TBJ TRAVELS CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA 7: Where to Eat in Cairns + Itinerary

Awww, can't believe we're down to our last day in Cairns, Australia! For this post, it's all about food! Let me share with you the best restaurants and dishes I've tried in this coastal city of Queensland!


Budget: $$

I discovered Hogsbreath in Sydney and what I loved about it is their huge, tasty, juicy steaks at an affordable price. Food is pretty expensive in Australia and while Hogsbreath is not that affordable for Filipino standards, it will give you more serving for your buck and will fill you for half of the price of most restaurants in Cairns (with the exception of fast food and market buffets).

Budget: $$

The first restaurant I spotted when I arrived in Cairns. Villa Romana is a good breakfast spot because it's one of the earliest to open in the city. I love the location of Villa Romana: conveniently located in the middle of the city fronting the Esplanade, giving you a lovely view of the ocean as you enjoy your meal or beverage. I came back for the Lamb and Mushroom breakfast twice in my trip!

Budget: $$

Meals can get 'meaty' when in Australia; by this, I meant that you would be eating meat all the time because it's a primary part of their diet. For a little break, try O' Cha Cha Restaurant in Palm Cort; good ol' Japanese dining at a good price. Bonus is one of the staff members is a Filipina with a swell Japanese accent!

Budget: $$$

Located at Cairns Art Gallery, Perrotta's is another good breakfast and people- watching spot that serves mostly 'wiches and good coffee. 

 Try Perrotta's Eggs Benedict!

Budget: $$
My most favorite hang out spot in Cairns because they have darn good coffee! Try their Affogato and mushroom risotto!


Budget: $$$
The Rising Sun's vibrant mediterranean- inspired interior makes their tasty grub even more enjoyable; must- try are the ribs and burgers!


A restaurant up in Kuranda surrounded by a patch of forest.

 Must- try is the Mango Cheesecake!

Cutie lizards that hang out at Frogs restaurant. They're curious little creatures and don't harm anyone, but please no touching and feeding!

For cheap eats, I went for the food court at Cairns Central Market. A majority are Chinese restaurants offering buffet starting at 15AUD. What buffet meant for them is you will get your desired plate size and fill it with as much food as you can for one time only. I went for the medium- sized plate at 15AUD and filled it with some Chinese grub. Sorry, but this wasn't a good meal at all: rice was too cold and hard, crackers were very soft, and the sweet and sour pork I got felt like it didn't have any pork at all. Won't recommend; you're better off spending your money on fast food if you want affordable food.

At the airport by 8:30 PM for my departure to Manila via Philippine Airlines

And that concludes our Cairns, Australia diary. I hope you had fun and found this travel series useful; feel free to use this as reference when you're planning your trip to Cairns.

Until the next TBJ Travels series!

Philippine Airlines flies to Cairns, Australia 4x weekly. Please visit PHILIPPINE AIRLINES on Facebook for inquiries.

**Total is based on PHP-AUD exchange rate during my time of visit. It may be cheaper or more expensive depending on your  time of visit.
**Incidentals such as shopping, food, transportation, and drinks are not part of the expense breakdown.
*CORRECTION: Our Outer Barrier tour was organized with Reef Magic Cruises.

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  1. Thanks for the tips Ms M. Sarap ng mango cheese cake.

  2. I didn't even thought for a moment that food was included in your blogpost hehe! True, its one of the things a traveller must try when coming to a foreign place. It's really feast in the eye..and I bet also in the palette. With the exception of the Chinese Buffet. As I said, looking forward on ur next trip!

  3. While browsing, i was about to say that i like the ambiance of Frogs restaurant then i saw the lizard. I just can't look at lizards! No, lizards please! I think i'll go to the other restaurants. Thanks for the warning, haha!
    Grabe ang bilis ng panahon, parang kelan lang parte lang ng bucketlist post mo yun Cairns, ngayon napuntahan mo na!


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