Koyudo Fu-Pa 02 Brush Review + Price

Here's a review on Koyudo Fu-Pa 02 Brush.

PRICE: P4,250.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Akahana Manila on Instagram; Beauty MNL website


Every makeup aficionado knows that Japanese makeup brushes are some of the revered brushes in the beauty universe and for sure, everyone wants to have one (and I am not spared!); I finally got a neat chance to own one last year through Akahana Manila and it's Koyudo Fu-Pa 02, this perfect brush for buffing full coverage foundation evenly onto the skin and spot application of liquid and cream products on the face!


Made from premium Goat (Hakutotsuho) hair, Fu-Pa 02 is for even application of full coverage foundation, both liquid and powder.

What makes premium Japanese makeup brushes legendary is it's made from high quality hair using traditional Japanese weaving techniques wherein the bristles are sewn into the handles by hand; Koyudo is one of these premium brands along with Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo, Houkodou, and Suqqu to name a few. Nice to own something that's both luxurious and mirrors a bit of history at the same time.

Koyudo Fu-Pa 02 comes in a cylinder paper box with just the name of the brand simply engraved on the center of the cover. Simple and elegant.


The brush has a round head and feels soft, but not flimsy; tight, but has a decent amount of flexibility. This brush works with liquid, cream, and powder foundations. I like the compactness of the brush because it allows me to even out the coverage of foundation sans the streakiness and buffs every single drop of foundation onto the skin. The short, stout lacquered wooden handle allows for better control and precise application.

I used Fu- Pa 02 to work Flormar Soft Touch Mat Foundation, a full coverage foundation, on my skin; the brush evened out the coverage and at the same time, made it look more natural- looking. I also love using this brush as an alternative to Kabuki Brush on cream foundation because it spreads it out evenly and prevents a cakey coverage. Also, it works well in covering marks: swipe the brush on foundation and dab it on the areas where you want a more concentrated coverage.

The brush sheds a little during usage and after a few uses; this was also advised by Koyudo so I appreciate being informed what to expect on a certain product; I think this is due to the traditional weaving technique used in the brush. Also, this brush is REALLY soft and gentle on the skin; it's perfect for people with sensitive skin!

Koyudo, compared to its other counterparts, is much cheaper, but quality is pretty good. So is it worth it to go the extra mile for these luxury Japanese brushes? I can't come up with a conclusion because I've only tried one, but so far, if you want a brush that's virtually scratch- free, try Japanese brushes because they're one of the softest I have used and choose something that is versatile such as Koyudo Fu-Pa 02 to maximize your buck.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm very much fond of brushes because I used them every time I apply makeups and powders, I owned real techniques brushes which is kind of affordable and is within my budget.. I've never experience using brushes made from Japan which upon reading the blog I really find it quite nice but i think it's too pricey for just one brush in my own opinion and considering my budget.. kaya hanggang tingin na Lang muna ako.. but it looks natural and the coverage is nice I like it, I do have lots of blemishes and pimple scars to hide ..thumbs up for this brush 😊💕 IG: @my_tseree

  2. Masyadong mahal to para sakin Ms. Martha. This for the review.

  3. Very expensive madam. For 1brush alone cost Php4,250??? Wow! For that amount I can purchase a lot of makeups na madam. Hehe or even Cellphone. But as I read your review, very nice and di ka talaga manghihinayang sa perang panambili.. for rich kid lang to Ms. Martha. :-)

  4. The price...I can buy a whole set of brush but, the you can't set aside the quality of this brush. I'm just filthy rich I won't think twice on purchasing this work of art lol!

  5. The coverage on your face using this brush is so nice and clean. Well, I expect products from Japan really g8ves the best. But it's just expensive.

  6. I agree with you Ms. Martha! I tried Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo and Koyudo. I have yet to try Suqqu and others. I must say, these are the best quality brushes I have ever encountered. EVER! I never went back to my old brushes once I started using these. Super easy and smooth application and they pick up product really well (better than my old ones). I wanna try Wayne Goss' brushes since it's also made in Japan. ❤️

  7. 1,980 pesos at koyudophilippines (instagram)


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