Help Aleron Compete in Europe this 2017!

One little known fact about me is I used to be a part of a choir throughout my grade school life. I've always been fascinated about chorales and mesmerized by the amalgam of beautiful voices filling the air.

One of the best contemporary choirs for me to date is Aleron, an all- male ensemble; of course I am biased because most of them are friends who hailed from Ateneo, but believe me, when you hear them sing, you can't help but be proud.

In fact, they are really something to be proud of; last year, Aleron bagged the grand prize in the South Korea choir competition in Busan; they competed with other choir groups from all over Asia.

Next year, they are vying to compete in a European chorale competition and they need our support; I'm sure they will bring honor to the country and this will not happen without us. With that, please support Aleron by purchasing their Christmas album called Dakilang Hiwaga.

Arranged and conducted by Christopher Arceo, Dakilang Hiwaga features joyous Christmas classics and originals that will bring more warmth to your holidays. For more details on how you can purchase the fundraising album, please visit ALERON on Facebook for details and for more information on their concerts.

Here are snippets of the album songs:

They will also hold a Christmas serenade today at 3pm, 21 OsmeƱa st. Xavierville Phase 3, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. For tickets, please contact Kenneth Lee at 0917-7952520.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. After you posted this, I searched about them and listen to their amazing voices. They sing from the heart, and I believe they make all the Filipinos proud! Ganyan dapat mga binabalita sa TV, not those news na non sense. Governement should support them in the best way. Super talented nila, and I've got goosebumps whenever they sing. Super ganda, amazing. I'm now a fan! Definitely the winged one, soar high Aleron Choir!

  2. Ahh.. YES! I've seen their videos! totally ang ganda po talaga nilang pakinggan! I admit, natouch ng super ang damdamin ko, may isa nga po silang inawit na naluha po ako..I'm so proud of them! kadugo natin nanalo sa ibang bansa! Sa 2017, EUROPE naman!! tlgang aabangan ko po iyan! kahit sa TV ko lang po mapapanood. I'll pray for them po ng todo2!!

  3. I also used to be a part of a choir in our church, and it is a fulfilling task to always sing worship songs in front of the crowd.

    Let us all support ALERON as they continue to give pride for our beloved country. :)

  4. They sound amazing. Gosh.

  5. How I really love all your blogs about Filipino talents that not everyone knows. I've always been saying this all through out your blogs that I really do like to read something like this and I am thanking you Ms. Martha for using your talent as well in sharing good things. Aleron will make it!

  6. Goodluck to ALERON! I'm sure they will make us proud! <3

  7. I love listening to choirs, last week I did shell out 1,500 for an orphanage in exchange for a Christmas carol :) they were a group of teens (boys & girls) one with guitar and the other with violin! I guess their less than 10 but their voices were so pure and lovely! My tears fell down when they were humming the Pasko Na Sinta Ko song with the violin... I am touched and I would love to help in my simple ways to those who need it most! Will check this out and spread the news!

  8. Im not talented in singing but I used to be a Rondalla member in our Parish way back my grade six til College. We played musical instrument during mass and special occassion. Also we do carolling. Oh I missed those days. Anyway, Goodluck Aleron. Will pray for your competition.

  9. Hi Ms. Martha, I am currently in a choir here in our parish. I sing alto. Hope I can see shows of Aleron in the near future. Cheers!


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