Maquillage Makeup Collection Review + Price + Swatch

Here's a review on Maquillage Makeup.

PRICE: BB Base- P1,650.00; Eyeshadow- P1,500.00; Lip Rouge- P1,150.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Shiseido boutiques


In case you are wondering, yes, Shiseido has an exclusive brand targeted to younger millennial women; it's Maquillage, a makeup in dainty, cool packaging. It's been here for quite a while now and I thought of shining some light on this makeup brand by Shiseido. I'm reviewing some of their products today.


In here, we have: Maquillage Perfect Multi Base BB, Maquillage Dramatic Mood Eyes, and Maquillage Essence Gel Rouge.

Dramatic Mood Eyes is an eyeshadow palette featuring 2 lid colors, 1 brow highlighter, and one cake eyeliner.

 PK 717 features soft pastel hues.

As with all Japanese makeup products, these have a mild shimmer payoff. From left to right, we have the following colors:

Highlighter- pale gold
Lower Lid Color- amethyst pink
Crease Color- taupe brown
Liner- soft brown

The eyeshadows have a smooth, semi- dry texture, making it perfect for those with oily lids, but still, you need to wear an eye primer with this one.

Essence Gel Rouge are lip color-lip serum treatments in one product. Shiseido boasts of this product's 3-Layer Separation Technology: the formula contains three oils that repel each other and when lips are pressed together, the layers separate, creating a mega lustrous finish. The layers are Shape Memory Layer that helps preserve the product's shape on the lips, Luster Regeneration Layer that apparently regenerates shine when activated by rubbing, and Color and Moisture Adhesive Layer that seals the product on the lips.

Texture is a soft, bouncy gel-oil and has a light rose scent. It feels nice and cushiony on the lips! Staying power is okay, but you have to retouch it completely when you eat because it comes off entirely due to its texture. It leaves lips moisturized the entire day.

Perfect Multi Base BB is a base that comes in two shades: Light and Natural. This is Natural and is meant to be worn by medium to medium dark skin. What it promises to do is provide a smoothing, correcting, sun- protecting, and moisturizing coverage while helping improve the wear time of makeup up to 10 hours. Natural is a light beige shade with a yellow undertone. Texture is a light cream with a semi- matte finish.


Bare face

One layer of Perfect Multi Base BB in Natural

Their darkest is still too light for me, but one nice property of this product is it cancels out redness, mild pigmentation, and dull skin in a flash; just top it with a shade matching foundation and you're good to go. If you're lucky and any of the available shades matches your skin tone, then you can just seal it with a setting powder. The lightweight, demi- matte finish makes it a good base and for oily skin. For those with dry skin, moisturize prior to usage because the semi- matte finish may affect your skin during wear.

I wore a shade- matching powder foundation on top of the product. Another thing to love about this product is its good oil control that affects the wear time and freshness of your makeup look. My makeup stays fresh for about 5 hours and oil seeps through my T-Zone on the 3rd hour; these are pretty good numbers for me!

Dramatic Mood Eyes in PK717 on my lids

The shadows have good texture, but I'm having trouble making the colors appear the way I want them to appear on my lids; pigmentation is just okay so my morena skin is passing up on this one. On the other hand, if you have fair skin, this product is a good choice because colors are soft and won't appear stark on a fair canvas, plus payoff is quite controllable too.


Pale rose pink.

This subtle shade gives lips a discreet plumping effect and a color that enhances the natural color of the lips.


Midtone rose

A classic rose- tinted gloss.

The finish, texture, shades, and price point of the products are targeted towards the younger millennials; the packaging is superbly chic, I can't get enough of it. Among all the products, I recommend Perfect Multi Base BB and Essence Gel Rouge.


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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. So pretty! I love every colors!

  2. Your lips looks supple and healthy...a break from usual torrents of mattes nowadays.

    1. True! My lips could use a break too with these lippies :D

  3. Can't really take my eyes off this really cute plate. hihihi. But wait, the final looks so gorg!!!! So simple yet elegant and look so clean. Parang no make up look lang. Napakasoft ng look. I want this type of look.

    1. Got the plate from ErgoHome at SM MOa! :D

  4. I super duper love its packaging. So elegant and pleasing to my eyes. Yes, you were right Miss Martha, it is superbly chic and I think, millenials would go crazy over these set from Shiseido. 😉😉😉

  5. Gusto ko yung Midtone Rose kaso masyadong mahal for a full time mom like me.

  6. I really love all the shades you are using madam. Bagay po talaga sayo. 👍 Bagay po siya sa mga morena beauty, like me. Haha! But WOW the price madam, very expensive. Cant afford. :-)

  7. I looove how subtle but eye-catching the lip colors are! Packaging is super cute too!

    1. Yup! Love the subtle beauty techniques of the Japanese. :D

  8. The eyeshadow has simple colors w/c I think Japanese women always wore. But what really impresses me is the lip serum w/c has 3 Layer Separation Technology..though the shades are also simple yet it gives a great difference to other lippies because of the 3 layer factor, w/c I never heard o read before on other lippies. Though for me its pricey.

  9. Wow! It looks good on you Ms. M. Love how it controls oil longer. Awesome!

  10. I love the shade of mildtone rose of essence gel rouge color lip serum.. Pde sya for everyday use

    1. Yup! Love the moisturizing effect too. :)


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