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FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Can you use two serums at the same time?

Happy Friday! It's been a damp week, but nothing's stopping people from celebrating the holidays! Christmas is only a week away!

Our question for today is from Charm and she asks:

Hi Ms. Martha,
I would like to seek your advice regarding serums. I have recently purchased two serums (one for brightening and the other one for sebum control). Is it okay to use two at the same time? Or should I use one during the day and the other one at night. You answer will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Charm!

Like you, I use around two serums too, depending on my needs. On a normal day, I use a serum with a rejuvenating effect. If I have post- acne marks, I use a whitening serum and apply on areas that needed it only.

The most important thing I'd like to note are the textures of the serums you are using. If one has, say, an oil formula, best to apply the other at night or after the lighter serum so it won't feel heavy and thick.

Personally, I would only use one during daytime to cut my preparation time and indulge at night. The number of times you apply serum depends on you and your needs, really; just make sure that both products will be properly absorbed so your skin will feel comfortable throughout the day.

Hope this helps!

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I haven't tried serum. I am really confused with all the stuff for the skin. I am gonna check the stuff I use and will ask about it as well. But as of the moment like what you said, I am using certain products depending on my needs.

  2. Ooh, this is interesting! I have a question Ms. M! What's the best primer is best for dry skin? The silicone type or the one that has watery formula? Hope to hear it from you! Thanks Ms. M! xx

  3. Great tips Madam Martha! I will send a question too!! :D

  4. Serum is my favorite part of the skin care routine. I believe that they have the most concentrated ingredients your skin could ask for. They make your skin glowing the next day and helps to improve elasticity too! I personally think that you can use any serums, as long as you educate yourself on this product. Not all serums are created equally, there are many fakes so I would suggest that you should really invest :) Also, take time to feel the ingredients penetrating in your skin, let it rest for 5 mins then apply other skin care products you wanted :) I am also using two serums, and just like you Ms. M, I used the one in day, and the other one in night :) Thanks for sharing Ms. M!

  5. I love serums too! I have one from Farmstay and another from Olay I use daily. I use the Olay one forst and wait until its fully absorbed and then I use the other one on my dark pimple scars and massage it in until it's properly absorbed. If I'm in a hurry like you I use them alternately, I just use the Olay one before leaving the house and the Farmstay one at night.

  6. This is indeed a very interesting question. I'll think of something that I could definitely ask to you Ms. Martha. :)

  7. ooh i have never tried this :)

  8. Salamat po sa information ms. Martha. It's really a great help sa mga taong nagdadalawang isip gumamit ng serums :)

  9. I love serums and I do pile up serums during night time as you said I also indulge kasi I have ample time at night :) thanks for the tips :)

  10. During hot months I use lightweight serum and sometimes I skip moisturizer. Though, during colder months I use two serum because I have combination skin I apply moisture boosting serum cheeks and pore minimizing serum on my t-zone.

  11. Me, I used only one serum at night. It's Olay Regenerist. Pede palang dalawa ang gamitin. I have one pa from The Body Shop, Drops of Light Brightening Serum, (prize ko sa FB game nila) hindi ko pa nagagamit. Actually, hindi ko kase alam kung para saan. Hehehe Balak ko pagkaubos na ng Olay tsaka ko gamitin.

  12. Thanks for the immediate response, Miss M! 😍 It's been a week since I started using both serums (brightening in the am and the sebum control at night) and so far I am loving the results! Thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas!

  13. I'm quite a lazy girl in terms of my skincare routine and I usually just wash, tone, moisturize and apply an undereye cream for my eyebags. But, I understand that every serum addresses specific issues and skin types and the most essential thing is that we give enough time for our skin to absorb each product that we use to maximize its efficiency.


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