set of teeth. i wouldn't take a risk with that DIY. Braces application needs to be done by licensed "tooth doctors" not by everyone who can buy the DIY set.

  17. Arrrrrghhhh! This one is really hilarious! Ang dami kong nakikitang ganitong cases sa FB and sobrang naakabahala. We shouldn't risk our health so dapat talaga as much as possible dn tayo sa legit.

  18. This is really an unsafe act. I won't do something like this. Nooooooo!

  19. This is crazy! I've had braces before and it's not an easy process. Why are people even creating or manufacturing products like these that could even be fatal? Fashion over safety? definitely a no-no!

  20. Gross, grabe naman!
    Thank you for sharing this post po, hope everyone reads it!


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